Some Things Never Change

The other day I was reading a tweet by an affiliate having a laugh at the person put in charge of the Digital Playground affiliate program. Some of the tweets were things like … guess we know one thing Manwin isn’t spending their money on and that’s training their new employees.  But apparently another thing Manwin doesn’t spend their money on is paying the production crew for their movies.

So beware before you accept work from Digital Playground … GET CASH UP FRONT!


Some Things Never Change, Scott Justice Running Things At Digital Playground [source]

This is from a reader with some background tossed in by me.

It seems that Manwin’s first major DP feature, a “parody” on Act of Valor, has ended up with a lot of the crew (not sure about talent) not being paid what they were owed. They are in the third-fourth week of payments being delinquent for locations and crew and the production wasn’t on a “payroll company” system like Wicked usually is.

The feature was directed by Robbie D, in conjunction with Mark Kramer “putting the production together.” Word is also that Scott Justice (formerly Sin City) is “running things” at DP now.

Imagine that….Scott was the guy that bailed Jules Jordan for Manwin and took Half of the company with him. But Scott has a long history in porn.  When he left Sin City as General Manager he too to contacting girls on onemodelplace representing himself as the “Owner of High Society Magazine” and trying to set up “auditions” with them. See this post Scott is a long time scumbag in the adult industry, figures he would end up with Manwin…birds of a feather and all.

Another Reader wrote of Justice when he joined Jules Jordan, yet another scumbag:

Doesn’t anyone else find it amusing that Jules Jordan hired Scott Justice to run his company? Jules has a reputation of having his eye on every nickel that flows in and out of his office, and agonizing over every detail. Scott’s reputation is that of the person who plundered hundreds of thousands of dollars out of Sin City. Everyone knew he skimmed every budget before it made it to the director’s hand. How long til Jules catches Scott with his hand in the cookie jar?

And as a side note — rumor is that the feature ran $50k over the $300k allotted budget. What the fuck is it with budgets running over by tens of thousands of dollars recently, yet no one appears to be getting paid? I thought that shit had stopped when Bryn Prior left the industry.

As for APHSS….I wrote the entire APISS thing off as another FSC shakedown attempt (similar to the 2257 “protection money racket” of 2007/08)

So, anyone been able to link Fabian to collusion with Weinstein at AHF yet? Is it purely a coincidence that Derrick Burts became an AHF poster boy, after he allegedly contracted HIV during a shoot with a “condom only” Manwin owned gay production arm in Florida, and now Fabian is all up into the business of talent testing?

More on Fabian and Talent Testing coming later.

Beware of known theives bearing gifts

Mike South recently posted an article about the APHSS and this so called special refund that Manwin is offering.  He warns of what this refund could really cost you and possibly even your family.

Just remember that nothing is free in this world and this so called refund you get for testing could really turn out to be a huge nightmare for you, your neighbors and your family.

Why You Don’t Want To Be In APHSS

I know what I am talking about here, remember pornwikileaks?  I’m sure that most of you do remember it.  The problem is you may not remember it correctly, allow me to refresh your memory.  Did pornwikileaks have your medical data from AIM in it?  In case you forgot, it didn’t.

It did have data from AIM that was compromised but the damaging data they got from that database was your real name, nothing else was as damaging.  With that they found you on facebook, or myspace or twitter they found your family, your friends they got a lot of it wrong and they made up even more but the one thing you all wanted removed, was your real name.

Now Diane Duke will tell you that the APHSS Database will contain nothing but your name and your availability to work.  The FSC will not know how you tested. If that is true then how will they know what to do in the event of a positive or God forbid an outbreak?  The database serves no real purpose.  In a recent meeting Diane pointed out how important it is that you actually check your partners test, that you shouldn’t rely on the database or anyone else to do that for you.

OK so the APHSS database contains your real name and your availability to work.  It can’t be depended on to insure that your test is current and it can’t help in the event of an outbreak of anything.  What IS it for?

Why would you risk putting your real name out there for essentially nothing?  Why would you entrust that information to, of all people, the FSC?  Honestly if that information got into the hands of another Donny Long how long do you think it would take to find your porn name with your real name and start that nightmare over again?

From what I hear most of you trust talent Testing and you like them.  that’s a good thing, you should stick with them like they have stuck with you, but tell them you do not want your information in APHSS.  View the tests yourself and don’t spread your personal information around, particularly to people who have no need for it.

APHSS is a bad mistake waiting to happen and the people who took down pornwikileaks wont be there to do it again.

Exercise your right to say NO…..It isn’t worth the 50 bucks a month you may or may not get back from the FSC.

We can’t be right all the time, right Mike?

Mike South posted a story on his site the other day which claims Manwin owned DP as long ago as September 2010 stating DCMA information as evidence but that actually isn’t the case at all.  He forgets that long before Manwin bought DP, they took over running their websites and that is why you see Manwin related texts dating back to September 2010 in association with Digital Playground.  [source]

Digital Playground Owned By Manwin As Far Back As Sep 2010

By MikeSouth – May 10th, 2012

Look at this dmca notice I found, note the dates:  Fabian claimed he never had anything to do with DP until Dec of 11  Totally not true…

Declaration of Assignment of Copyright Protection Agent


A Multimedia Copyright Protection Company

Hereby I Fabian Thylmann on behalf of Froytal Services Ltd. the main copyright holder for the contents produced under the following brand titles:

distributed via……….The respective Websites via the designated member area…open to age verified paying customers ……declare Degban Ltd as the Copyright Protection Agent to protect contents produced under the brands..Indicated above. by.Froytal Services Ltd.
This assignment gives Degban Ltd. the power and permission to execute legally permissible actions against any person or entity that is:

  • Infringing the copyrights in regards to aforementioned brand.
  • Is assisting in infringement of copyright in regards to aforementioned brand.
  • Misusing the brand or products of aforementioned brand and copyright holders generally or in regards to the terms of service and sale.

These actions include but are not limited to contacting concerned legal bodies or private and public entities involved and concerned. This assignment allows Degban Ltd. to communicate such concerns with involved or suspected persons or entities. This assignment is valid parallel to the validity of the contract between Degban Ltd and … Froytal Services Ltd. This assignment does not grant right or shift the responsibility of seeking judgment against suspected persons by Degban Ltd. from a court of law.

Signature of Copyright holder or authorized representative:
Name: …. Fabian Thylmann…..
Company: ……. Froytal Services Ltd….
c/o Webexpansions Cyprus Ltd
Kermia Building
4 Diagorou Street, Office 204
Nicosia, Cyprus 1097
Telephone: +35722662320
DATE: 24/September/2010

Suite 12412, Second Floor, 145-157 St John Street, London EC1V 4PY United Kingdom
Phone: +44 02031298795
Fax : +44 02033573100

How Big Of A Deal Is The Condom Ordinance Really?

Mike South had a very interesting article today on his site that I wanted to share with all of you.  [source]

How Big Of A Deal Is The Condom Ordinance Really

As I look through the current AVN Magazine I notice that of the top 50 sales and rentals one company dominates.  Wicked Pictures.

Wicked even had the number one selling and renting title in the country and it’s an all condom company.  This leads me to think that at least at the high end, the whole condom thing isn’t even an issue in terms of revenues.  I can see where it might effect sales of the basic all sex videos but those are getting hit hard anyway. one guy even wrote to me and in his email he stated that he was a long time fan of porn but that the proliferation of violence and “consensual” rape scenes had more of an effect on his quitting porn than condoms would have.

I hear that a lot actually, even today theres a thread on GFY about it:

Mr Peabody Writes:

Living a life of a pornmeister I, like most of you, “get to” (oh joy) watch seemingly endless hours of raw, nasty fucking. WooHoo! Except….well, I see some of the same shit over and over again that I CANNOT STAND TO LOOK AT ANYMORE so was just wondering if others felt the same way about some of these:

* Bald guys fucking. i do NOT want to watch some Nazi skinhead gym/roid fag pound some girl as she pretends to just “love it”.

* Cumshots on the face. I know, how can someone complain about “the money shot”? Well, the girl usually jumps off the stunt dick so quick to “get in position” that it looks fucking ridiculous. Besides, some of these dudes need to jack it forever just to cum, after endlessly fucking like a machine. So isn’t he just masturbatingon a chick? Ridiculous.

* Green couch sex. (Okay, ANY “bright colored” couch). The scene starts, we see a damn UGLY green couch, and boring mechanical sex. PLEASE get some new sets.

* Slapping, punching, choking, violent sex. I consider these scenes, where the guy is basically abusing the girl, ‘consensual rape scenes’ and I find them disgusting. Most ‘adult performers’ need to get angry (and/or drugged up) just to do these kins of scenes and, again, they make me sick.

* Let’s see how many dicks we can fuck. Line ’em up, fuck the shit out of a girl…again, looks like consensual gang rape to me. And all those guys, dicks out, waiting to be serviced is totally gay to me.

* DP – c’mon people. This is ‘freak sex’. Let’s see how many cocks (or objects) we can stuff inside some holes. Gross. And guys: you basically have another dude’s cock right next to yours or some dude laying on top of you. Gay.

* European anal sex. It’s so common it’s uninteresting. The same European/Russian girls moaning robotically as they take a giant cock up their poopster. These girls don’t even know they’re being fucked half the time as their minds just ‘check out’ (Czech out? hehe) and I find the sex boring as fuck.

* Facial abuse. When i get a blowjob I want to feel it, enjoy it – not ram my cock down some poor girl’s mouth til she cries, gags, bleeds and God knows what else. Again, consensual rape and it’s disgusting.

* Casting couch scenes. Either there’s an endless supply of gullible dumb-ass whores out there (okay, probably) or people can be entertained by the same repetive shit forever. Watching the same boring “audition sex” on a fucking black leather couch, over and over again, is amazingly boring.

* Girls waving good-bye after a scene. Okay, we’ve just used and abused you as a sperm dumpster for twenty minutes, every hole is stretched out and you probably want be able to walk for a couple days, and there’s a gallon of cum dripping down your face, and you were just hit, choked, gagged and called a ‘fucking worthless whore’, so smile and wave to the camera! Hi Dad!

Out of 45 responses to the thread only 4 disagreed with an part of it. the consensus being that porn, from a fans perspective, has just gotten too formulaic, too acted, and has no connection to reality.

As one fan put it: “yes porn is about fantasy, but it has to be a part of that fantasy that I feel like a guy like me has a shot at that girl.”

A Call to Unite the Industry Against .XXX

Mike South is calling out the industry and saying Lets Get Together On .XXX

[source] There has been some issues regarding XBiz and support of .xxx on their part and maybe they helped and maybe they didn’t and ASACP was all for it and now they are all against it and so on.

XBiz has asked me to be either a speaker or on a panel at the XBiz Summit in Miami and I am inclined to accept, whatever the past is XBiz is clearly no longer supporting .xxx.  They refuse to take ads from them as do I. If XBiz and I can help to educate and make positive changes in this industry I welcome that opportunity.

My proposal is that we all step it up, we never wanted .XXX and we can rid our industry of this scourge. here are some ideas that hopefully we can all agree to implement.  I agree to do so.

  1. Do not buy any .XXX domains and don’t pay to reserve them. .XXX is already falling rapidly in terms of use, most of the registrations were defensive, but remember Stuart Lawley makes a lot of money on those defensive registrations.
  2. Do not accept any advertising for anything .xxx, this includes websites, domain registrars etc
  3. If you are an adult site, do not allow any affiliates to use a .xxx domain (Manwin has implemented this one already, as have I.) Doing so immediately closes your account and forfeits any money you may have coming.
  4. Do not run a press release or any positive article about .xxx or anyone affiliated with .xxx.  Sorry Stormy Daniels and Nina Mercedez you sold us out, if you fuck up I will gladly point it out, If you win an academy award for your latest movie, my readers won’t read about it. Same for you Shafta and your stupid fucking awards.
  5. Your company will terminate any business relationship with anyone be paid to support .xxx.  In other words Nina and Stormy you are dead to us.
  6. If you are a fan and you support this industry, don’t patronize any .xxx site ever.

Plain and simple, for once lets all stand together and rid ourselves of a scourge on our industry.

Here at we join the cause and say ……

  • We will not buy a .XXX domain name.
  • We will not accept any advertising from any .XXX websites.
  • We will not run press releases for any .XXX website.

AVN Award Bitterness

I don’t understand some people.  When the AVN award nominations were announced there were a flood of messages from porn stars thanking AVN for the recognition.  Then there was a few messages from a producer with obvious tones of bitterness.

He’s been directing lower budget gonzo movies for a particular studio for about 6 years now.  While it is true he has over 200 directorial credits to his name, this is porn and that isn’t really saying much.    They are all for the same low budget type movies such as Fuck My Big Gaping Ass Hole volume 316.  Beyond that he hasn’t really contributed that much to the betterment of the industry.   Yet he felt slighted for not being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame this year.  I can see if maybe he had directed some big budget features or did something, anything that contributed to the betterment of the industry but he hadn’t.  So yes, it annoyed me a lot about this guy and how some people have such a feeling of entitlement in this business.

Later that day my attention was drawn to a tweet by another person with the scent of bitterness.  She was complaining how her “fans” wouldn’t get the joy of seeing her at the AVN show this year in Vegas because nobody had bothered to hire her for the entire year last year.  She would ramble on a bit about how she is sorry to for her fans that wouldn’t get to see her at the awards show this year but maybe next year.  I’m sorry but if you can’t get a single booking in an entire year, you might perhaps want to seriously consider a career change.  Obviously this business isn’t for you.

Then today we had the post by Mike South who felt slighted for his lack of award nominations or to be blunt, because AVN didn’t see fit to induct him into the AVN Hall of Fame.  While it is true Mike South’s efforts in getting PWL taken down were an important contribution to the betterment of the industry ….. is that ONE effort, really worth a Hall of Fame entry?

I mean come on.  What else have you done?  IAFD shows he has less than 30 directorial credits to his name.  That’s not exactly ground breaking.  I think the little fuck who used to get me coffee has more than that now with his first month in the business.

So he’s been around a long time.  This is true.  About 17 years.  But in that time what has he specifically done for the betterment of the industry or that was so ground breaking?  He posts on a blog and often refers to other blogs as “lessor” despite the fact that the 4 he calls that have 2 and 3 times more traffic than his own.

He doesn’t live in porn valley or ever attend any porn related events.  At least not that I’ve heard of.  I read his blog quite often and over the years have yet to see any actual talk of him doing anything for the industry other than his rants on a blog.  While that’s all well and good, how does that actually entitle him to an induction in the AVN Hall of Fame?

He can lay claim to managing Kayden Kross.  That is something but then again about 900 suitcase pimps that are currently active in the business use that same argument to justify their own existence.

So not to be a dick, but really what the fuck makes you people think you are so God damn special that YOU deserve to be in the hall of fame?

Not just Mike South, who out of the three people I spoke about at least can say he picked a fight with Donny Long and got the fucking stupid site taken down.  But seriously people, why do you think so fucking highly of yourself?  GET OVER IT.   YOU AREN’T THAT FUCKING SPECIAL.

You made a few low budget fuck flicks.  That doesn’t make you worthy of a hall of fame induction.  It just means you did the exact same thing 4,000 other guys did.  You aren’t special for it.

So let me tell you all a little secret.




No seriously.  You really aren’t.



Something in their air in blogdom?

What’s going on in pornville lately with industry blogs?  Some haven’t had updates in months, others are having a lot of technical issues.  Case in point, if you head over to our friends at Lukeisback, you notice their site has been up and down a lot this past month.  In fact, for the last 48 hours you can’t get to it at all.  Cindi forwarded the domain name to one of her other sites and posted this message to her fans …

If you’ve been having problems seeing or logging on to, it’s because I am having server issues, with just about no help, but lots of expense from my sucky hosting company VERIO!  My advice is don’t use them for anything! is on a different carrier, so there are no problems here. Please check this out and enjoy!  LIB should be back up for good tomorrow afternoon and you’ll be able to post comments again. There may still be some issues with the last few days stories, but I’ll try to get them back up right away.

But Cindi isn’t the only one with problems.  Been to Mike South’s site lately?  If you do you might find your virus checker going mad.  Turns out he’s the victim of a page injection hack and those with standard settings on their browser can’t reach the site at all.  Instead what they get is a warning message to turn around and run the other way.

Think we all need some boobie time!  So enjoy this picture of some Devon boobies because well … Devon always seems to put a smile on my face so maybe she will do the same for you.


More on the Bibi Jones Bullshit

Adult Cybermart ran a story today about Bibi Jones quoting this person who still claims he isn’t BiBi Jones using a fake name.  Now you may recall that previous he claimed to be a business professional, marketing guru and legal expert.  Well now apparently he is a webmaster as well and claims that a few thousands members would line up to pay money for her website and that she would be making $60,000 to $70,000 a month.

No seriously.  He really said that.

“If she attracted a few thousand members who’d pay $19.95 a month, that sounds like $60K or $70K a month? Basically that’s the deal. I don’t see how she loses either way. “I’m not some retard falling off the bus,” MFOB assures me.  

“But I’m here to protect her interests. You can be sure any bullies, any swine, any hustlers, anything that tries to get in her way will be met with attack.”

Every time this guy opens his mouth he shows how little he really knows about the business.  If she could really make $60k to $70k a month then by all means she needs to get on it.  However as I have 15 years experience in that specific thing and I can tell you, she won’t make more than $2,000.  I’ve seen her numbers she just doesn’t have that many fans.

As far as Jesse Jane goes, the story on Mike South today pretty much says it best …

Jesse Jane: One of the few proven commodities in Porn. Name anyone who’s been as consistent both on camera and off as Jesse. On camera, she’s pretty much followed the dream scenario of a successful porn career. Always leave them wanting more. Off,  She’s one of the most liked performers by the media, always positive, no attitude,  A total pro.  The Perfect face for Digital Playground.

Of course the best part of that story on Mike South was about Bibi Jones.  “Is this the new age Digital Playground contract star? Pick up random untested strangers, have un protected Sex anywhere, anytime, go back to work, spread the love?


New FSC Talent Testing Prices Leaked

If what Mike South is saying is true, the newly formed FSC testing center will be significantly more expensive.  Here is what he says ……

Prices for FSC Testing Leaked By MikeSouth – From an insider


The pricing has been set for the FSC APHSS it will be as follows:

$150 per test

$50 a year per performer

$250 a month per producer

150 a test?  SERIOUSLY?  Theres a fail for you.

50.00 a year dues for performers and 250.00 for producers?  What have you done to even consider asking for this money?

Talent testing is way cheaper for the same tests with the same database, why would anyone pay more and have to join a union to do it?

Who is dreaming up this cock-a-maimy stuff?


The Red Scare is Among Us Thanks to PornWikiLeaks

Yesterday Mike South said he had intel of more names of people involved in the porn wikileaks site.  This time he named Jack Vegas, Donny Long, Keith O’Conner, and Joe LiBrandi.  While he didn’t provide any proof, nor hint at who his sources were or even if they had any proof, he named names anyway.

This is like the good ole days of the RED SCARE.  Name your enemies before they name you.  Proof of validity of your statements be damned!

I have it from an impeccable source that Jack Vegas is one of the guys leaking info to Donny Long. I have heard other names as well but this one is checking out. Might at the very least wanna have him explain before you hire him again. I’m also getting good intel that Keith O’Conner, former owner of is involved in PWL along with Joseph LiBrandi and Donald Carlos Seoane

The same day Keith O’Connor responded to Mike South with an interesting twist, he basically said that now that he is aware of the site he doesn’t like it and he would be willing to put his money where his mouth is and pay the person who reveals the real people behind the site a $5,000 bounty.

So here is your chance to cash in with $5,000 bucks.  Just reveal who is really behind PWL and you get the money.

Earlier today Jack Vegas responded, this time speaking with Gene Ross over at Adult FYI.

Porn Valley – I talked to Jack Vegas Thursday night.  In the Mike South pick-a-Wiki sweepstakes, Vegas is now being fingered by some “impeccable source” as the latest culprit behind Porn WikiLeaks.  But, just to make sure he’s got his bases covered, South’s also tagging Keith O’Connor as another co-brains behind Donny Long’s operation.  South’s also been of the opinion that Joe Brandi’s another mastermind behind Porn WikiLeaks. The fact that Brandi has categorically denied such accusations doesn’t prevent South from using the blind man with a Remington 870 Pump Shotgun approach. I.E., you’re bound to hit a target if you keep coming up with names.

Fact remains, South’s yet to offer proof of any of the allegations.

Vegas says he’s had issues with a certain male talent who’s apparently South’s “impeccable source”.  “He thinks I fucked him over a couple of days ago. It’s been real petty bullshit. This guy is planning on leaving Los Angeles, and he’s been putting out all kinds of crazy rhetoric,” says Vegas.

Vegas gives me the probable source’s name, and I’ll keep it out of this article for the time being.  “He’s [the source] real bitter and he’s been putting the story out there,” says Vegas noting that his girlfriend has been the subject of Wiki-scrutiny as well as good friends Dick Chibbles and Tommy Gunn.

“All of a sudden this story about Wiki leaks shows up,” says Vegas.  “Now there’s people on Twitter looking for my head on a stick as a result of the Mike South story.”

Vegas says he’s contacted the guy he suspects as being South’s informant.  “He won’t answer the phone.” Vegas makes a very good point. In the six years that he’s been involved in the business he’s never had a negative thing written about him. Which re-emphasizes my point. The person or persons involved in WikiLeaks harbors a grudge against the business.  Vegas has always struck me as a stand-up guy and has always worked at getting along.

I also go back many years with Keith O’Connor. True, O’Connor’s very capable of masterminding an operation like PornWikiLeaks and he’s taken his lumps in some of the porn forums like on other issues.  O’Connor’s a true computer savant and knows how to make a ton of money creating websites and using that knowledge. O’Connor was my webmaster when I had, but I know him from way before that.

Keith’s very knowledgeable about the industry and ran Defiance Films and was also a key man over at Metro for a time. Keith married Taylor Rain and had a kid with her. I assume they’re still together though I haven’t talked to him in awhile.  But Keith’s always been very supportive of my efforts and was a long time advertiser on AdultFYI.  Yes, Keith also loves to gossip it up about the business and stir the pot, but not in a harmful way as to damage people.

Regarding Vegas, none of South’s conjecture makes sense. And Vegas is telling me because of South’s article he’s already lost employment.  “One of the directors goes, ‘what the hell is this story with Jack Vegas leaking on WikiLeaks? Don’t book him no more.’”  Vegas says the story has damaged his reputation with a few other people as well and he’s contacted a lawyer.

I was going to leave the story there but then something interesting happened to me this morning.  I was on the phone with my grandmother, and we were joking around about something and she said “thou does protest to much” and it hit me.  Why didn’t we see this before?

There is a person out there who despite claiming to have found God and retired from porn, still actively visits and posts on any porn related website that she can find.  This same person invokes the name of God and then says in his name people should go to hell.  Who does that?

But what is most interesting is this person knowingly and admittedly participated in the porn wiki leaks website.  This same person also has publicly released the real life name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and other related information about someone in our industry.  Actually most recently she has been giving out more than few names and personal information on people in our industry.

During the past who weeks, anyone who has actually attempted to help in regards to the PWL website, she has attacked and verbally abused and in one case even making real life threats to them.

And that’s when it hit me — she proclaims so much, so loudly that she isn’t associated with the PWL website, but it’s like she does it to much.  So much that it seems as if she actually is the one with something to hide.

Could it be that Monica Foster really is the mastermind behind the porn wiki leaks website?  Or if not the master mind then perhaps a willing and active partner in crime?

I think there is more than enough evidence to support the possibility.

I’ll however let you draw your own conclusions.  There is enough people right now in the RED SCARE, I don’t want to add to it.