Email from EifelFan96…

Dear Lukeford: Can you please post this email about Kurt Lockwood on your site. I think he’s a fag and a pussy and likes to get fucked in the ass. He’s also a complete idiot and worthless piece of shit. I am from Germany and remember reading his own personal press release saying his movie sold over 100,000 copies in Europe. Just to clarify, no one bought one copy of his stupid movie. His movie was put in as an insert into an adult publication and given away free with the purchase of the magazine. Whenever I see something given away for free that typically means it’s a worthless piece of shit, which was the case here. Lockwood seems to be his only fan and he creates his own publicity, because the rest of the world, and I’m sure this applies to America too, sees him as a pompous, no talent, self centered, egotistical, no talent, cock loving dope.

——- No problem… email posted!!

Just saw this line from Kurt Lockwood on Gene Ross’s

""over-inflated sense of self-worth trying""

If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black. Speaking from a personal point of view, I’ve met Kurt Lockwood and my personal opinion of him is that he’s a fucking moron who deserves to be smacked like the bitch he is. Kurts all bark and NO bite!!! He talks a tough game, but confront him and he turns and runs with his cock stuffed up his ass!

I remember a scene he shot with Lauren Phoenix, he asked the PA for some water. The PA complied and brought this bozo a bottle of water, Lockwood refused it demanding it be in a chilled glass. I told the PA to get him a glass of water and then spit it in… great part was half the cast and crew joined in to spit in the glass, knowing it was to be digested by the piece of living fesces known as Kurt Lockwood.

Kurt sipped his water, and then proceeded to have Lauren Phoenix insert four fingers into his asshole.

Outside of homosexual men, no one buys or rents a movie because of Lockwood. Lockwood is an embarassment to the industry.

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