Sasha Hollander Makes Her Move

Up and coming porn starlet Sasha Hollander who was previously represented by Type 9 Models, seems to have made a big career move and is now represented by Gold Star New York.  Making the move over to Gold Star Modeling from her former home of Type 9 models seems to have agreed with Sasha Hollander as she seems to be pulling away from the likes of Pamela Peaks, who seems to previously had control of Sasha’s official website.  Under the control of Pamela Peaks the website focused more on escorting and “private shows” instead of her budding career as a porn star.

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By the design of the old site you could tell that Pamela Peaks seemed to be more interested in pimping out the young Sasha Hollander for what they were calling “half hour sessions”.   The Sasha Hollander website is now “under construction” and I’m told the new version will be cleaned up, more professional looking and most importantly not promote illegal activities such as escorting.

Under her work with Gold Star we also get a much nicer set of photos of Sasha Hollander.  Her profile page tells us that she is not only being booked out of their NY office but that she’s now living there as well.  She is pretty much open to any type of scene – g/g, blow job, something called a blow bang (a blow jog gang bang maybe?), foot job, hand jobs, normal boy / girl stuff, fetish shoots and more.

Sasha Hollander has been in a handful of DVDs including Perverted, Miso Ghetto, and Candy Shop’s Afro Invasian 6.

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