Title: Neu Wave HookersCast: Dana De Armond, Felix Vicious, Joanna Angel, Justine Jolie, Nyomi Zen, Riley Mason, Sierra Sinn, Tiger, Tommy Pistol, Dirty Harry, James Deen, Kurt Lockwood


Eon McKai

        The original New Wave Hookers was established in 1985 by the infamous Dark Brothers. The movie put the brothers on the lips of everyone in and outside the adult business. To this day, Greg Dark is still working steadily doing music videos among other things. New Wave Hookers also gained much attention due to the fact of one Miss Traci Lords, who was later revealed to be underage in some of her films.
Twenty-plus years later, the legacy continues as punk-porn director and recent Vivid signé Eon McKai throws his preverbal hat into the ring of remaking this porn cult classic.
McKai takes New Wave Hookers under his wing and makes it Neu Wave Hookers with a slightly altered concept. In the new version, McKai uses a collection of girls who find the original video at a garage sale of all places and take it home to watch in between their trick turning time. I like how McKai flipped the male to female perspective here from the original film. To pull that off, he has a wonderful and talented cast of girls headed by the strong performances of Joanna Angel, Justine Jolie and Riley Mason.
The sex of course is thrilling throughout. I could watch Joanna Angel all day and not get bored, but the entire cast is exceptional with their oral, vaginal and anal skills throughout the film. The hookers are complemented by eager studs that really play off the girls to give Neu Wave Hookers a heated, yet fun chemistry about it.
McKai has taken his fair share of jabs for his film making, me included (ahem, Kill girl Kill 2, sorry Eon.) With Neu Wave Hookers, McKai completely redeems himself and clears any heads that had foggy thoughts about his film making ability. I think with Eon, he came out of the gate strong with Art School Sluts and everyone wanted that film or better with his next releases. We all know not many directors have a smash hit with every release. So cut McKai some slack. Even I should have heeded that advice.
The packaging for Neu Wave Hookers is superior. You get a three-disc set with Neu Wave Hookers and New Wave Hookers (the 1985 original) plus a bonus disc containing an abundant amount of extras. The cover art is also striking and really grabs your eye. This alone is a nice selling point.
Neu Wave Hookers had a lot of hype going in and it is up to you, the viewer to see if that promotion machine is justifiable. Call it “alt-porn,” “punk-porn,” or whatever you want. It is obviously not for everyone, but for the ones who do “get it” they can tap into a future classic with Neu Wave Hookers.



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