Mary Carey’s Sexy Porn Party

Sexy pornstar party
Saturday January 9th, 2010


PARTY Starts At 10pm….

Open Bar 11p-1am

$10 Ladies $20 Guys
$4 Dirty Martini’s
$5 Bombs

Do It Like A PornStar Contest!!!

Cash and Prizes

From Mary on Twitter:

hey everyone,
come out and party with me at McFadden’s Las Vegas , in the Rio hotel,this Sat. Jan9,2010.  I will be hosting the party.  Should be a lot of fun so come out!

3700 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV.

Mary Carey in Sacramento

Mary Carey Oct. 28th – Oct. 31st ( Candidate for Governor of California – Over 100 XXX Movies)

mary carey

Her showtimes are:

Tues: 9pm, 11pm
Wed:, 10pm, 12:30am
Thurs, 10pm, 12:30am
Fri:, Noon, 9:30pm, 11:30pm, 1:30am
Sat: 9:30pm, 11:30pm, 1:30am

Make sure to come by and see her while she’s in Sacramento!!!!!

Gold Club Centerfolds
11363 Folsom Blvd.
Rancho Cordova, CA

Veronica Rayne at her movie premiere

(Hollywood, CA) Veronica Rayne is making the leap from the small screens and reality TV to the big screen with the latest release from Rudius Films, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell … The movie is based on the controversial bestselling book by Tucker Max. Rayne appears in the film in a role that showcases her sexy side.

“Hopefully when you see me on screen it’ll make your jaw drop. It’s a hilarious movie and was even more fun to be a part of,” said Rayne. “When the movie opens on the 25th, I really encourage people to go see this film with their friends. You won’t stop laughing!”

The movie will make its premiere in Los Angeles September 21st. Rayne is set to be among the cast that will be making an appearance at the event.
This time last year Veronica was making her television debut with FOX Reality Channel’s show My Bare Lady 2.  The show challenged adult stars to find success in the business world.  Veronica’s straight forward demeanor and feisty attitude easily made the Newbury Port, Massachusetts beauty stand-out. The popular show earned Rayne and AVN Award nomination for Crossover Star of the Year, as well as an Xbiz Crossover Star of the Year nomination.  Episodes of My Bare Lady 2 can be currently seen on

More prolific projects are soon to be coming to fruition as Rayne continues on her path of success. Watch for her on the big screen as I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell hits theaters on September 25th.


Mary Carey and Veronica Rayne in the limo on the way to the premiere


Mary Carey on the Red Carpet


Veronica Rayne on the red carpet

Mary Carey is Gold

Mary Carey will be at 24k Gold Club Wednesday, September 23rd thru Saturday, September 26th.  This show was originally scheduled for August, however it was rescheduled for the September dates.

Call for showtimes.

24K Gold Club
4102 Naco Perrin Blvd.
San Antonio, TX

Official Website:

mary careyClick Here for a collection of photos of Mary Carey

The Cream Always Rises to the Top

It seems the new Fame Registry list is out for this month’s top porn stars. I didn’t see any major shockers there but a few little quirks do have me curious. Let’s start towards the top of the list.  Obvious winners are Tera Patrick, Jenna Haze and Briana Banks.  No big shockers there.

Somehow Taylor Rain who hasn’t really been active in quite some time inched out Jesse Jane for the #4 spot, despite the fact that Jesse Jane has a new movie out, and not just any more either. Pirates II is a mega hit so I’m quite surprised to see her drop a spot while Taylor Rain who has done nothing lately goes up.

Mary Carey as #6? Really? How is that even possible that anyone in their right mind would search for her name on the Internet? It has to be that dumb ass VH1 rehab show.  The only other major change was with Vivid Girl Sunny Leone who had a sharp rise from last month to now going from #15 to #9 and Amy Reid who went from #23 to #14 this month.  A very impressive jump for both girls.

  1. Tera Patrick
  2. Jenna Haze
  3. Briana Banks
  4. Taylor Rain – Last Month #5
  5. Jesse Jane – Last Month #4
  6. Mary Carey
  7. Gina Lynn
  8. Eva Angelina
  9. Sunny Leone – Last Month #15
  10. Krystal Steal – Last Month #9
  11. Brittney Skye
  12. Carmen Luvana
  13. Aria Giovanni
  14. Amy Reid – Last Month #23
  15. Nikki Benz – Last Month #16

Fame Registry tracks to date 132 porn stars and ranks them based on their populairty, which is based on things like how many awards they have won from AVN, XRCO and F.A.M.E., how many times per day someone uses a search engine to search for the porn stars name, how much traffic their official  website gets, and things of that nature.   The scores are updated once or twice each month and a new list of “top stars” is formed each month.  It’s a pretty nifty reference if nothing else to see who’s hot and who’s not.


Fayner Posts: So I was watching the highly anticipated Celebrity Rehab the other night, just to see what my competition would be if I got back into drugs and had to go to rehab to get clean again.

First off, the guy from Taxi is WAY fucked up, like Tiffany Holiday fucked up. Damn!

Now, Mary Carey we all know as the daughter of two retarded people who for some reason thinks she’s smart enough to one day run this country. Listen, if Hillary Clinton with her years at top-notch prep schools and social environments is having trouble getting into the White House (again) what makes a retard spawn with years of drug abuse and a history of pornography think she’ll ever be more than a great, big (headed) joke?

I don’t know why either, but she does.

But the chick must learn to conduct herself with at least a little hint of tact if she ever does want to be President, especially in front of the camera.

Now who knows if that show is pure fiction, but even so I think Mary could act a bit more concerned about her future sobriety, especially since she gave some weeping speech about how after her mother tried to kill herself by jumping out a window she was gonna quit porn and drugs and booze. But seconds after entering the rehab she’s trying to fuck that loser from Crazy Town while pulling dildos out of her bag.

Is this how the future President of the United States should act?


I mean, at least get into the Oval Office before doing things like this. Right, Bill?


Fayner Posts: Like I said before, I had my eyes and ears in Vegas while I sat back in L.A. sipping grape soda and frolicking with the dogs.

Here’s something you may enjoy: So they were doing something new with the AVN Award tickets, where you needed a special sticker or something to be able to walk down the Red Carpet. I’m told not a lot of performers knew beforehand about this, and it became a huge bummer for those who actually cared about it.

Like Mary Carey.

Apparently, Mary Carey was so upset about not having access to walk down the red carpet that she tried throwing her weight around to the hapless staff.

“Do you know who I am? I’m supposed to be on the red carpet! People expect to see me walking down the red carpet! Don’t you see how giant my head is! (okay, the last one I made up).

From what I know, Mary was never let on the red carpet. Boo fucking hoo.

Could this be why Mary was seen later drinking alcohol? Wasn’t she just on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab???? We’ll have more on this later…


Fayner Posts: So I’m reading that Mary Carey has decided to donate her old boobs to charity. For once I think I can applaud her. Clap, clap, clap.

But given Mary’s undying need to speak every waking second, wouldn’t it be awesome if she instead donated her tongue?

She wouldn’t be able to talk. That would be super cool, wouldn’t it?

I bid $100.