Rapper Lil’ Jon Speaks Out Against Vivid Movie

When I hear the name Lil’ Jon I immediately think about the Dave Chappelle skits he used to do. WHAT? WHAT? Damn that was funny shit.

But not quite as funny as this … recently Vivid announced they were going to start selling this Lil’ Jon “hosted” sex tape. This of course came about after the news that Lil’ Jon would be appearing on Donald Trump’s Apprentice. But it turns out this is some shit footage they shot in 2005 that didn’t make it on the first movie they released back then. This left over stuff didn’t get released for the last 6 years, why? Because it’s shit. DUH! But now that Lil’ Jon is in the news and all over prime time TV of course it gets packed up and shipped out. WTF? If it wasn’t good enough to make a movie out of 6 years ago, you really think it has gotten better somehow just sitting on the shelves in some warehouse?

There is however one thing the movie has going for it, it features some lost Tawny Roberts and Monique Alexander footage – pre-ink days. That I am looking forward to seeing.

Here are the box covers from both of Vivid’s Lil’ Jon movies.  The first one was the Vegas with the newest being Club Lil’ Jon.


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allhiphop.com says – Atlanta rapper Lil Jon has distanced himself from a new adult movie being released by Vivid Video featuring the crunk rapper directing a porno movie.

Earlier this week, Vivid announced the release of “Club Lil Jon,” which was directed by Lil Jon, who also provided the score for porno flick.

Lil Jon, who is featured on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” denied being involved with the release of the DVD, saying it was made in 2005.

“Lil Jon is not currently involved or associated with the release of the Vivid video, titled ‘Club Lil Jon,’” Lil Jon’s rep said in a statement.  “This is the second of two videos Lil Jon hosted and filmed back in 2005, and has since moved on from this business venture,” the statement reads.

Vivid’s timing of the release of “Club Lil Jon” is meant to capitalize on Lil Jon’s success on Celebrity Apprentice.

The DVD from Vivid is slated to be released on Monday April 11t, 2011.