Cassidey is Back!

I’ve always just loved former Vivid girl Cassidey, aka Paisley Adams, aka Cassidey Rae.  She’s so amazingly beautiful and I was very surprised to hear she has decided to make a comeback.  Well really it’s not a full comeback, as for now she is only performing on camera in solo scenes or with other females.  But hey, that’s at least something.

Cassidey is being repped by LA Direct Models so anyone interested in booking her for work can do so there.  In the mean time you can view Cassidey’s work while she was at Vivid by clicking here.


Rick’s Cabaret Strippers Get Naked for PETA

The New York Post is reporting that Rick’s Cabaret has just inked a deal to feature some of their dancers in an upcoming PETA ad as a part of their “We’d Rather Go Topless Than Wear Fur” ad campaign.  That’s pretty damn impressive considering that usually for these ads that sign only famous people like Jenna Jameson and Pamela Anderson.

Rick’s Cabaret based out of Houston, Texas has clubs all over the nation including New York, New Orleans, California and Las Vegas. Rick’s isn’t really like most titty bars up and down the streets of America.  These guys are into some serious business.   Besides being traded on the stock exchange, Forbes recently listed Rick’s Cabaret as one of the 200 Best Small Companies.

But even more interesting is that rumor has it Rick’s Cabaret is shopping around the idea of entering the world of adult movie making to compete with the likes of Vivid, Digital Playground and Wicked Pictures.  Let us hope they don’t follow in the footsteps of Spearmint Rhino. Although I agree it’s potentially a very good venture for Rick’s, I worry that they will make the same stripper mistake that John Gray did, treating porn STARS and dime a dozen strippers. Forgetting that a good STAR can sell a movie, no matter how bad the movie sucks.  Spearmint Rhino was apparently to stupid to show their stars like Cassidey any real respect and as a result they lost all of their contract girls.

While I was in Houston visiting Kelli and her husband I had the pleasure of going to a Rick’s club just before the hurricane hit.  I think they called it Rick’s NW.  I don’t want to swear to that though.  Kelli has long been a “VIP” member of the club which basically gives her a little card that gives her access to a special VIP area of the club and what I assumed going in the prettiest girls but in reality all the girls there were pretty. There was no real need to separate the VIP girls from the others because they were all top notch.  Now keep in mind I’m a jaded fuck and look at pretty porn stars all day long so my standards are pretty high as far as beauty goes and I wasn’t disappointed in the slightest.

The club was clean, the girls didn’t bring on the normal stripper drama that some of them tend to try and scam the customers with.

Kelli said “This is my favorite Rick’s location.  It’s smaller than most of the other clubs but it’s also more intimate.  I prefer the normal girls here than like the ones at their downtown location.

Apparently the girls at the main Rick’s location in Houston which is where Anna Nicole Smith used to work, are all made up with big tits and well, faked out like Pamela Anderson but fuck, that’s just the way I like them.  Who doesn’t want big double D tittys flopping in their face?  

ORIGINAL NY POST STORY : WHETHER you love or hate People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, you have to admit they keep getting red-hot women to push their cause. Rick’s Cabaret has just inked a deal to have some of its busty dancers featured in PETA’s latest “We’d Rather Go Topless Than Wear Fur” ad campaign. “It’s been narrowed down to 19 models, including one set of twins,” an insider at the West Side jiggle joint told us. “There shouldn’t be a problem finding a civic-minded photographer to donate their services.”

Where in the world is Cassidey?

I’ve always loved Cassidey, back even before she was “Cassidey” and we knew her as Paisley Adams.  It’s just something about her look that I have always found stood out from the sea of other porn stars.  I remember reading recently that she had cleaned up her act and was going to start her own official website including creating a ton of new, original content for it.  I think it was going to be something like  But then today I was reading an article from Darrah Ford about her website going poof.

I got this press release announcing the launch of Cassidey’s official website last month. But for a while now, the link to her site won’t go through. I checked her site on Google cache and it says the site is to launch officially at the end of July. And the picture on her site and on my email has now been deleted. I’m trying to look into it now. But does anyone here know what happened?


The first thing I did was check out the website and sure enough, there was no dns entry for it.  Next I went to her official myspace page and notice she has logged into it recently.  It shows that she was last on her page on August 18, 2008.  Next I clicked on her most recently posted blog entry and here is what Cassidey had to say about her life.

Cassidey blogs on her Myspace page on August 7, 2008 : Well it has been like 3 months since I last got on here to even let anyone know that I am still alive.  Well suprise here I am giving the latest update to my life.  I changed phones a few months ago and in doing so I lost all my contacts. I picked up and moved my life from LA to TX and in the last year I can honestly say that I thought it would be hard but weith the type of love I get at home what can I say I barly miss La I miss my friends dont get me wrong but there was just such a huge hole in me that drugs nor alchol could fill.  After my last long term relationship I never thought I would find love again so I just hit and quit everyone in my path male or female. Not gonna lie I had fun doing it and all the parties and late night and people I meet along the way was amazing. However I belive there was one thing missing and that was someone to love. Not just someone who was in love with me but someone I loved back. Belive me there were many who loved and got hurt I dont feel bad they were just not the one.

I have distanced myself from the adult industry since the ninn works contract went south and may I say fuck speirment rhino!!!!! Micheal ninn I love u though.  Anyways Iwas just talking to my boy last night and we had one of those deep ones where we both figure out what we want to do with our lives he is already on his was to being a firefighter and when he gets out of school I think I will go back to school and become Ither a RN or maybe go into PR and marketing I dont know but I have a year to decide.  Till then I guess I shall sit tight.

I had someone that said that they were gonna put a website together for me but promises promises I am so fucking tired of fake ass people that tell u one thing and then never follow through with shit so maybe I will take matters into my own hand and learn how to do my own website and fucking bank on my own.  Well I think that is enough for today but I will write when I think I am gonna get married or have a baby which ever one comes firest.  I love and miss all u la peeps and that also goes for those I have met in other states along the way peace and love to u all and I hope you all find happiness like me. KISSES If shit is misspelled sorry not gonna spell ck!!!!

So it seems the answer to the question is, Cassidey is living in Texas and the flake she hired to create her website, well flaked. Big shock there. Saddly it happens more often than you think.

Someone has their panties in a bunch

I got a funny as fuck letter today from this idiot with an AOL email address. Of course I didn’t think it was real at first, I mean what professional seriously uses AOL, let alone a professional in the adult industry, right? Well sure enough the letter was legit. It was from this company pretty much calling me a fuck face for calling them out the other day in one of their lies. They had said …

August is one of the top female stars in the adult industry today.

In his letter to me he proudly proclaims “IF YOU DON’T LIKE THE WAY WE DO OUR SPIN, JUST DON’T POST IT!” I wondered if this dumb ass has ever read the Luke website before. It was then I looked up and realized this isn’t the first time I had spoken with him. He had recently wrote me requesting I interview another one of his starlets and after that interview was complete, he wrote back asking if I wanted to interview more. So now I’m really fucking confused. Has this guy seriously never been to this website before? I mean since 1998 I can probably think of no less than 2,000 insults that has been thrown out to porn stars and studios alike.

Luke Ford himself made his fame off of trashing people and future editors to the site after Luke Ford left are no different. Here we have Scott Fayner talking shit about Cassidey’s fake eye, here we have Winston Burbank smoking a bong and defending rumors that he’s not fucking Tory Lane (actual pictures of the drugs included), and here we have Taylor Rain making fun of Naudia Nyce, and this is a great one, here we have Taylor Rain telling Tory Lane to stick to her day job. I personally think Tory Lane is hot as fuck but it doesn’t change the fact that this website is about adult industry news and porn star gossip and that is exactly the kind of story that gets posted around here.

And these are just a few of the many examples of the trash talking bullshit that gets posted. So some ass is surprised that we call him out on a lie when he calls some girl one of the top female stars in the adult industry today? Seriously, what the fuck?

But I’m not a total dick. I didn’t mean to make some chick cry so here is what I want to say in regards to that.

Dear August,

I’m sorry that I hurt your feelings. My public rantings about the way your PR company handles their business was in no way meant to reflect the actual accomplishments you have made in your career and quite honestly, some of them are impressive. I would like to note that although I have not previously heard of you, apparently I have seen some of your movies. This is in no way a negative reflection on your beauty or talent, I simply just can’t keep up with the more than 85,000 porn stars there are out there. Your name just doesn’t come up enough in the things that I do to make you a household name yet. That does not however mean you are not a beautiful young girl, with a lot of potential and talent.

I sincerely apologize if I hurt your feelings. I just wanted to point out that I hate when people in marketing lie out their fucking asses and think nobody will notice or care. I noticed, I care. It annoys the fuck out of me.

Happy Birthday Briana Banks

It was on this day (May 21st) in 1978 that the leggy little hottie who would later be known as Briana Banks was born. So in honor of her birthday, I thought we would celebrate with some photos of Briana Banks old school style. These are photos of Briana Backs before she was a Vivid Girl when she was known as Mirage. She is in a threesome with Cassidey, back before she was Cassidey, known in these photos as Bobbi. This threesome between Briana Banks and Cassidey are yours to enjoy by clicking on the photo below.

Briana Banks

Happy Birthday Briana Banks

Ninn Worx_SR seems to feel lighting and porno music more of a priority than porn whores

Cassidey and Briana BanksApparently porn stars are a dime a dozen these days … or so says Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray, as he recently told AVN in a chat about Cassidey’s recent and unexpected departure. As we reported easlier Cassidey left NinnWorx_SR just months after signing with them and is the third Ninn Worx_SR contract girl to part ways with the company. Jana Jordan and Nikki Kane announced their departures just a few weeks ago.

Ninn Worx_SR CEO John Gray told AVN that the changes in the studio lineup represent a shift away from the contract girl as an economically sound convention in adult.

What the fuck is he smoking? I found the article quite interesting … how on one hand he said Cassidey’s departure was amicable, but then in another breath goes on about how he never liked the idea of paying girls more than they were worth … (or that HE felt they were worth) that they weren’t Jenna Jameson or Tera Patrick.

I don’t know. I just think it’s funny how such a well respected company can be so pissy about the stars sell their movies. Fans who buy these movies don’t give as much a fuck about lighting or the shit music in these things but they damn sure care about the girls who are sucking cock or taking it in the ass. What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Show your bitches some damn respect and remember that without a big fat cock in their mouth nobody gives a fuck about the movies you want to make or about the music you think is important. A porno is about the women and anything else is trivial. The more famous a woman is, the more money the bitch is worth. That’s just common sense. That’s why Vivid girls make more money on the dance circuit than some bitch that just came off the street. Cause she’s more famous dumb ass!

And to say that a name doesn’t sell a movie, is really confusing considering this is the CEO of a movie studio. Have nobody ever shown him sales figures of movies of famous girls versus say a movie starring some whore nobody has ever really heard of? What the fuck is this man smoking? Seriously, I’m not even going to finish this rant. Clearly he has no clue what the fuck he’s talking about. He’s just pissed because his bitches are leaving their contracts with his company for lack of respect and he’s trying to save face by calling them dime a dozen whores who can be easily replaced but in the end he’s only making himself look more like an ass.

Easy Come, Easy Go

At first she was Paizley Adams (or by some accounts Paisley Adams), and then she was Cassidey. She signed with Vivid, left Vivid. She was a free agent for awhile, retired for awhile, came back and then signed with Vivid. She left Vivid, was a free agent for awhile, singed with Ninn Worx_SR in November and less than 6 months later she decided that’s not working out for her either. She said everyone is nice and all but she needs to “roam free” and “do her own thing”. Officially she said she wanted to appear in more dance clubs as a feature performer that her contract with Ninn Worx_SR apparently prohibited her from doing.

Cassidey as Paisley Adams

Interestingly enough, I had heard that Cassidey actually is at a point in her life where she’s sober, going on about a year now and for the first time really in her entire adult career she is focused on what it takes to be successful. The news of her leaving Ninn Worx_SR, came just a few days later. Coincidence? Perhaps ….


Cassidey writes on her myspace:

I have been spending a nice amount of time with my hommies trying to figure out what I am gonna do with my life. Devan has been reading my cards and says I will be meeting a man lol . We both think it is that time again I have been playing the single card for way to long with the occasional booty call that I allow to kick it for more than a hot minute is rare. I dont know I spent some time with a beautiful girl named Jessica who if I may say is so nice and so pretty I am just afraid I am gonna hurt her. As for me I am gonna be slammed which should save me from any drunk late night parties where I drop my phone in the toilet. Not even I want to stick my hand in there to get it so I can sit there and hope it works when u know god damn well its not gonna. So now the wait for another phone I would say by the begining of next month I should be ready to do this I have one boy I have my eye on and one girl who will remain in Vegas which who knows I may move there next month while I have a minute. Oh yes did I fail to mention yes off to vegas I go I think if not there the BEACH. Waiting to see whats happens should know more by the end of this month though. Well hope everyone has a plesent read lol PEACE FOR NOW!!! RIP GRANDMA PEEK WHO PASS SOMETIME THIS MORN.


Fayner Posts: I got a voicemail message today on my phone.

“Hey fuckface, this is Cassidey! Hey, so thanks so much for telling the world about my fake left eye. I just got some call from Frankfurt, Germany, some guy named Gus or something read your site and wants to fuck my eye socket for fifty grand! I was like, fuck no! why would I do that? He said Fayner told me you’d go for it. Did you say that? I hope not. Anyway, I think its funny as shit even though the guy is insane to think I’d let him fuck my eye socket for money. Just letting you know what’s been going on in my world.”