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I really do love the XPT boards cuz they’re funny as shit!
I don’t like the fact that you can create 20 fake names and have conversations with yourself, because people use my name there all the time. Plus people hate on me, oh well!

BUT, this thread about Tawny and Mary Carey cracks me up!

As seen on lukeisback, I wish he had more. God do they look torn up, its actually sad because in her early days tawny was quite stroke worthy despite her poor posture (i judge porn girls on posture now, jesus, i need to quit the board and join gen changing bed pans and feeding soft foods to the elderly cancer patients)

Disturbing, theres very little in this picture (apart from the obvious) yet theres still so many things wrong with it, starting with what looks like a skin bra near mary careys tit to what seems to be a cross between depressed and cautious look on tawny roberts face, but the thing thats most disturbing is how dark the bath water is, i know mary urinates on her mans clothes as a sign of affection it looks like she takes dumps in the bath with her woman to do the same, she has the same capabilities to share emotions as all zoo animals with disposable thumbs.

Shes just nasty. Remember when she was considered the hottest thing in porn during the brief window of insanity period.

If you could have a top 10 google search of males aged between 18-35 minds this would probably rank around 8.

Forget the fact that mary carey looks 50 in this picture and focus in on tawny’s bright eye burning shine, when i first saw this picture i had an instant flash back to die hard two, a movie i haven’t seen since at least 95 but the scene where the terrorists shut off the lights on the tar mack forcing the plane to crash and how helpful tawnys passed out, lifeless body would’ve been at that moment, he wouldn’t even need to wake her up, he could just wheel her out and lay her across the tarmac saving thousands of extras lives, who knows monster could’ve been on one of the planes.

Dear lord, im sensing a theme, booze, the color pink and attempting to look like tara reid.

Its just painful to look at, dating mary carey is the porn stars version of an e true hollywood story, its rock bottom. Tawnys fucked up her face, theres no reason for anyone under 30 to get botox, and her teeth and lips are absurd.

Taken moments before a stomach pump im sure. how didn’t this relationship last?.

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