Interview with Missy:

TR: First question!!!!

MM: Geting nervous!!!

TR: Don’t be!How big are those real tits???

MM: 34DD

TR: Do you get a lot of attention because of your tits?

MM: DUH!!!!!!

TR: Do they hurt when they flop during sex?

MM: Not really. Only when they get slapped!!! I just did Slap Happy for Extreme and they are still sore and bruised.

TR: Oh I did Slap Happy back in the day! That shit sucked!

MM: Whatever it pays my bills!!!

TR: Who did you sign for at AVN this year?

MM: JM Productions. It was cool! Ashley Blue is a funny girl and fun to work with!

TR: Thats cool! You’re known for squirting, be fuckin real, isn’t that piss???

MM: First scene I did I squirted!!! I didnt really know what happened. I actually started crying cuz I didnt know what happened! After work I went home and called my mom and told her what happened. She said ” I squirt too! Its all good! Its totally natural!”

TR: Thats funny! You can just call your mom like that?

MM: Fuck ya!

TR: SWEET! What was your first movie in the biz?

MM: “Filthy First Timers 34”

TR: How long have you been in porn?

MM: Three years!

TR: What jobs did you have before porn?

MM: Subway, KFC, JC Pennys, Pizza places, etc……

TR: SWEET! You were in “Spunk in the Trunk“, How did you like working for me?

MM: It was easy, fun and I was really stoned on set! I squirted a lot too!!!! Remember I was your “ON TIME HOOKER”!

TR: OH YA! Thank you by the way!

MM: No problem!!

TR: Do you like ANAL sex better on or off camera?

MM: I JUST LIKE ANAL SEX!!! (said it with pride) Last week I just did a 6 guy gangbang with Jasmine Bryn! For Acid Rain!

TR: Do you like DP’s?

MM: I like them better than anal scenes!!

TR: Why because you get more cheese?


TR: Thats a good hooker! Next question! Who did you do your first DP with?

MM: It was with four guys! I was suppose to just do anal but I ended up doing two dicks at the same time. “No cum dodging allowed #3” for Mike Jon!

TR: Did you ever have sex with Scott Fayner for coke or press or just for the hell of it?

MM: NO WAY! Maybe if I was really fucked up!!!

TR: Do you like black dudes?

MM: Yes I do interacial! I have no problem with black dudes!!!

TR: Off camera have you fucked a black guy?

MM: Like twice!!! I had a black boyfriend when I was 16! I brought him to my 16th party and moms boyfriend left because he was racist!!!! 

TR: My dad would too! My father hates black guys!!! Thats why I dont do interacial!

TR: How did you get in the industry?

MM: Dancing at Cheetahs in Vegas and then they changed the laws. You had to be 21 or older to dance! Looked in the paper and seen NUDE PHOTOS FOR CASH! And gave them a call!

TR: What agents have you been with so far?

MM: Model gig, Cherry Modeling and Direct Models. I really just got a lot of work by myself. I never really needed a agent. I just got sick of the phone calls and extra work!!!

TR: Any warrants out for your arrest?

MM: No warrants but I just got a ticket for turning on a red light!

TR: Who are your enemies? Who do you hate in this business?

MM: I dont have any enemies and I dont hate anyone!!!! Im just a POTHEAD!!!

TR: WOW!! I have tons of enemies in this biz But I am trying not to hate anyone. Its bad for your health!!! 

TR: Any company owners or directors try to fuck you?


TR: You and every other girl!!! Did you ever sleep with Tim Connelly???

MM: No we are just friends that hang out!!!



TR: Do you do any other drugs?

MM: Pills!!!!! Somas are my favorite!!!!

(more to come)



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