Trantastic…from Defiance Films

a review

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Only in a tranny movie can you have a boy-girl-girl scene and only two people on camera. And another thing: Vince Voss isn’t a name that you generally toss into the same sentence with the words tranny movie, but Voss as director and cameraman of Trantastic from Defiance Films authors a superlative job in what’s been one of the most talked about adult movies this year so far. Talked about at least in one sense that assembled here is an A-list cast that includes Cindy Crawford, Cytherea, Dana Vespoli, Roxy Jezel and Deja Daire – ripe, nubile broads who are put in firing range of swinging tranny dick. And there’s plenty of star power from the waist down as well with the likes of Vanity, Johanna B, Carmen and Kayla Coxx. What this all adds up to is a startling parade of controversial sexual activity that beckons you seductively to the dark side, with it leaving you gasping for imagery to contemplate. All of this being said, Trantastic is an amazing show that should continue do amazing numbers.

To anticipate the obvious question, yeah three of the porn girls in the cast take it in the crapper, but good. On all fours on the living room floor, Roxy Jezel is plowed in the ass in a pile driven pairing with Vanity which is comparable to any hetero turn for raw physical expression. Vanity’s hard and Roxy’s howling. At the outset, Vanity’s deep in Roxy’s throat, T-bagging her while, in the wide shot, the viewer’s provided a good interpretation of tranny ass. The smaller built Roxy’s manhandled in a variety of positions that includes a resoundingly good prison fuck, a saucy up & over and porn’s ol’ standby, the cowgirl. Vanity strikes us as a pretty, uh, woman but the suspicion is, she’s not buying pumps off the rack at Payless. At least in her size. Then, amusingly- and you’ll see it time again in this feature, Vanity rides Roxy in the reverse cowgirl and is popping major wood. So she politely nestles her dick to the side to keep it from flopping out of turn. Technically, anal and Cindy Crawford are twains that never meet in her pairing with Carmen; however, this is not to mitigate the fact that Cindy’s ride on the forbidden love express can be considered quite memorable as far as her controversial career is concerned. Then, armed with a strap-on, Cindy rams Carmen whose cock and balls amazingly dissipate then come to life again when s[h]e breaches Cindy’s lap for the reverse cowgirl. Judging from empirical evidence presented thus far, is the reverse cowgirl the key to a tranny’s heart you might ask?

Whatever that key is, it didn’t go into Cytherea’s ass. In a smooching sequence, Kayla Coxx could be Cytherea’s blonder twin but those forearms and wrists in the dick sucking sequence are all Martina Navratilova. Cy is on top of it with the strap-on but her pussy and vagina pretty much stay clear of the Internet gossip sites because it’s Coxx who’s generally on the receiving end. For the most part, Coxx displays the packaging of a semi-aroused Doberman but springs to life when Cy wraps those magical lips around Kayla’s shaft. On the other hand, Dana Vespoli’s ass takes it in three positions including the pile driver from Johanna B. But you wouldn’t get the impression the scene would have gone that way when, at the outset, Dana’s cocksucking lips are met with a sac the potato farmer forgot to fill. However, in the progression of events, Johanna B. swells enormously in size. So much so that B. appears to be coming at you live in 3D during a reverse cowgirl romp.

And, in an encore scene with Deja Daire, Vanity’s balls are more than up to the task as Deja’s wrapped in a ball with her cute Asian ass getting the 3 point tranny lube and inspection.




























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