He said She said in Madelyn Night’s Death

madelyn_knightIs Porn Star Madelyn Knight Dead or Alive? You Decide …. Here is a summary of all the Madelyn Night (also known as Madelyn Knight) events we know that ………..

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Someone claiming to be Madelyn Night’s cousin claims she has passed away in February of 2008 during childbirth. Specifically the cousin claims Madelyn Night died on February 5, 2008 and that her death certificate is still pending until final autopsy. He goes on to say that she died after having her 4th child (a baby girl). She died on the operating room and had uncontrolled bleeding.

Pamela Peaks claims that Madelyn Night is very much alive and is escorting in New York and that she spoke to her last Tuesday and that anyone claiming she is dead is only trying to harm her and her career. Pamela Peaks stands by the fact that Madelyn Knight is not dead. For those who don’t know who the world famous Pamela Peaks is they should visit her website at PamelaPeaks.com. Here is her photo from the front page of her official website.

The cousin claims that the ex-husband and his girlfriend (Martin Fish and Jordan Lee) stole Madelyn Night’s identity and setup an illegal escorting company in her name and even hired porn star look a likes to pose as porn star escorts, including a girl who could have been Jenna Jameson’s twin sister.

The cousin also claims that Martin Fish and his girlfriend Jordan Lee took the identity theft a step further and filed a federal trademark for Madelyn Night and continued to use it and profit from this fraud for years.

Pamela Peaks claims to have spoken with Madelyn Night just two weeks ago.

The cousin claims that is impossible as Madelyn Night died last February.

The IAFD says she was born June 20, 1972.

The cousin claims her real name was Kimberly Rumble and that she was born on May 20, 1975.

The IMBD says she was born on June 20, 1972 in New York, NY as Lottie Rumble.

Just to avoid any confusion we should point out that Martin Fish is the father of Madelyn Night’s children (or at least the first few) and Jordan Lee was Martin Fish’s girlfriend. Jordan Lee was at one time a police officer in Dallas Texas and apparently has done some x rated movies and apparently now goes by the name of Gloria Fish now. There is an interesting article in the Dallas News about Jordan Lee (from 1999) that proves she has a long history of fraud and mental instability so there very well could be something to that part of the story.

In the article it says … Jerry grew distraught over the loss of his son and was willing to do whatever it took to get him back. He schmoozed up the owner of the Manhattan escort service, Lottie Rumble, herself a porn star, whose boyfriend of seven years, Martin Fish, was now spending quality time with Samantha and Zach. Rumble wrote a letter detailing how she observed Samantha and Fish smoking crack and how Rumble had to take a crack pipe out of little Zach’s hand when he used it as a toy.

Beginning in March 1997, she would spend several days every month in New York, Kastler says, working for a high-dollar Manhattan escort service run by Lottie Rumble. “I didn’t have a problem with it,” Kastler recalls. “She was making three times what she did filming. She had the name to do it.” It was there that she became sexually involved with Martin Fish, Rumble’s boyfriend of seven years.

By late September, Jerry Kastler had gained the trust of Lottie Rumble, who told him that Samantha had run off with Fish. She caught them smoking crack together; she also had to take a crack pipe away from Zach when he was left unattended. Kastler asked her to put it all in a letter. It might help with the criminal charges he would be filing against her for child concealment and give him more ammunition for the custody battle he knew lay ahead.

In 1996 Madelyn Night was arrested under the name Lottie Rumble, not Kimberly Rumble for Lewd Conduct. As all strippers know, you can have any stage name you want but when you get busted for lewd conduct and they arrest your ass, they use your real name, the one on your driver’s license and when the police came knocking on this door they booked Madelyn Knight as Lottie Rumble on suspicion of misdemeanor lewd conduct.

Here is a picture Jeff Goodman had of Madelyn Night in his apartment from an interview Luke Ford did awhile ago. Jeff Goodman is also known as Sammy Grubman. He pioneered phone sex for Carl Ruderman in 1983 and edited many sex magazines. Anyway the point is, he too called her Lottie Rumble. Specifically he said Lottie Rumble aka Madelyne Knight in my 12th Street apartment about 1996.

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  1. Was Pamela Peaks born a woman?

    Madelyn Knight was absolutely georgeous when she first started in porn. She hit the wall fast (and hard).

    I think she is still alive as well.

    WEHT Jordan Lee? Is she in jail or what?

  2. I knew Madelyn Knight in 1992 in New York City when she was working as an escort for Mellisa Monet. Mellissa Monet ran an escort service in NYC that traded girls with Heidi Fleisch, and vice versa. Madelyn Knight has stated in various that she never worked as escort, never ran an agency, never had a rottweiller. All of this was lies. I personally new her, her boyfriend Martin, her madam Mellissa Monet. Mellissa Monet was the person responsible for Madelyn Knight entering into the Porn biz. Mellissa Monet sold her escort book and moved to Hawaii. After going broke from spending all of the money from the sale of her escort book of numbers she moved to Los Angeles in a last ditch effort to try to scratch out a living in the porn Biz. At the same time, Madelyn Knight was trying to scratch out a living in escort biz, which wasn’t paying the bills. Mellissa Monet called her and told her about the porn biz and said she would introduce her to the directors, companies, and agents she kwew. Next thing you know, the dead as fish in bed Madelyn Knight is a Vivid contract girl. Mellissa Monet and myself where shocked as we both knew that Madelyn Kight did not like sex at all. The one thing I have read that she did not lie about was that she did like S&M. She did have quite a few clients when she was escorting for Mellissa Monet in NYC that specifically hired her for her S&M skills.

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