Fayner Posts: How was I to know, huh?

Well now I do.

It appears that Eddie Charisma, the guy I wrote about yesterday who thinks his semen tastes awesome, is none other than Tony Sexton. He just changed his name.

I got three emails yesterday about Sexton/Charisma. I’m gonna share them with you.

“During the HIV work halt 2 years ago, Sexton, who was on the list, changed his fucking name and tried getting work. What a fucking douche!”

“I was working a blow bang that he was also doing a couple years ago. The chick ws made-up to be all young and shit, had a blow pop in her mouth while all the dudes popped in her face. When it was all over, Sexton went up to the girl and asked her for a rim job. She didn’t know what it was. ‘You stick that blow pop up my ass and lick at it!’ he said. She politely declined.”

“Who does that weirdo think he is boasting about the taste of his cum? Who does he think he is, Eddie and the Cruisers? (singing) On the dark side…”

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