Roxy Jezel says Bye Bye Club Jenna

Lately Club Jenna seems to be losing more girls than its gaining and well today is no different as XBIZ is reporting that Roxy Jezel and Club Jenna have parted ways.   What’s going on over there in Jenna Jameson land?   Perhaps things are not as merry as some have been reporting.  Roxy Jezel will now handle all of her bookings through LA Direct Models.  It’s interesting that Roxy Jezel would leave Club jenna or moreover that Club Jenna wouldn’t fight more to keep her as she is one of the few true success stories of the Club Jenna lineup of contract stars.  I mean sure some of the others are quickly rising in fame but Roxy Jezel seems to have a larger fan base than most of the others.

Roxy Jezel says “I loved the time I was under contract. I never wanted to have a contract when I got in the industry, then it reached a point where being under contract was ideal for me,” Jezel said. “I had a good time with Club Jenna. Everybody was nice to me and we put out some amazing movies. I plan to retire in two years, so it makes sense for me to get out of contract.” She told XBIZ that she’s looking forward to working with some costars again. “I want to work with James Deen,” Jezel said. “I haven’t worked with him since before I was contracted.

James Deen?  That name seems to be coming up a lot lately.  I seem to recall in an interview that one of the Love Twins named him as their favorite actor to work with as well.  Roxy Jezel didn’t really cite any reasons for the parting of ways but she did say that she has a limited availability for the next two years while she finishes her degree.  She also says  “I have a lot of homework, and I’m getting a civilian job that will go with my degree. I’m also doing volunteer work.” Whatever the real reasons may be, we with Roxy Jezel the best of luck and hope her star continues to shine.

Porn Star Roxy Jezel

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