I told you all yesterday to check out Cytherea and Plus One yesterday with Harry Weiss on

Harry broke the story about Mr Sexy Kurt ‘Shove It In My Ass’ Lockwood!!

I remember hearing about Kurt taking a dildo in the ass by girlie friend Samantha Ryan. I heard he did the scene for $5000, and then I heard $3000.

I said “Hmmmm, that’s a lot of cheese… maybe he wanted a new guitar, maybe he wanted to buy Sam a nice gift for Valentines day.” This wasn’t a big stretch for Lockwood, I’ve seen him on set take 3 fingers up his ass from Lauren Phoenix.. YES, I SAID 3 FINGERS!!!! And when she didf it, he wasn’t grimacing in pain, he was grinning in ecstacy. So he obviously enjoys taking it up the ass, so why not go ahead and take the plunge, sure it will damage his career, but what the hell it’s a lot of money.

NOPE…. Harry Weiss spoke to a producer who said that Lockwood only got $1500 for the scene. His regular rate is $700 per scene. So for an extra $800 he basically outed himself as homo! Sweet!!!!!! DId anyone hear Evan Stone’c comments? Check out as I’m positive Gene Ross will post it! FUNNY AS SHIT.


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