Mike South has a thing for Jesse Jane

Well my friends it seems that Mike South (as shown in the photo below in case some of you fine folks at home where actually wondering what Mike South looked like) couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie and well that’s kind of good I guess because it makes for great gossip and after all, that is what this site is about.

So it seems that after I posted my original story about Mike South calling Jesse Jane and Bree Olson frauds and made a few jabs at other talented young beauties for their lack of brains by saying things like

let’s be honest here if these pornchicks could write they wouldn’t be porn chicks

He decided to add to the story by speaking up again. Only this time he decides to dig himself in a little deeper.  In summary he states that he doesn’t really feel it was a big deal that he said what he did and he isn’t sure why people are making a big deal of it because what he revealed wasn’t a national secret or anything, everybody knows they are fakers, so that is our problem.  To be exact he said ….

Mike South blogs : Good lord y’all. You’d think I was selling some kind of national security secret to Muslims or something…I mean do ya’ll really think that the world doesn’t know they don’t write these columns? And where exactly do I call them frauds? I simply said I’d bet my last dime they didn’t write a word of it…and really…who cares?

Well apparently a lot of people care because it was the single story that caused the most people to write me. It seems that Mr. Mike South used to be on quite good terms with the lovely Jesse Jane.  Then rumor has it one day that all changed and he started calling her “fucked up” and another rumor has it that Jesse Jane’s man almost kicked Mike South’s ass for it but he ran little a little boy.  Who knows if there is any truth to these rumors but they are damn sure funny.  SO KEEP THEM COMING!!!  If nothing else they make for a great read.  Us “lesser” bloggers have to have something to do in our off time, you know?

Back to his “Who really cares” comments, I can’t help but wonder why he cares to go out of his way to keep talking trash about Jesse Jane.  Why does he care?   Is he secret in love with Jesse Jane or some shit like that?   Is the real story that she shot his ass down when he made the moves on her so now he’s obsessed with trying to discredit anything she does besides sucking cock?  It seems the official word from the Jesse Jane camp is a big fat


They don’t seem to think Mike South is even significant enough to even bother with a real response but I will say this, I think it’s a shame that Mike South is spending so much time talking trash about Jesse Jane and trying to tell her fans not to support the work she does because it’s not really her doing it.   It’s kind of a dick move.  I mean what is the real motivation behind his actions?


For those who don’t know the image below is of Jesse Jane.  I don’t know how anyone can not know what Jesse Jane looks like but well, now you do.

One thought on “Mike South has a thing for Jesse Jane

  1. This guy has some serious issues with porn stars. “let’s be honest here if these pornchicks could write they wouldn’t be porn chicks”. I don’t know what girls he has worked with in the past or what trouble he has had, but it’s a mighty big blanket he has to put it over all the porn stars, and say they are all that way. What is this guys problem? Is he just old and jaded? An adult industry burn out or something?

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