Fayner Posts: Looks like Cindy Crawford is the latest porno gal complaining about “webmaster” Kenny Knoll.

Word is she’s thinking about suing Knoll for $3,300 ‘cause he did a piss-poor job creating a web site (that’s a real loose term for what he did) for her, basically taking Aurora Snow’s site and just changing the top banner to say Cindy Crawford instead of Aurora Snow. Then she paid him an additional $300 to do some updates… NADA… and no return phone calls, nuthin!!

This is the same dumb fucker who filed a restraining order against 120 pound Scott Lyons!!

That’s pretty shady if you ask us.

And you did ask us.

So there.

We’ll keep you posted on the developments of this. We promise.

ANYONE else have any Knoll horror stories email them to

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