“this whole movie has got to be one of the best ever to come out of the all-girl genre”.. Gene Ross

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Porn Valley – Back in the day, no one did a better girl-girl scene than Bianca and Debi Diamond. When those two were on, it was insane. There was this one time they mixed it up with ass cracks, junk yards and motor oil. At least everyone thought it was motor oil going into someone’s asshole until the truth eventually came out. But by that time it didn’t matter. The legend had grown.

You would have figured that to be the sapphic coupling for all ages- that is, until Vanessa Lane and Tory Lane tangle in Aurora Snow’s Dirty Dykes. In fact, this scene, this whole movie has got to be one of the best ever to come out of the all-girl genre that Bruce Seven molded and nurtured and in which Aurora Snow’s apparently now marking her territory.

The extraordinary Lane-Lane scene is part catfight and total mayhem. The fight is over a boyfriend. Tory’s taking a piss and Vanessa, slamming into the bathroom like John Wayne with an imminent barroom brawl at hand, is asking if Tory fucked her boyfriend. Tory’s going what if I did. Which is apparently the wrong thing to say because quicker than sanitized flush, Vanessa has Tory’s head in the toilet and the games begin with the lady’s shitter as the arena. Channeling the spirit of Dillon Lauren, who had a similar real life brawl with Ava Vincent, Tory’s practically putting Vanessa’s head through a mirror.

It’s obvious that Vanessa’s giving up a couple of pounds in this calorie-burning squawk. But that doesn’t matter because she’s all lioness, and her butt cheeks fill the big screen as Tory finds the mark with a vengeful red rubber dildo time and again. Vanessa also manages to land a count of four fingers in Tory but take particular note of the bidet early on. Because that’s the prop that trademarks this event. A fountain of water begins watering the tiled floor and pretty soon this place looks like the boiler room of the Titanic with Vanessa and Tory soaked to the gills with no possibility of glamour shots after the encounter. This thing is raw, wild and positively exuberant with its spirited energy.

Part of this wonderful package directed by Snow also includes a mini-violation of Kelly Wells as Cindy Crawford, Holly Wellin, Kathy Ray and Deja Daire have Wells in a basement and take turns abusing her, working her asshole over with high lesbo theatrics. Cindy’s buttcheeks also get a good mauling which is the scene’s bonus. So, if you’re into multi-girl carnage count the bodies. And there’s three more beautiful ones in a scene featuring Melissa Lauren, Cassie Courtland and their captive, Victoria Sinn. Sinn is blindfolded and bound with duct tape in a restraint and dominance free-for-all that’s a perfect compliment to the wild and wicked antics provided by the two Lane’s; plus Cindy and company.

In the feature’s opening scenario which also features foot worship, Bobbi Blair and Paolo Rey have a romantic interlude in a bedroom that begins with a girlie pillow fight and continues with Paola eating Bobbie’s ass in the 69 position then testing the chemical content of Blair’s Monsanto fibers, i.e., her rug. Moment’s later, Blair’s using this dildo with a light on the tip to find her way into Rey’s Brazilian love tract. You’ll discover this to be an extremely well composed, sexy and gorgeous scene with beautiful window slat lighting lending a warm, Harlequin feel.

Shot in similar manner with warm, window slat lighting, Crissy Cums and Barbara Summers are on a living room couch as Summers moans the loss of a boyfriend. She’s obviously Cums to the right place as Crissy proves that a lesbian kiss goes a long way to short attention span when it comes to men. Pretty soon Summers and her ass are on the floor being pile driven with a number of unique play things.

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