Just who is Jamie Profit?

Last year some blogger was bullying yet someone else online and when that person threatened to sue him, he proudly proclaimed that @JamieProfit was representing him and that anyone who had any problem with him could take it up with his lawyer.

But just who is this Jamie Profit? Was he really even a lawyer?

He’s obviously a fan of the hate blog in  question as he had been re-tweeting their posts for awhile now. But just yesterday Jamie Profit posted on Mike South’s website stating ……………..

WOW. Good article and read. Keep up the good work Mike. You do have the best porn blog in the biz.

So apparently he had a following out with the owner of the other blog who he had previously claimed was the best blog ever.

Interesting, huh? Wonder why they would have a falling out?

Awhile ago Monica Foster even tweeted that @JamieProfit looked similar to a lawyer who was in fact working for Randazza Legal Group. Did they actually look alike?

Well they both wore glasses, so I guess they had that in common. But did Jamie Profit ever actually work for Randazza or is he even a lawyer at all?

I decided to give Randazza a call. Much to nobody’s surprise, they had never heard of this Jamie Profit nor ever had anyone with such a name working for them.

So the question is, who is Jamie Profit?

Turns out he’s just another online troll pretending who at one time pretending to be a lawyer to get some attention. Today who knows what scam he’s running but I can say for sure, he doesn’t work for Randazza Legal Group.



Article Writing Scam

Just a head’s up boys and girls …. two people have contacted me in the last twenty hours to ask about a service they have been offered. Basically some guy name David has been going around saying that for a certain fee he will write an article that will appear here on this site.

LukeFord.com does not now, nor have we ever worked with this person. Do not be fooled by whoever this guy is. If you pay him, your article will not appear on this site.


Woman Sues Porn Company After Unknowingly Giving Her Brother A Blowjob

Anonymous sex through a hole in the wall should be a risk-free endeavor, but leave it to sneaky porn producers to ruin one of America’s favorite pastimes.

When siblings and professional porn actors Madeline Madison and Chuck Tang reportedly booked a gig with Come-And-Go Productions titled “Milk Maids 2,” neither of them expected to run into each other on set.

While I am not familiar with the previous “Milk Maids” film, there seemed to be nothing about the original that suggested Madison would be unwittingly performing fellatio on Tang through a glory hole, which is perhaps why the actress was so willing.

In an interview, Madison allegedly claimed,

The producers wouldn’t let me meet the man I was sucking off beforehand, which I found odd, because normally we always meet and greet our scene partner. I like to make an emotional connection with my fellow actor before a scene. I even try to quickly fall in love with them, if I can, as it makes my job so much easier for me if I’m truly in love with the man I’m about ready to f*ck.

Despite the fact that there was supposedly no meet-and-fall-in-love for Madison on the set of “MM2,” the brother-lover insisted she had no idea the company would lead her unknowingly into an incestual scene.

She reportedly continued,

The company doesn’t show real incest with past titles, but with me and my little brother being known, they’ve now caught real incest on camera which will make them billions in Japan. The Japanese love incest.

Madison allegedly said this one day of work affected her entire existence, explaining,

I only got $100 dollars for my scene and I’m going to suffer a lifetime of emotional distress requiring costly psychological and psychiatric help. I’ve even lost my sobriety. I’m eventually gonna need to pay for rehab, in a couple years. I can’t even look my brother in the eye. My life is ruined.

According to Come-And-Go, Madison, who is seeking $3.2 million and a Corvette in the lawsuit she launched, was fully aware of the nature of the scene before agreeing to the job.

Director Jameel Mendoza supposedly insisted,

She’s a liar. [She] will do anything for money. We normally would have paid a third-rate talent like her $25 for a single glory hole scene, but we agreed to $100 because it was with her brother. Let’s not forget this is the same girl who allowed herself to be penetrated by the head of a dead Anaconda in Snake Hole. She has no moral standards.

As for Tang, he will not be jumping onboard the lawsuit train.

The actor reportedly said,

I feel bad Maddy’s so upset about this, but it doesn’t bother me. Just another blowjob. Hell, I’d probably f*ck her too if I could wear a blindfold. At the end of the day, pussy is pussy.

Well put, Chuck Tang. Family time is family time no matter how you slice it.

Source: Elite Daily

Update: This story although reported on a legitimate news site, turns out to be fake.  Total and complete made up bullshit.

All Bluebird Films Sites are Down due to lack of payment

For awhile now Bluebird Films has not been paying their bills.

“As many as four of my cheques are already in the “Pending” status. The employees of Bluebird Films whom I contacted earlier have stopped replying to my emails. Does anyone know how to reach them? When were the last pay-outs made? It would be a shame to put away all the traffic as the sites still sell well. I hope it’s just some kind of sad misunderstanding.”

“Bluebird not paying you? Get in line…the line starts about a mile back.  I don’t care who manages their sites….Bluebird has a well earned reputation for stiffing people on their money. Proceed with caution.”




“Bluebird has owned me thousands for over a year now. They keep making up bullshit excuses and even swore up and down that the check was in the mail three times now. Of course no check ever arrived. Lying pieces of shit.”

But now it seems they’ve not paid the wrong people and all of their websites have been taken offline.   It seems that when you don’t pay your CMS bill for more than 6 months your whole site goes poof.  Think that that big shots over at Bluebird Films would have figured that out.

blueblird films no payment

So just in case you didn’t get the message let me make it clear for you.

Bluebird Films does not pay their bills. Anyone who does any sort of business with them, does so at their own risk of not getting paid.


What’s a little felony fraud between friends, eh?

Have you ever looked up the word “authority”?  I did recently and it said …

“The word authority can be used to mean power given by the state (in the form of Members of Parliament, Judges, Police Officers, etc.) or by academic knowledge of an area (someone can be an authority on a subject).

In October of last year I pointed out that Wicked Pictures contract performer Jessica Drake have been attempting to pass herself off as a “sexual wellness expert” which in most states is a felony.

But clearly that didn’t drive the point home because just today I seen that Jessica Drake is not only still calling herself a sexual wellness authority but she has taken it a step further and plans to lead 3 sex education seminars in Arizona.

It is a felony for anyone to pretend to be a medical expert when they are not.  You can’t just going around saying you are a doctor when you aren’t or in this particular case without actually saying “doctor” they are instead implying expert or authoritative knowledge in this specific area of study which is usually attributed to those with a degree in psychology or related area of study.  So telling people you are an authority when you aren’t really can be a very big deal … perhaps even fraud and a felony.

I mean committing fraud by calling yourself that is one thing but to actually go forth with sex education seminars is a whole now can of worms.  What the fuck is Wicked Pictures thinking about participating in this fraud and sending out press release to promote it.  This makes them a part of the felony.  And yes I do mean actual felony as most states have laws against this very thing and it falls under felony fraud.

At the time I wrote the first story last October I looked into it before making this post just to make sure I’m not mistaken but as I suspected, it turns out Jessica Drake, who has been promoting herself as a “sexual wellness authority” doesn’t have a degree in that area of study or actually any degree at all from what I can find.

Some may ask, what does it matter if she is trying to pretend like she is something she isn’t?  Who does it really hurt?

Well it hurts those who are actually qualified to be an authority on sexual wellness.  For example Dr. Victoria Zdrok who actually has a PhD in Clinical Psychology who also happens to be a former Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet of the Year.  She also did a few adult movies as well.  But again she has a PhD and that makes her an actual AUTHORITY on sexual wellness.

There are porn stars who go on to do things like that with their lives.  But Jessica Drake didn’t.  She just gave herself that label.  She feels she is an authority so she decided to call herself that.

Apparently just having sex with a lot of men makes this porn star and Wicked Pictures and their related PR team feel entitled to call her an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority” and that is a huge problem.

We have enough issues in our industry right now … do we really need to add to it by letting the mainstream media or politicians know that a porn star who no degree in this area of study and has spent years in a damaging relationship with a married man, is claiming to be an “authority on sexual wellness”?

She isn’t a doctor.  She has no degree of study in this field.   Sucking a lot of cock doesn’t make you an authority on sexual wellness.  Nor does sleeping with a married man make you an expert of relationships.  It actually kinda makes you just the opposite but that’s another story for another day.


But for those of you who don’t have a degree in clinical psychology or a related field, just being a porn star doesn’t make you an authority on all matters.  You make be able to suck a hell of a cock but that’s a far cry from an authority on sexual wellness.

So to make this clear so there is no confusion … while there are porn stars with advanced degrees, Jessica Drake does not seem to have one, at least not one that I found after reading numerous published biographies and interviews about her.  She most especially does not have a degree in psychology or any related medical field that make make her an expert or authority on sexual wellness.  She’s a porn star.  Making porn is her area of expertise.  Sexual wellness is not and continuing to say you are is fraudulent and quite possibly criminal.

And calling me a bitch doesn’t make this fact any less true.  Fraud is fraud and liking me or not liking me doesn’t really change that.









FRAUD ALERT – The We Do Signings (WeDoSignings.com) Scam

I first read about this story on Courtney Cummz (@CourtneyCummz) getting scammed on Lukeisback.  I didn’t pay it much attention at the time, just another sad story of some jack ass ripping off our girls.  The next day someone else would mention the story to me and within another 24 hours, the subject would come up a total of 4 times.   Clearly something was trying to nudge me in the direction of looking into this more.

Warning Girls — WeDoSignings.com Owner May Scam YOU!

A man by the name of Jason Marshall Blaustien runs a company called We Do Signings.   Basically what he does it gets famous people, not just porn stars but reality tv stars, wrestlers, etc. to work with him.  Through his company, he arranges for stars to do appearances at different venues.  He pays the stars to show up and sign 8x10s for their fans.

Jason Blaustien however doesn’t always pay his talent and now two different girls have told me a story about him and the scary part is, neither girl knows the other one has spoken to me and their stories were very similar.  So clearly it’s a repeated pattern.

First there is the story of a famous former Playboy centerfold.  He ended up screwing her out of $5,000 and she ended up having to spend $1,000 on hiring a lawyer to get her money from him.  They finally made a settlement which doesn’t allow her to go public with her story but she’s my friend and told me about it.  So while I can’t tell you her name, her story is worth hearing.

She told me that one contacted her via twitter and asked her if she would be willing to do a signing for him at an upcoming convention in the New Jersey area.  She agreed to do a 2 hour signing.  He was to pay for her airfare, transportation to and from the event and hotel room for one night.  He was also going to provide the 8×10 head-shots she was to sign.

50% was due immediately of which he paid via credit card with no problems.  When it was time for the event the starlet in question checked into the hotel that he had arranged for her.  He was supposed to pay for it but the hotel would later notify her that the card was declined and as such she would be responsible for the hotel bill.   He didn’t provide transportation for her to the event.  He said sine the hotel was only 4 blocks away he assumed she would just walk.   In 6 inch heels and full hair and makeup.  Really?

When she arrived she found that the photos he had made up for her to sign were from her Playboy Centerfold shoot from years ago.  He had also used the Playboy logo on the bottom as if the thing was approved by Playboy.  These images were not.  He basically just took a scan of one of her pics from the magazine and had these things printed up.

The former Playmate questioned him about the legality of her signing these since it would be a violation of Playboy’s trademark and he said it was all arranged through them for her not to worry.

After signing for 2 hours straight without a break, she got up to leave and he freaked out. He said the event wasn’t over and she couldn’t leave.  She tried to reason with him, reminding him that their agreement was for a 2 hour signing.  That it wasn’t fair that he paid her to make a 2 hour appearance and then demanded she said for 5 hours.

She went ahead and agreed to stay, and did her best to get through the rest of the day.  He brought over a large box of 8x10s, asking her to sign them as well.   While she wasn’t sure, she estimated there was about 250 in the box that he wanted her to sign.  When she asked why he pointed to the fine print of her agreement with him.  A part that read she may be asked to sign additional promotional material.   Turns out what he was doing was having her sign these extras so that he could later sell them.

She signed about 20 or 30 of them then placed the ones she had signed on the top of the box.  Since her contracted “time” ended hours ago, she had enough of this and didn’t sign any more of the extras.  She did meet and greet the fans, signed what they brought in and took pictures with them for a total of 5 hours.

After the event she went to get paid the remaining $5,000 he owed her and the man claimed he had the cash but someone had just stolen it from him right off of his table.  She asked why he had the cashing laying out in the open like that but he was just a dick about it.  He agreed to pay her via credit card instead so she used her iphone to swipe his card and have him sign.  She had one of the other girls at the event take her to the hotel, he wouldn’t.  It was the next day when she tried to check out of her hotel to go back home she would find that she was responsible for the hotel bill.  After getting home she found he contacted his bank claimed fraud and some it was some porn chick banging his card.

When the former Playmate tried to contact him he made some racist remarks about her friend that accompanied her, who attends all events with her being black.  She asked what the color of her bodyguards skin had to do with anything and his reponse was that he called her a “nigger lover”.

He then said she isn’t getting paid because she didn’t sign all of the extra headshots and that is how he makes his money.  She reminded him that her contracted appearance was over 2 hours in.  He didn’t bring them to her until well after that time and as such as wasn’t legally bound to do anything – that she only stayed the extra 3 hours out of the kindness of her own heart.  That he didn’t pay her for that time, despite the fact that their agreement allowed for $1,000 an hour overage fee.  In the end she hired a lawyer and he went over Jason Blaustien and his company WeDoSignings.com and they settled.

Next we have the case of porn star Courtney Cummz.   Courtney didn’t know when we spoke that I knew anything of her story, more than what myself and others had read previously at LukeisBack.com.  She told me her story and it was amazingly similar to that of the Playboy Playmate.

The guy hired her, after finding her on Twitter.  Paid half up front on his credit card but come event day he couldn’t pay her the remaining money he owed he because the cash had just been stolen.  He then paid her on his credit card and then immediately contacted his bank and did a chargeback, claiming it was from and that some porn chick.

He then proceeded to berate Courtney Cummz for “fucking black guys” and calling her a “piece of shit whore” for it.

All of the bitter bullshit aside, what happened is, Courtney Cummz was hired to do a job – and she did that job.  WeDoSignings.com didn’t pay per and she isn’t the only girl who can say this.

He has a pattern of fraudulent behavior and it’s only a matter of time before others fall victim.

Don’t let yourself be a victim.  Avoid working with wedosignings.com and Jason Marshall Blaustien.




Easy Come Easy Go … another Affiliate program having issues

Anywho who frequents industry message boards knows the latest and greatest affiliate program, the sort of it program of the moment was chaturbate.com and people signed up as fast as they could to lay claim to their $1 per free signup offer.  In other words, this company claimed to pay an affiliate $1 for every person they refer that joins their site for free.  The theory behind such a great sounding offer is that if you get enough people to join your site for free, they will love it and spend money on buying minutes to chat with the young ladies.

But as the many many  many programs before them learned, spending more money than you earned in hopes of future earnings never works out and it is now being reported they are leaking traffic, and not crediting joins and that their API stopped working all together on April 26th and yet affiliates are still sending them as much traffic as they can in hopes they “get it worked out”.  YA HOLD YOUR BREATH ON THAT ONE DUMB ASSES.

I am going to tell you a little secret …. remember this and you’ll be much better off in life.  Trust me on this.



Some GFY related comments on the matter

“Chaturbate is nothing more than a scam”

“It’s been known for quite awhile that they have traffic leaks on their website, most affiliates accepted it when they still had their $1/per free signup program going.”

“Looks like API stop working Apr 26, afther that no free signup from my API WL”

“Fuck traffic leaks.  Fuck Chaturbate!”

“Mentioned these leaks many times before, nobody seemed to care”

“fuck me i have sent 4000+ hits to api since the 26 and not one join”

1. They steal your traffic from the affiliate links.
Try this go to chaturbate get your link codes and go to any of the link’s and
You will see on the top side and bottom banners for other website. Also click a few
Times and you will see a pop under for another site. You get credit for NONE of this.

2. The chaturbate API does not count joins.
Try this go to chaturbate dot com/affiliates/promotools/ and try out the API run this on your website
Or wordpress blog. To test this out join with one of the API’s you have set up and guess what
You get no join in your chaturbate stats.

3. The old ($1.00 Pay Per Registration) links do not transfer over to (Revshare – 20% of Money Spent)
This is another way they steal your joins.