May Madelyn Night R.I.P.

I got a very interesting email yesterday that quite a few people may be interested in. It turns out that ’90s porn legend Madelyn Night (who some of you may remember as Madelyn Knight) passed on in February. While reading this story I want you to keep in mind there are always three or four sides to every story … her story, his story, the story he tells people, the story she tells people and somewhere in the middle there may be an ounce of truth. What’s important to note is that a person died and left behind four children, one of which is a newborn infant who will never know their mother. I would like you to also keep in mind this letter was written by a member of her family who no doubt wants to remember the good things about her. Although in his later he accused one person of being a pig and another of the very serious crime of identity theft, which by the way is a very serious crime, we should try and remember it does nobody any good to trash the dead. It’s tacky because they are the one person who can’t defend themselves.
madelyn-nightI was Madelyn Night’s cousin and would like to submit news about her. Madelyn died almost 2 months ago after having her 4th child (a baby girl). She died on the operating room and had uncontrolled bleeding. She was only 32.

Madelyn Night was born Kimberly Rumble on May 20, 1975 and died February 5, 2008. Her death certificate is still pending until final autopsy. I have heard many false statements about her and would like to clear a lot of them.

First, she was never a call girl, hooker or whatever people call it these days. Her ex, Martin Fish, and his girlfriend Jordan Lee stole money from Madelyn and left her to raise 3 wonderful children by herself. When she found out she was pregnant with her first child, she stopped doing movies and did only some magazine work. She earned her Masters in marketing at Florida State, under her real name Kimberly Rumble and lived in Florida since 1999, with her children from her ex, Martin Fish.

Martin Fish and Jordan Lee stole her Social Security Number and her ID and had set up their own escort service, that Madelyn Night was not aware of, until someone informed her. They also used women that closely resembled Madelyn in order to boost their selling aspect, that they had all the adult stars (even Jenna Jameson, which they did have a girl that could have been her doppleganger) and adult magazine models. They trademarked Madelyn Night’s name and used it in the most macule ways.

To Madelyn Night’s friends and family, she worked hard and managed to buy a home and stay out of the gossip that plagues the adult industry and never mentioned things like the fact that she was forced to have sex with Steve Hirsch after she had signed with Vivid (that is why she did not re-sign). She’d tell me how he oinked like a pig, the few times that they did have sex and he would give her “bonuses” after their encounters and it made her feel horrible.

I would like her fans to remember her as the beautiful girl, inside and out, and that she was happiest with her children and doing photo shoots and still being able to be a “soccer mom”. I hope her fans can say a little prayer and know that she will be terribly missed.

Interesting side note … notice in this letter he says she was born Kimberly Rumble on May 20, 1975. This data doesn’t seem to match any of the other available data found on Madelyn Night. Hmmm ….. But then again who the fuck doesn’t lie about their age in this business? Either way I’ll keep you updated on what I find out about this story.

It seems that the fine folks over at Adult FYI, have also noticed some oddities about this little letter I got and contacted one of Madelyn Night’s friends, the one and only Pamela Peaks who states “right now she’s in NYC – she’s alive,”

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