Fayner Posts: So I was watching the highly anticipated Celebrity Rehab the other night, just to see what my competition would be if I got back into drugs and had to go to rehab to get clean again.

First off, the guy from Taxi is WAY fucked up, like Tiffany Holiday fucked up. Damn!

Now, Mary Carey we all know as the daughter of two retarded people who for some reason thinks she’s smart enough to one day run this country. Listen, if Hillary Clinton with her years at top-notch prep schools and social environments is having trouble getting into the White House (again) what makes a retard spawn with years of drug abuse and a history of pornography think she’ll ever be more than a great, big (headed) joke?

I don’t know why either, but she does.

But the chick must learn to conduct herself with at least a little hint of tact if she ever does want to be President, especially in front of the camera.

Now who knows if that show is pure fiction, but even so I think Mary could act a bit more concerned about her future sobriety, especially since she gave some weeping speech about how after her mother tried to kill herself by jumping out a window she was gonna quit porn and drugs and booze. But seconds after entering the rehab she’s trying to fuck that loser from Crazy Town while pulling dildos out of her bag.

Is this how the future President of the United States should act?


I mean, at least get into the Oval Office before doing things like this. Right, Bill?

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