Last week I was on the set of a new production from a new production company… Sinsation Pictures.

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I was there to drop off lunch to Taylor Rain, and in the process I watched a madhouse of a production set. The company was shooting 2 mocies simultaneously. One was a latin title and one was a lesbian title. There were 5 lighting guys, 3 camera guys, 4 PA’s, a full time cook in the kitchen, and a bunch of pimps showing up at the door with thei hookas!

I ran into Daisy who was being pumped hard by Jenaveve Jolie and Dee with a massive dildo! Deel also happened to the Production Manager for the shoot.  Daisy had her new black Escalade with 24′ wheels parked outside. Jeneveve looked incredible and Dee looks better than she did 7 years ago! The three pulled off an incredible 3 way lesbian scene, with most of the dialogue in Spanish.

Big boob Brooke was a late addition, she was called in to replace a no-show. She got there at 11AM and left at 9PM, without shooting anything!!

Jasmine Byrne was laying on a couch in panties and bra looking cute as hell, getting acquanted with Evan Stone.

Shy Love was giving details of her new production company and how they’re off to such a fast start. Shy is the new spokesperson for the 10 Network, which she’s very proud of. Shy is also taking her company and newly signed contract girls to Jamaica in few months to shoot some videos. 

The there was August, the main squeeze of Tyler Durden. August looks amazing! I MEAN AMAZING!! She’s been in the business for a few years now and keeps looking better and better! She chatted with TMFR for a few minutes and then off to do her scene, always with a smile!! On another note, Tyler is preparing for his directing debut.

Cindy Crawford showed up during the day, her and Kelly Erikson left for Burbank Airport for a store signing in Oregon!

The house got raided by undercover cops around 9:15PM… the permits were until 10PM so the cops took 40 minutes to let the crew know they needed to be out by 10PM, which basically cost thgem their last scene.  

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