Brazzers hires Gay Porn Star for Straight Movies

It seems Manwin owned Brazzers has recently put Danny D under contract. The problem? Danny D is also gay male porn star Matt Hughes. It wasn’t to long ago that Brazzers spoke out saying how they wouldn’t shoot crossovers (those guys who did both gay porn and straight porn) because of the increased risk of HIV exposure. Plus there are a lot of female stars who just flat out (and rightfully so) won’t perform with male porn stars who do gay or tranny porn and who also do straight porn.

Hey, what’s a little HIV risk between friends, right?

Today Kurt Lockwood tweeted – @christianxxx1 R U still fucking trannies bareback? Because I’m working w @CaliHayesXXX tomorrow & it sucks that you double dip & add risk

Kurt Lockwood isn’t alone in his concern over the added risk of HIV exposure when you hire those who do both gay and straight porn. So the question is, what is Manwin going to do?  Are they going to keep a gay performer under contract, to have sex with straight porn stars increasing their risk of HIV exposure?

Manwins Contract Boy Has A Gay Porn past [source – Mike South]

Remember how Brazzers/Manwin made lotsa noise about how they don’t shoot “crossovers”? Well Their newest Contract boy” Danny D, performed lots of gay porn as “Matt Hughes”.

If they had looked on their own tube sites they’d have known it.  I’m also hearing that Matt/Danny has, shall we say, some performance problems when working with the girls.

Now here’s what I REALLY don’t get…whats with the putting the gay performers in straight scenes anyway?  It seems that porners have forgotten all the rules for making successful straight porn…..No wonder this biz is in the toilet.



Fayner Posts: Did you hear yet? Oh, I know, it’s so damn awful, I’m like totally gonna cry I think. I just can’t imagine a world without him, you know? Kinda like tasting a peanut butter cup and then being told you’ll never have one again. Breaks the heart in two, it does.

By now I’m sure you realize that I’m of course talking about the sudden departure of Kurt Lockwood. When I heard the news, I broke down sobbing. I tried imagining a porno world without his magnificient penis, his chisled body and “I’ve been through a lot” tattoos, but alas I could not.

The world is over, as far as I am concerned. There is no reason to be alive, no reason to want to breathe and certainly no reason to watch pornography.

Kurt was pornography. He spoke for the people, yet remained miles above them. He was the voice we wish we had, the eyes we wish we had and the anal poundings we wish we had when we were drunk with a couple of friends after the chicks left and it got a little awkward but in a gay-love kind of way.

I will miss you Kurt.


DEADJOHNNYWAD EMAILS: Oh Kurt oh Kurt oh Kurt, what happened to you?

While once you were such a good lad, a shining soldier trained to battle the most lovely of vaginas and (women’s) assholes. With your flowing hair, chisled good looks and a cock most men would kill their mother to have, you found a place in our hearts vacant for much too long.

Then, from far left field, a long, fat, slicked, vein-filled penis came into the picture, planting itself right into dear Kurt’s inviting poop-chute. And while most of us would scream in horror, ouch damn, I’ll kill you motherfucker!, you scream in pure enjoyment, begging the cock go more into your ass at a quicker rate. I may barf up the blintz im eating right now just thinking about it.

Being gay is okay with me, most other people too. We’re sympathetic and understanding. But to constantly insist its all about the pussy go and then and whore out your ass on websites catering to the gay-hookup for cash community demands a little fury from the masses on this subject. That’s me, if you didn’t figure it out yet.

So you like a little (or big) cock ramming into your poop-chute. What’s the big deal? We’re not upset at all. Why? ‘cause we knew it all along. We all did. Every one of us. Your school teachers knew, your bandmates knew, your girlfriends knew.

Can’t you just say it along with us, Kurt? Please??? It might help.


Good. Now, again.


And again




No one cares about you except for gay horny men, and they only want you for your mouth and ass. Your personality and attitude, well, I think everyone could live never having to deal with that bullcrap.

So remember, Kurt Lickwood: You desire the sweaty aroma of testicles, not vagina.

I hope you guys print this email cause Kurt is a fag



LUKEFORD STAFF SAYS: We think he likes you, Kurt. Go suck on his balls.



Email from EifelFan96…

Dear Lukeford: Can you please post this email about Kurt Lockwood on your site. I think he’s a fag and a pussy and likes to get fucked in the ass. He’s also a complete idiot and worthless piece of shit. I am from Germany and remember reading his own personal press release saying his movie sold over 100,000 copies in Europe. Just to clarify, no one bought one copy of his stupid movie. His movie was put in as an insert into an adult publication and given away free with the purchase of the magazine. Whenever I see something given away for free that typically means it’s a worthless piece of shit, which was the case here. Lockwood seems to be his only fan and he creates his own publicity, because the rest of the world, and I’m sure this applies to America too, sees him as a pompous, no talent, self centered, egotistical, no talent, cock loving dope.

——- No problem… email posted!!

Just saw this line from Kurt Lockwood on Gene Ross’s

""over-inflated sense of self-worth trying""

If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black. Speaking from a personal point of view, I’ve met Kurt Lockwood and my personal opinion of him is that he’s a fucking moron who deserves to be smacked like the bitch he is. Kurts all bark and NO bite!!! He talks a tough game, but confront him and he turns and runs with his cock stuffed up his ass!

I remember a scene he shot with Lauren Phoenix, he asked the PA for some water. The PA complied and brought this bozo a bottle of water, Lockwood refused it demanding it be in a chilled glass. I told the PA to get him a glass of water and then spit it in… great part was half the cast and crew joined in to spit in the glass, knowing it was to be digested by the piece of living fesces known as Kurt Lockwood.

Kurt sipped his water, and then proceeded to have Lauren Phoenix insert four fingers into his asshole.

Outside of homosexual men, no one buys or rents a movie because of Lockwood. Lockwood is an embarassment to the industry.


Title: Neu Wave HookersCast: Dana De Armond, Felix Vicious, Joanna Angel, Justine Jolie, Nyomi Zen, Riley Mason, Sierra Sinn, Tiger, Tommy Pistol, Dirty Harry, James Deen, Kurt Lockwood


Eon McKai

        The original New Wave Hookers was established in 1985 by the infamous Dark Brothers. The movie put the brothers on the lips of everyone in and outside the adult business. To this day, Greg Dark is still working steadily doing music videos among other things. New Wave Hookers also gained much attention due to the fact of one Miss Traci Lords, who was later revealed to be underage in some of her films.
Twenty-plus years later, the legacy continues as punk-porn director and recent Vivid signé Eon McKai throws his preverbal hat into the ring of remaking this porn cult classic.
McKai takes New Wave Hookers under his wing and makes it Neu Wave Hookers with a slightly altered concept. In the new version, McKai uses a collection of girls who find the original video at a garage sale of all places and take it home to watch in between their trick turning time. I like how McKai flipped the male to female perspective here from the original film. To pull that off, he has a wonderful and talented cast of girls headed by the strong performances of Joanna Angel, Justine Jolie and Riley Mason.
The sex of course is thrilling throughout. I could watch Joanna Angel all day and not get bored, but the entire cast is exceptional with their oral, vaginal and anal skills throughout the film. The hookers are complemented by eager studs that really play off the girls to give Neu Wave Hookers a heated, yet fun chemistry about it.
McKai has taken his fair share of jabs for his film making, me included (ahem, Kill girl Kill 2, sorry Eon.) With Neu Wave Hookers, McKai completely redeems himself and clears any heads that had foggy thoughts about his film making ability. I think with Eon, he came out of the gate strong with Art School Sluts and everyone wanted that film or better with his next releases. We all know not many directors have a smash hit with every release. So cut McKai some slack. Even I should have heeded that advice.
The packaging for Neu Wave Hookers is superior. You get a three-disc set with Neu Wave Hookers and New Wave Hookers (the 1985 original) plus a bonus disc containing an abundant amount of extras. The cover art is also striking and really grabs your eye. This alone is a nice selling point.
Neu Wave Hookers had a lot of hype going in and it is up to you, the viewer to see if that promotion machine is justifiable. Call it “alt-porn,” “punk-porn,” or whatever you want. It is obviously not for everyone, but for the ones who do “get it” they can tap into a future classic with Neu Wave Hookers.




Fayner Posts: Lately I’ve been engulfed in emails demanding my ever-so valued opinion regarding the recent Devinn Lane flick from Shane’s World in which “straight” porno dudes get dildo-fucked in the pooper by chicks. I don’t know why my thoughts should matter here, not sure what I can say that will make a difference one way or another but I feel I owe it to those who seek my eloquent perspective to at least comment on this.

A lot has been said regarding Kurt Lockwood’s involvement in this movie. A lot. And not necessarily because people feel the act of getting butt-blasted by a chick means he is gay; mostly for the fact that Kurt has for years been steadfast in his assertion that he is not gay, was never gay and will no be gay a week after Stalin’s birthday.

(Frankly, I don’t much care if Kurt is gay or not. We’ve had our beef regarding this years ago and that is that. I ain’t about to rehash old shit for the sake of calling him a flamer for what transpired that day.)

My personal opinion is that a man who takes anything up his shitter has issues with his sexuality, whether it be from a big burly trucker named Carl, two hot chicks wielding slicked-up strap-on toys or Jason Seacrest. Flat-out gay I can’t say, but history states that any man who covets tushy-love ain’t 100% straight no matter what. (Who am I to challenge history?) And having issues with your sexuality don’t mean nothing other than having issues with your sexuality. In this country we respect the choices of others, whether popular or not.

(It has been rumored for years that the ultimate Man’s Man Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame enjoys jerking off to gay porno while his bunnies fool around with each other nearby. Is he gay, or just bored from the hundreds – probably thousands – of chicks he’s bedded over the years and looking for a new kick? Hard to say…

All I know is the one time a chick has inserted a finger into my crapper – back in college, a mohawked punker chick with a pet rat on her shoulder while she blew me – I felt a little tingle of gayness deep down in my gut. I also felt a sense of adventure, the new car smell if you will, ‘cause it was a variation on my normal antics. I can imagine being someone like Mark Davis and crave something more than what I’ve done thousands of times before (not to say he’s ever done anything like this). Not to say I’d cross the line Lockwood and the others did, but I can see hetero sex becoming a tad bland after boning so many chicks over the years. Lucky for me and my virgin ass I’ve yet to cross that line.

Enough with Lockwood. What I’m asking is what about Ryan Knox?

Knox, who also got his rusty sheriff’s badge poked in Devinn’s movie, is hereby assumed by many to be flat-out queer, including us here at He’s still too new and young to be bored by vanilla sex with women, therefore tagging him a card-carrying homosexual. And we say this not because he found himself trying to fuck Fayner’s sister after being forewarned to stay away from her with threats of ruining what he has of a career. We pass this judgment not because he continued to be in contact with Fayner’s sister via email while pestering her to try and convince Fayner to hire him on a shoot.

We say this because Knox let a chick penetrate his asshole with a large dildo on film for shitty pay.

And that’s all I got to say about that.


I told you all yesterday to check out Cytherea and Plus One yesterday with Harry Weiss on

Harry broke the story about Mr Sexy Kurt ‘Shove It In My Ass’ Lockwood!!

I remember hearing about Kurt taking a dildo in the ass by girlie friend Samantha Ryan. I heard he did the scene for $5000, and then I heard $3000.

I said “Hmmmm, that’s a lot of cheese… maybe he wanted a new guitar, maybe he wanted to buy Sam a nice gift for Valentines day.” This wasn’t a big stretch for Lockwood, I’ve seen him on set take 3 fingers up his ass from Lauren Phoenix.. YES, I SAID 3 FINGERS!!!! And when she didf it, he wasn’t grimacing in pain, he was grinning in ecstacy. So he obviously enjoys taking it up the ass, so why not go ahead and take the plunge, sure it will damage his career, but what the hell it’s a lot of money.

NOPE…. Harry Weiss spoke to a producer who said that Lockwood only got $1500 for the scene. His regular rate is $700 per scene. So for an extra $800 he basically outed himself as homo! Sweet!!!!!! DId anyone hear Evan Stone’c comments? Check out as I’m positive Gene Ross will post it! FUNNY AS SHIT.