Jenna Jameson is not worth $30 million

While the world is going on about how much weight Jenna Jameson has gained, after seeing her on Celebrity Big Brother UK, I’m confused by something else. I could care less what she weighs. What I want to know is how the world still thinks she is a multi-millionaire. Trust me, she’s not.

Here is a comment I’ve heard many times over, or see on various news sites talking about Jenna Jameson … “I still can’t believe she cams on MFC when she’s worth $30m!”

Could it be more fucking obvious? If some chick is worth $30 million bucks you think she’s going to show you her tits and ass for $100? Of fucking course not.

Jenna Jameson is not worth $30 million. She probably isn’t worth $150,000 at this point.

I’m not being a dick here. I’m just being honest. What money she might have had for selling her company was split with her now ex-husband Jay Grdina and then she spent the rest over the last 10 or 15 years, including a mountain of legal bills, clothes, cars, trips, having two kids, etc.

She wrote a book and that didn’t go well, so there was no extra money from that.

Those few companies who will book her at her going rate of between $5,000 and $25,000 per appearance are now extremely far and few between.

The only thing she really did have to her name was a house she bought with her last husband and apparently she lost that in the divorce as well and is currently in the middle of a lawsuit regarding that piece of property.

So why people think she still has all this money and would be willing to shake her thing for pennies on MFC is beyond me but no, you can bet your ass she doesn’t have much to her name anymore. Which is why in fact she was on MyFreeCams in the first place.

What the fuck is going on at Club Jenna?

I have one simple question for you … what the fuck happened to Club Jenna?  Or should I say @ClubJenna since anymore today that’s all anyone seems to understand anymore.  Twitter this, tweet that.  But I guess that’s another story for another day.  Back to Club Jenna.

I got an email today from an online retailer promoting the latest release from Club Jenna.  I could barely believe my eyes.

Who the hell is approving these piece of shit low budget productions?

How do they go from creating such great works of art to creating what can only be described as backroom trailer trash?  Just look and see for yourself.  The first image is from a box cover from a  Club Jenna movie of days gone by.  The 2nd is from a movie just released.

[nggallery id=39]

Just looking at that box cover conjurers up images of seedy dealings, low budget porn producers of the 1970’s and ’80s and crack whores, not the glamous image Playboy owned Club Jenna normally, or at least used to like to portray.  Who the hell is approving this shit?

Jesse Capelli is Back For More

I was watching the video news clips from LA Direct Models and noticed that former Club Jenna contract star Jesse Capelli is back. Apparently she has been back since March. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed before because she’s really fucking hot. It seems she took a 3 year break from the industry to go to school but is now back and looks forward to the freedom of working with several companies including shooting some scenes for Vivid and Wicked. Apparently she still only does girl / girl shit but she’s hot as fuck so at least we have that.

She’s booking all of her scenes through LA Direct Models so you guys can check out her booking page for more details on how you can get her to eat pussy in one of your future movie projects.