Briana Banks is the new Jenna Jameson?

I was looking at a picture of Briana Banks from her movie Aftermath and I realized how much she really is like Jenna Jameson. Briana Banks first came into my radar with her movie, which oddly enough co-starred Jenna Jameson called Briana Loves Jenna. However at the time I didn’t notice how much they are really alike. But I want you to take a closer look. First we have a picture of Jenna Jameson from the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo which she showed up to give her infamous fuck you adult industry speech at the AVN Awards.

Now here is the picture of Briana Banks from her movie Aftermath. I think you should compare their legs. It’s fucking scary how skinny both of these bitches really are.

Briana Banks

Let’s compare what the two girls have in common. Both are blonde with large, enhanced breasts. Both have done mainstream projects. Jenna Jameson’s face is always in the news lately and Briana Banks used to be a model. I think I read once that she was on the cover of Teen Magazine once. Both have ex husbands from the industry that they’ve worked with extensively for years; Jenna Jameson with Jay Grdina and Briana Banks with Bobby Vitale.

Unlike Tera Patrick who works hard at being famous, neither Jenna Jameson or Briana Banks really put forth much effort on their own to PUSH being famous. They both had a few lucky breaks and work hard but they don’t shove their names down your throat every fucking two seconds like some people, trying to remind you that they are famous.

And most importantly, both Jenna Jameson and Briana Banks have legs that are to fucking skinny. In fact, one begins to wonder how the fuck either of them can even stand up on those little fucking toothpicks. I don’t normally like to comment on some chicks weight but jesus fucking christ, eat a fucking hamburger already. Seriously.

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