Madelyn Night Dead or Alive?

madelyn-knightIn continuation of the Madelyn Night drama from a week or two ago, our secret source (you know the long lost cousin) has this to say about Pamela Peaks who claims that not only is Madelyn Night alive, she seen her in New York.

Madelyn Night never mentioned a Pamela Peaks and maybe she’s talking about someone claiming to be Madelyn Night. But she has not lived in NYC for over 7 years and her last photo shoot was in 2005 with Warren Tang and she stayed in NYC for only 3 days before returning home to Tampa, Florida. Madelyn hadn’t spoken to anyone in the adult industry since she left and was just recently talking to a couple of the large movie companies to do 1 last movie for her fans and still looked good and in shape (if you look at her pics in Legshow 2005, March edition). Madelyn would have definitely told me that she was talking to a Pamela Peaks. We were very much alike and even mistaken for twins, since our mothers were. I don’t think Pamela was talking to Madelyn, since she died almost 3months ago; that would be a true miracle.
I don’t know what to make of this one. Is Madelyn Night dead? Is there really some creepy chick out there pretending to be here? Or is this all just a lie and some story made up in someone’s head. When I contacted this person last week to tell him that highly disputed his claim of Madelyn Night (aka Madelyn Knight) being dead and that the date of birth she gave didn’t match with any other published source, this is his response …….
Her real name was KImberly Rumble and she lived in Florida and she was half white and half -Mexican. She last went to AVN in 2004 and never had tatoos, because she was terrified of needles. She was born in 1975, May 20th. Our mothers were twins and we were one month apart. She was not close with anyone on her father’s side, they live in Ohio (a small town). She always wanted to be a veterinarian, but actually enjoyed the modeling. As her cousin i wouldn’t be prive to that info unless it was true. She also actually spoke 4 languages fluently. I will miss her especially since we were very close and was in the works of doing 1 final big movie before retiring and doing a few photoshoots with Legshow and Penthouse.
Is this an ex-boyfriend gone mad? Perhaps a crazed fan? Or is there truth to this rumor that in fact Madelyn Night (aka Madelyn Knight) really has passed on and this is the work of a loving member of her family trying in vein to get word out to her fans?

Pamela Peaks was wondering if there was more than one Madelyn Knight because the Knight she talked to certainly. was alive. Pamela Peaks also claims however the Madelyn Knight is hooking (escorting whatever you want to call it) through the Body Miracle site. Maybe this was the lookalike that this cousin speaks of? Click here to view the Madelyn night escort profile. I noticed that all of the photos they are using are more than 10 or 15 years old. Interesting that they wouldn’t have so much as one recent one? I don’t know what the truth is but I do know that I’ll keep digging and let you know what I find out.

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