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I had to leave the house early yesterday because this new company was at our house shooting a video. Before I left I ran into a lot of people I know and haven’t seen in a while.

I saw Dee, I saw Daisy, I saw big boob Brooke, I saw Jeneveve Jolie and a bunch of other hookers! Felt kind of weird.

Next week I think I’m going to start shooting content for my website, I’ll be shooting with Scott Del Amo and maybe doing some sets with Daisy, Naudia Nyce and some other fine chicks. I’m also doing a POV Hardcore video for my website tonight. We set up my Live Chat camera, and or now I’m going to do some private chats with members of my site via MS Messenger, so if you’re a member to my site and would like to have a one on one meeting with me online, email me at taylor@clubtaylorrain.com.

I did an interview with Missy Monroe on Wednesday, and today I have to type it up and put it on the site.

Yesterday when I left the house, me and Fayner went to the dogpark with Oldie (old dog we found and brought home from Glammis), Rhiannon and Bandit. Bandit is so fucking tired still, he ran and ran and ran.

Went to my other house after the dog park and Fayner and I munched on some pizza. We had to watch movies on DVD because Nate Daeg cancelled the cable, cheap ass!!!!! We watched SNATCH, great fuckin movie!

And Then!!!!!!! THE OC BABY!!!!!!!! I LOVE THAT SHOW! Then I started playing with myself, don’t know why. I was just really horny and my nipples were pretty hard (not whack). I came twice and ya know what, now that i don’t do scenes anymore for movies i’m really cumming a lot more and a lot easier. I guess this break has been good for my sex life. Oh ya, when I made my first video for one of my fans, i came really hard to, so I guess I am cumming a lot more now, that’s HOT. Anyway my man walked in on my as i was still going at it with myself, he never sawe me mastribate before so he was a little shocked. What happened next? Take a wild fucking guess!

The life of a rockstar, you cant beat it.

Dick Bandit after a long day at the park


Oldie Oldenclaw from Glamis

Me and Rhiannon

Fayner, Rhi and Bandit

Me, Dick Bandit and Cherub

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