Fayner Posts: Like I said before, I had my eyes and ears in Vegas while I sat back in L.A. sipping grape soda and frolicking with the dogs.

Here’s something you may enjoy: So they were doing something new with the AVN Award tickets, where you needed a special sticker or something to be able to walk down the Red Carpet. I’m told not a lot of performers knew beforehand about this, and it became a huge bummer for those who actually cared about it.

Like Mary Carey.

Apparently, Mary Carey was so upset about not having access to walk down the red carpet that she tried throwing her weight around to the hapless staff.

“Do you know who I am? I’m supposed to be on the red carpet! People expect to see me walking down the red carpet! Don’t you see how giant my head is! (okay, the last one I made up).

From what I know, Mary was never let on the red carpet. Boo fucking hoo.

Could this be why Mary was seen later drinking alcohol? Wasn’t she just on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab???? We’ll have more on this later…

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