Where The Boys Aren’t 19

In 1989 a little known movie came out that featured Barbara Dare, Tori Welles, April West, Summer Rose, Fallon,  Christie Leigh and Tori Welles.  This was one of Tori Welles’s first ever adult movies.   The movie was directed by Paul Thomas but it was back in a time when the name Paul Thomas wasn’t so well known and didn’t come attached to so many industry awards.  It was 1989 after all.

The movie itself didn’t go over so well with the critics.  In fact, AVN only gave it 3 out of 5 stars.   Yet that next year it still won the AVN award for the Best All-Girl Feature.  It was really the first time anyone had done a high quality feature film dedicated only to lesbians that also included several well known stars all in one film.  It was sort of new ground.  This movie was called

Where The Boys Aren’t

Fast forward 19 years.  It’s now 2008 and we now have the release of Where The Boys Aren’t 19.  The movie series is still winning awards, it’s still a best selling title and it still features big named stars.   Paul Thomas directed most of the Where The Boys Aren’t titles, but not all.  Recently Chi Chi La Rue has been heading up the Where The Boys Aren’t project but he isn’t slacking when it comes to talent.  In fact, the last Where The Boys Aren’t title (Where The Boys Aren’t 18), in which Chi Chi La Rue directed, was a huge hit.  Industry award nominations aside, the movie stayed at the top of the sales charts for more than a year.   Considering how many great movies came out last year, that is really saying a lot.

But a new year is upon us and that means it is now time for a new Where The Boys Aren’t …. 19 this time and this one is in the theme of the middle east.  Set with an Arabian Nights setting, how can it now be an erotic adventure you won’t soon forget?

Tera … Briana … Lanny … Stefani … Sanvanna … Monique … Lexie … Tawny … Lyndsey and Lacey.  Very simply, this is the harem to end all harems. They’re so hot, not even Tera, the girl in the lamp can control them! It’s the nastiest WBTA ever…and guess what…you’re the Sultan! Find out what happens when belly dancing meets lap dancing, in the girl/girl blockbuster of all time!  Where The Boys Aren’t 19 : Arabian Nights.  When the Sultan is away, the girls will play.   Starring Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, Monique Alexander, Lexie Marie, Tawny Roberts, Mercedez, Lyndsey Love, Lacey Love, Lanny Barby, Savanna Samson, and Stefani Morgan.  Directed by Chi Chi La Rue.

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Fayner Posts: Oh boy howdy have the loose lips been flapping away as of late concerning one Lexie Marie and the recently erroneous song and dance that’s been brewing over her sudden departure from Vivid and an alleged hankering for drugs that’s got her knee-deep in the narcotic game with no end in sight.

And I’m impelled to embark on this journey through words to help correct this industry buzz going around which holds little truth but nonetheless is damaging to Lexie’s career as a popular porno actress whether it is true or not.



Porn star Lexie Marie (who’s repped by LA Direct) has a serious drug problem.

Though Derek denies this, I’ve been told that he demanded that Lisa move Lexie into her new house and keep an eye on her. Lisa said no. “My house is my sanctuary. I don’t want a crackhead in my house. I don’t want work affiliated with my home.”

I believe these problems are in the past.

I called her ex-roommate Cassie Pishone, who tells me Friday, Jan 27: “I have not lived with the girl for four months. I’ve been clean for two months. I’ve been drug-tested. I haven’t seen her. She moved out in October. From October until AVN [show in Las Vegas Jan 5-8], I have not seen her. The first time I saw her was at AVN and she has not been over to my house since. I don’t really talk to her on the phone.”

Lexie is back living with her boyfriend. She’s no longer in Los Angeles and no longer parties hard.

I cannot protest to being good friends with Lexie. We met at Jesse Jane and Rick’s wedding where I informed her that she should stand clear of me if she wished to not be labeled a druggie. She thanked me for warning her. And during that night of pills and powder and pot I only saw Lexie sucking on a fat joint that Tyler rolled. Not to say she didn’t partake in more drugs that night, ‘cause I don’t know, but if she did she did so behind closed doors.

I spoke to Lexi the other night at Charlie Laine’s birthday party about how she’s being blasted on some web sites about being a drug addict. This has got to end, people. Every single chick that has come into the business has at one time had a substance problem. It’s a way to cope with being fucked by slimeballs and then fucked over by the people paying for your work.

Lexi told me that she has no idea who Luke Ford is, that she’s never met him.

“How can he write that about me? It’s not fucking true! isn’t he supposed to talk to me about it?”

“In a perfect world, yes. But then there would be no story, would there?”

“Is there anything I can do about it?”

“Not really unless you wanna kick his ass!”

At the little party I kept an eye on Lexi, and not because she has an awesome set of airbags. She nursed a drink, not once did she go to the bathroom with a bunch of chicks and come back sniffing and wiping her runny nose. Instead she talked about her newfound love. I saw no indication of her being on drugs, and if she does in fact have a “serious drug problem” as Luke wrote she’d be fucked up 24/7 just like honest to goodness addicts such as myself are.

And if she is immersed in the drug crowd and doing coke and speed like people are saying, the girl must have some secret to staying at a respectable weight. People hooked on drugs don’t take  care of themselves and it always shows. Lexi looked  smoking hot and healthy.

Most porno people dabble in narcotics…pills, weed, booze, a little coke perhaps, but to single out one girl without any proof for what you hear she does is just plain bogus journalism.

Leave Lexi alone.