Fayner Posts: Did you hear yet? Oh, I know, it’s so damn awful, I’m like totally gonna cry I think. I just can’t imagine a world without him, you know? Kinda like tasting a peanut butter cup and then being told you’ll never have one again. Breaks the heart in two, it does.

By now I’m sure you realize that I’m of course talking about the sudden departure of Kurt Lockwood. When I heard the news, I broke down sobbing. I tried imagining a porno world without his magnificient penis, his chisled body and “I’ve been through a lot” tattoos, but alas I could not.

The world is over, as far as I am concerned. There is no reason to be alive, no reason to want to breathe and certainly no reason to watch pornography.

Kurt was pornography. He spoke for the people, yet remained miles above them. He was the voice we wish we had, the eyes we wish we had and the anal poundings we wish we had when we were drunk with a couple of friends after the chicks left and it got a little awkward but in a gay-love kind of way.

I will miss you Kurt.

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