Saint Tera?

Big news coming out of the gaming world today as it seems Miss Tera Patrick has signed on to be a “special producer” for the XBOX 360 game Saints Row 2.  Tera Patrick’s role in the game clearly isn’t significant, as the game is nearing release and so how much can she really contribute in 30 days? But it is a great publicity stunt.  All the hype they will get for the game just by attaching her name to the game can only help sales.  They say that Tera Patrick’s role as “special producer”, will bring her one-of-a-kind special touch to the project. And by that they no doubt mean, lending them the use of her name and half naked body for cover art.

For those that don’t know, Saints Row 2 is a sandbox-style action-adventure video game developed by Volition Inc and published by THQ. It is the second title in the Saints Row series. Saints Row 2 is to be released in America on October 14, 2008, for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. A smaller variant of the game will also be published for mobile phones, and also to the PlayStation Portable system.

Saints Row 2 is set in a redesigned rendition of Stilwater, a fictional city based heavily on modern day Chicago. The game picks up from where Saints Row left off, with the player waking up from a trauma-induced coma in a prison hospital, five years after the events of Saints Row, only to escape the prison island and rejoin the 3rd Street Saints, the gang the series is set around. The protagonist soon learns that the Saints have fallen apart, and that three new gangs have risen to power in a massively expanded Stilwater, and must eliminate them to reclaim the city he once owned. The story follows ’much darker and more sinister story that leads your character down a path of betrayal, revenge and redemption against the city that has left him for dead’.

What I found even more surprising in the press release was not that Tera Patrick was whoring out her name on yet another thing but that she has her own clothing line.  When the fuck did Tera Patrick get her own clothing line? I knew Jenna Jameson had one with the House of Jameson, something she had started after modeling a few years back during fashion week, but now Tera Patrick too?  Tera Patrick’s new clothing like will be called Mistress Couture. I don’t know much else about it but if any news comes out regarding it, I will let you know.

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