Mike South Calls Jesse Jane a Fraud

I love to keep up with other bloggers as from time to time they have some interesting things to say. I will be the first to admit, that Kayden Kross morose than anyone else seems to draw my interest. But today I find myself going WTF?! At what I am reading … first and foremost I read that Mike South claims that Imitation, The Sincerest Form of Flattery, and that is perhaps true but to be imitated you really have to be the first at something.  Right?

In the body of his post he goes on about how people are imitating him by getting others to blog for him. Someone should perhaps tell him that the entire WordPress software was built around the very premise of having contributing editors / guest bloggers and hundreds of sites have been doing that very thing for years. So maybe he thinks he was the first person to have a porn star blogger with the addition of Kayden Kross. Maybe he thinks that our addition of celebrity and guest bloggers here at Luke Ford is somehow copying him?  Nope, that can’t be it because other sites have beat him to that, even here at Luke Ford. I’m sure you all remember some of the Taylor Rain posts and well, she’s not only a porn star but one of the most famous and has been blogging for years before Kayden Kross did it.  And although I can’t say for sure, hasn’t Pop Porn had pornstar bloggers for awhile now too?

Now here is where it gets really interesting. In that same post he also calls out Bree Olson and Jesse Jane on being frauds.  Oh yes!  He went there.

Mike South says : Now we have publicists though who write what are really press releases and advertisements in the name of their contract girls, I have yet to read Bree Olsen’s column in Genesis Magazine but I will bet my last dollar she doesn’t write a word of it, Ditto columns written under Jesse Janes name, let’s be honest here if these pornchicks could write they wouldn’t be porn chicks.

Why is Mike South calling Jesse Jane a fraud?  How does he know she doesn’t write her own shit?  And even if she doesn’t, why call her out on it?  What’s he have against her to try and harm her reputation?  Same with Bree Olson? But here is the best line of them all from his little rant ….

let’s be honest here if these pornchicks could write they wouldn’t be porn chicks

That line speaks volumes about his feelings towards the women in this industry and it’s to bad really because I’ve met some smart ass bitches in this business that have no problem writing their own shit.

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  1. Hey! According to Mike we are lesser known bloggers. Yippee! *rolls eyes* I ASSume he is talking about me because of the word dissing and you because of the word fraud. Here’s the text in case he deleted this post too.

    July 10th, 2008

    Oh Good Lord Y’all:

    By MikeSouth

    Ya know it’s funny, the shit I think isn’t the least bit controversial gets all blown outta whack.

    Apparently according to all the lesser bloggers, I am “dissing” da pornchicks or called Bree or Jesse Jane a fraud, yada yada.

    Good lord y’all. You’d think I was selling some kind of national security secret to Muslims or something…I mean do ya’ll really think that the world doesn’t know they don’t write these columns? And where exactly do I call them frauds? I simply said I’d bet my last dime they didn’t write a word of it…and really…who cares?

    Does it make them less good at what they actually do? Of course not, Jesse Jane didn’t get to the top of this biz because she writes like Ernest Hemmingway, and old Papa didn’t get to the top of his biz by being a hot chick who fucks on camera, or anywhere, or even a hot chick for that matter.

    Be proud of what you are, not ashamed of what you aren’t, nobody is “dissing” you (God I hate that stupid non word).

    This is the biggest mountain out of a mole hill yet.

    But I can’t say that porners don’t amuse me.

    Any one of y’all who wishes to write something here and show the world that you are the next John Steinbeck, please feel free…I will run it, email it to me, include your phone number for verification showcase your literary genius…

  2. I’ll just say this quick. I blog on Myspace, although I don’t spend much time writing a masterpiece.. I still blog & write little. I love to read and blog about each book I finish (& each porn I watch). So quick question..
    Does this mean someone else reads these books and reviews them on my blog?

    I must say, I do take Mike’s blog as a DISS. I am a fan of Jesse and Bree. I think they are both great girls and I look up to them for who they have become in this industry.

    I’ll bet MY DIME and many more that if I sat at a computer- when I found time- and was put in a essay competition with Mike.. I would simply kick his ass. I like to do other things like go jogging, crochet blankets, dance, etc. Just because I like these things or may be good at them doesn’t mean I don’t want to make porn. I just so happen to love porn more than anything else.

    I, personally, would LOVE to write columns. Just haven’t attempted to yet. So when the time comes.. is Mike going to tell me it’s not really my writing what I want the whole world to know about?

    Of course, I am no “literary genius”. However I love to read, which helps me to write & talk better everyday. Only thing this guy has on me is like 30 years. Or how ever many it may be.

    & no Mike, I will not email you, call you, or give you my number. I have better things to do like finish the sequel to Wicked because I want to know what happens next. 🙂
    XOXO Shawna Leneé

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