First MySpace, now Facebook

As I reported earlier last week, MySpace kept up with their promise to stop all outgoing adult links and now anytime some porn star says something like visit my website, click here, the link is dead. Instead of going to the website you are trying to visit from Myspace you instead get sent to a warning page that says things like …

You have reached a link that is no longer in service. That means the link was very naughty, and, much like head lice, had to be eliminated before it spread.

So as Myspace is comparing porn to head lice that they must stop before it spreads, many adult porn stars were thinking of making the move to Facebook. But they can now ditch that idea as Facebook has now decided to make a similar move. In a recent article found on XBIZ we find that …

Facebook will now maintain a list of porngraphic websites and remove all links to such sites.

Interesting to say the least. For now smart porn stars and pornographers are using graphics (without actual href links) to give out their website address as they find that most porn surfers are smart enough to know how to type in things like in their web browser. Although it may sound like a smart alternative, there is still the risk of having those profiles deleted for violating their high and mighty terms of service.

Is this the beginning of the end for porn and social networking?

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