Rapper Lil’ Jon Speaks Out Against Vivid Movie

When I hear the name Lil’ Jon I immediately think about the Dave Chappelle skits he used to do. WHAT? WHAT? Damn that was funny shit.

But not quite as funny as this … recently Vivid announced they were going to start selling this Lil’ Jon “hosted” sex tape. This of course came about after the news that Lil’ Jon would be appearing on Donald Trump’s Apprentice. But it turns out this is some shit footage they shot in 2005 that didn’t make it on the first movie they released back then. This left over stuff didn’t get released for the last 6 years, why? Because it’s shit. DUH! But now that Lil’ Jon is in the news and all over prime time TV of course it gets packed up and shipped out. WTF? If it wasn’t good enough to make a movie out of 6 years ago, you really think it has gotten better somehow just sitting on the shelves in some warehouse?

There is however one thing the movie has going for it, it features some lost Tawny Roberts and Monique Alexander footage – pre-ink days. That I am looking forward to seeing.

Here are the box covers from both of Vivid’s Lil’ Jon movies.  The first one was the Vegas with the newest being Club Lil’ Jon.


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allhiphop.com says – Atlanta rapper Lil Jon has distanced himself from a new adult movie being released by Vivid Video featuring the crunk rapper directing a porno movie.

Earlier this week, Vivid announced the release of “Club Lil Jon,” which was directed by Lil Jon, who also provided the score for porno flick.

Lil Jon, who is featured on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” denied being involved with the release of the DVD, saying it was made in 2005.

“Lil Jon is not currently involved or associated with the release of the Vivid video, titled ‘Club Lil Jon,’” Lil Jon’s rep said in a statement.  “This is the second of two videos Lil Jon hosted and filmed back in 2005, and has since moved on from this business venture,” the statement reads.

Vivid’s timing of the release of “Club Lil Jon” is meant to capitalize on Lil Jon’s success on Celebrity Apprentice.

The DVD from Vivid is slated to be released on Monday April 11t, 2011.

Myspace Fuck Raffle is a big fat scam

I was reading a story by Kayden Kross over at Mike South which talked about something called a Myspace fuck raffel.  Long story short, you buy a ticket for a chance to win, which the prize is you get to do a scene with a porn star.  Kayden Kross was very clear in that she in no way had anything to do with this website or these people and it was a lie that her name was on the prize list.

Fuck Raffle is a Fraud

Kayden blogs : A few months ago I got a number of emails asking if I was in the sex raffle through myspace. I said something to the tune of fuck no. Then yesterday I got two emails about it. Apparently I’m on the list (http://www.fuckraffle.net/?page_id=6). Not cool. Let this first be my absolute denial of any and all involvement in the thing. Mine was not the only name I was surprised to see on the list though. Jesse Jane? I can’t honestly see Digital Playground letting that happen. So obviously the people running the site have no intention of actually following through on their end of the raffle. Maybe it’s an obtuse ploy to just direct traffic to their site or gain media attention for some other half baked idea? I don’t know. Either way it’s fucked up.

I decided to check out this little scam of a website and just like I thought, it was in fact a scam.

Tawny Roberts?  Lanny Barby?  I don’t think so.  Tawny Roberts hasn’t been active since 2005 and Lanny Barby is on leave for at least the last few months and even then, she is still under contract with Vivid so that would legally prevent her from doing any sex scenes with anyone.  Beyond that, she isn’t even in the country right now and my sources say nor does she have plans to be any time soon.

Still not convinced that it’s a fraud?

Aria Giovanni NEVER does sex scenes with anyone.  She is a nude model, not a porn star.  Any Aria Giovanni fan can tell you that.

Bree Olson is under contract with Adam and Eve and also can’t perform on camera with other people due to the restrictions of her contract.  It’s kind of the point of being “exclusive” with a company.

Jesse Jane?  Don’t think so.  A representative from Digital Playground said aboslutely no way, is Jesse Jane or Digital Playground involved in any such thing.

Dasha?  Big no on this one.  Dasha retired years ago, married and moved to Europe.

The MySpace Fuck Raffle is a Fraud

Don’t give these dumb asses any money.  Don’t buy any tickets from them.  Don’t be stupid.

Where The Boys Aren’t 19

In 1989 a little known movie came out that featured Barbara Dare, Tori Welles, April West, Summer Rose, Fallon,  Christie Leigh and Tori Welles.  This was one of Tori Welles’s first ever adult movies.   The movie was directed by Paul Thomas but it was back in a time when the name Paul Thomas wasn’t so well known and didn’t come attached to so many industry awards.  It was 1989 after all.

The movie itself didn’t go over so well with the critics.  In fact, AVN only gave it 3 out of 5 stars.   Yet that next year it still won the AVN award for the Best All-Girl Feature.  It was really the first time anyone had done a high quality feature film dedicated only to lesbians that also included several well known stars all in one film.  It was sort of new ground.  This movie was called

Where The Boys Aren’t

Fast forward 19 years.  It’s now 2008 and we now have the release of Where The Boys Aren’t 19.  The movie series is still winning awards, it’s still a best selling title and it still features big named stars.   Paul Thomas directed most of the Where The Boys Aren’t titles, but not all.  Recently Chi Chi La Rue has been heading up the Where The Boys Aren’t project but he isn’t slacking when it comes to talent.  In fact, the last Where The Boys Aren’t title (Where The Boys Aren’t 18), in which Chi Chi La Rue directed, was a huge hit.  Industry award nominations aside, the movie stayed at the top of the sales charts for more than a year.   Considering how many great movies came out last year, that is really saying a lot.

But a new year is upon us and that means it is now time for a new Where The Boys Aren’t …. 19 this time and this one is in the theme of the middle east.  Set with an Arabian Nights setting, how can it now be an erotic adventure you won’t soon forget?

Tera … Briana … Lanny … Stefani … Sanvanna … Monique … Lexie … Tawny … Lyndsey and Lacey.  Very simply, this is the harem to end all harems. They’re so hot, not even Tera, the girl in the lamp can control them! It’s the nastiest WBTA ever…and guess what…you’re the Sultan! Find out what happens when belly dancing meets lap dancing, in the girl/girl blockbuster of all time!  Where The Boys Aren’t 19 : Arabian Nights.  When the Sultan is away, the girls will play.   Starring Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Monique Alexander, Lexie Marie, Tawny Roberts, Mercedez, Lyndsey Love, Lacey Love, Lanny Barby, Savanna Samson, and Stefani Morgan.  Directed by Chi Chi La Rue.

click on the box cover below to view the movie trailer



Fayner Posts: Yesterday I wrote about a call I got from Tawny Roberts, in which she stated that she was fucking a dog on her balcony. Although I never went there to verify the information, I am almost positive she was not in fact fucking a dog. But she did tel me that she was. But she wasn’t. I think. I hope. I guess.

Stop emailing me telling me it is my civil duty to report her. I mean, many times I too have told people over the phone that I was fucking a dog and I never was. Okay?


Fayner Posts: I see on Luke’s site a story about former Vivid and Digital Playground star Devon signing a contract with some new company called Black Kat.

“What I like about her is that she’s very real and she’s extremely open to ideas and suggestions,” said C.J. Foothill, Black Kat owner.

One must ask if the company made a mistake and instead signed Devan of http://www.dv8cultx.com/ who is both real and is smart enough to be open to ideas and suggestions. Devon the porno chick is covered in plastic surgery and wouldn’t know a good idea if it was surgically planted into her brain.

This move makes one wonder of Devon’s new partnership with Tawny Roberts? Tawny most have been really fucked up if it scared away Devon.


TMFR Posts:

I really do love the XPT boards cuz they’re funny as shit!
I don’t like the fact that you can create 20 fake names and have conversations with yourself, because people use my name there all the time. Plus people hate on me, oh well!

BUT, this thread about Tawny and Mary Carey cracks me up!

As seen on lukeisback, I wish he had more. God do they look torn up, its actually sad because in her early days tawny was quite stroke worthy despite her poor posture (i judge porn girls on posture now, jesus, i need to quit the board and join gen changing bed pans and feeding soft foods to the elderly cancer patients)

Disturbing, theres very little in this picture (apart from the obvious) yet theres still so many things wrong with it, starting with what looks like a skin bra near mary careys tit to what seems to be a cross between depressed and cautious look on tawny roberts face, but the thing thats most disturbing is how dark the bath water is, i know mary urinates on her mans clothes as a sign of affection it looks like she takes dumps in the bath with her woman to do the same, she has the same capabilities to share emotions as all zoo animals with disposable thumbs.

Shes just nasty. Remember when she was considered the hottest thing in porn during the brief window of insanity period.

If you could have a top 10 google search of males aged between 18-35 minds this would probably rank around 8.

Forget the fact that mary carey looks 50 in this picture and focus in on tawny’s bright eye burning shine, when i first saw this picture i had an instant flash back to die hard two, a movie i haven’t seen since at least 95 but the scene where the terrorists shut off the lights on the tar mack forcing the plane to crash and how helpful tawnys passed out, lifeless body would’ve been at that moment, he wouldn’t even need to wake her up, he could just wheel her out and lay her across the tarmac saving thousands of extras lives, who knows monster could’ve been on one of the planes.

Dear lord, im sensing a theme, booze, the color pink and attempting to look like tara reid.

Its just painful to look at, dating mary carey is the porn stars version of an e true hollywood story, its rock bottom. Tawnys fucked up her face, theres no reason for anyone under 30 to get botox, and her teeth and lips are absurd.

Taken moments before a stomach pump im sure. how didn’t this relationship last?.