Microsoft Press Conference Misses The Boat

So I’m watching this seemingly never ending bore fest known as the live Microsoft Press Conference at the E3 2008 show.  An hour and 18 minutes into this thing and it still is showing no signs of ending.  So far nothing major has been announced.  It was like some new Uno game called Uno rush, avatars for Xbox live, new bands for Guitar hero, blah blah blah.   The only thing that really stuck out in my mind was the $48 billion dollars a year the gaming industry earns and the fact that the upcoming 4 games alone are expected to bring in half a billion dollars alone in sales.  Gaming is big business.  But for the most part, the press conference has been a big fat bore.  It was however when they announced a new game called Lips, which is like Rockband only well it’s for singing.  Ya, I know it’s karaoke but anyway, it made me realize these guys really missed the boat.  If they really wanted to make a hit game they should consider another game to add to their family of games like Rockstar, Guitar Hero, In The Movies and Lips, only this one would be called SEX STAR.


That’s right …. you too can be be your own sex star and share it with your friends on the XBOX LIVE.  Be the next Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, Amy Fisher and Kim Kardashian.   Oh come on, you know that should would sell!  Microsoft really is missing the boat not making a game like this.

But in all seriousness, overall nothing major was announced at this press conference.  At least nothing that made you go OMG or WTF.  It was a long and boring press conference with a few special little tidbits but nothing major that was worth wasting an hour and a half of my life.  Their BIG ta da was that they were going to release a version of Final Fantasy 13 for the XBox 360.  I guess to some it’s a big deal but I was more impressed that they teamed up with Netflix and NBC. I don’t know I think maybe the new be the star of your own game show might have been pretty cool as well. Playing 1 vs 100 with your new XBOX Live Avatar and 1,000 of your closest XBOX LIVE friends isn’t really such a bad idea. Microsoft may not have made any MAJOR announcements but they made enough minor ones to really make you be impressed with their XBOX.

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