Do you have a RedPass Mastercard? I hope not.

Remember Redpass Mastercards will be suspended at 12.00 EST on 18th December 2015.

If you have not already spent or withdrawn the funds on your Mastercard, please do so immediately as any funds left on the card will be more difficult to recover. Any pending loads to the Mastercard will be cancelled and credited back to your Redpass e-wallet later today as we cannot guarantee that you will have enough time to access the card funds between the loading mechanism completing the transaction and the cards ceasing to work.

The Redpass e-wallet is not affected by the closure of the Choice Bank Mastercards. Your funds there will be safe until withdrawn and we will get them to you as soon as we can.

Redpass and Zombaio management have discussed the final settlement of balances and jointly believe that the best way to ensure that everybody gets paid in full as quickly as possible is if we:

[a] Transfer balances originally settled from Zombaio, back to Zombaio
[b] Pay these balances out with next available scheduled payout where customer is active or
[c] as a manual disbursement where customer is no longer active.

To proceed on this basis please:

[1] Contact Redpass support to authorize the transfer of funds originally loaded to Redpass by Zombaio back to Zombaio.
You can login to your account and submit a support ticket or contact us directly through the live chat available at .
[2] provide Zombaio merchant number if you are still an active merchant..
[3] provide banking details (OPTIONAL: in the name of the redpass cardholder) if you are not.

If you do not wish to transfer your balance back to Zombaio for settlement or would like to discuss alternate methods of getting your balance paid out, please contact Jesper or Michael at our support.

Best regards,

RedPass Accounting Department
Phone +1-650-963-5556

Social media madness

Here’s an interesting little tidbit … Google receives over 4 million search queries every minute of every day. Which means than in any given day they get almost 6 billion search queries. (5,760,000,000) Considering the fact that the global internet population consists of only 2.4 billion people, that’s a lot of damn searches.

I looked up my history and yesterday alone I search 11 times. Had you asked me I would have said once or twice, but apparently I Google shit far more than I knew 😛

But what about other sites? Surprisingly twitter and Instagram are about neck and neck. Twitter users tweet about 277,000 every minute and Instagram users post 216,000 new photos every minute.

Vine and Pinterest are way down there on the list. Vine users only share about 8,333 videos per minute, while Pinterest users are only pinning about 3,472 images a minute.

Facebook is nowhere near the giant that Google is. It’s more around the YouTube range.

YouTube users share 72 new hours of video every single minute of every single day.  While those Facebook users are updating their statuses 2,460,000 a minute.





Affilites Should Think Twice About Giving Out Personal Information …. right @AEBN?

I don’t want to shock you here but there are some people in our business who are a little on the shady side. /sarcasm

When a webmaster joins an affiliate program they are often asked for a plethora of information. They say they need to verify your a real person, not just some scam site and for tax purposes.

That all sounds well and good and so unsuspecting webmasters give away all their personal details. They tell their real names, their addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers. All of this information could be really bad if it fell into the wrong hands. But surely reputable companies that you chose to do business with wouldn’t let that happen, right?


Sometimes even the best of companies fall victim to bad employees. Sometimes companies don’t know what is going on behind their backs and in the case of some companies, they don’t have any security protocols in place at all.

In about 1999 the Vivid webmaster database was compromised. While I can’t say for sure how much information was stolen, for sure they got to our names, addresses and emails. Since most likely all of that information was stored together the people who got their hands on the Vivid webmaster database at that time probably also got our  phone numbers and social security numbers too. All of our information was quickly sold off and spread through the spammer list world like wildfire and suddenly we were all getting insane amounts of junk mail and our email addresses were being sold off again and again and again.

We were told it was because the server was hacked but the only thing they took was the webmaster database. That totally seems believable right? I mean who wouldn’t want to access the server and get all that free porn, or customer data and credit card numbers. Right? Apparently webmaster’s personal information was ummm more important?

It is more likely however that their webmaster who at the time was a notorious drug addict who soon after landed in rehab, probably hijacked the list behind Vivid’s back and sold it off for drug money. But in the end, I guess we’ll never really know the truth. All we webmasters can say for sure if that our personal and private information was taken and sold off again and again and again. Years later, more than 10 years later in fact, I’m still getting spam from that email address.

But this story isn’t an isolated incident. Vivid Video isn’t the only company who has ever had a bad employee.

Bluebird Films is another great story of data being compromised. When I went to work for them they had ZERO security protocols in place. Your personal and private information was available to every single person who worked there – wide open for anyone to see and quite a few people did. And it got worse … their servers were hacked no less than five times the previous year and that includes the entire customer and webmaster database, WITH credit card numbers, home addresses, email address, phone numbers and whatnot.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you need to think very carefully about who you give out your personal information to.

Let’s look at a current situation – a company like AEBN

They are totally reputable, right?

Well perhaps. But that doesn’t mean they don’t hire employees who are problematic. In fact they currently employ someone who it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we were to find out he hijacked the entire webmaster database and sold it to the highest bidder.

And then all of your personal and private information is out there because of some dickhead employee and there is nothing you can do about it. Your name, your home address, your phone number and even worse, your social security number is being traded or sold to person after person by this guy.

Some might argue, but it wasn’t really AEBN’s fault, it was the jackass who was shady. True. But AEBN hired him in the first place and continued to keep him on their payroll after being witness to his abusive online behavior. Anyone who is an online bully is clearly not someone you would want on your payroll because if they work for you, they represent you, and that means if they are harassing others online or just openly being a dick time and again to people then that makes you look bad.

I get it, it’s fun to be a jackass to people online. That’s why sites like GFY thrive because you can be abusive to others and get away with it. We call those kind of people keyboard warriors. They can get away with bullying other people because they can hide behind the anonymity of their computer. Only some of these people aren’t anonymous. Some of these guys work for companies … well known companies like AEBN.

Their behavior is a direct reflection of your company.

I would personally never do business with AEBN. Not because I have anything against their website or product, but because they hire certain types of people. And I wouldn’t want to risk my money, or my personal information in the hands of those kind of people. I have no problem telling them that either and last night I in fact did tell them just that and their response “He’s just a remote employee”. Ummm okay. Perhaps they don’t realize that the people they hire directly reflect on their companies reputation.  If a company hires an employee who is abusive to others online, what does that say about the company itself?

So the whole point of my story here is this …. you need to think carefully before signing up with an affiliate program because once you do they will want a lot of personal information from you. You might also want to consider a series of safeguards for your personal information which includes an alias or company name, a PO box to get your mail instead of your home address and if you are a US webmaster you really want to give them an EIN (employee identification number) instead of your real social security number and always try and use alias emails such as Now when they sell off your email address you will be able to know because they were the only person to have ever had that email address and you can nail them for it. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve caught over the years by doing that one little thing.

None of this may seem important to you right now but trust me when I say, you will give two fucks when you get your identity stolen.

It is your information and therefore your job to protect it. Don’t just give away all of your personal and private details and then hope for the best!


Blazing Bucks lands deal for Sunny Leone’s official site

Gammae owned affiliate program, Blazing Bucks will be relaunching in their OpenLife Network. The official Sunny Leone website was formerly with Cold Hard Cash, aka Web Quest who last year last the official Lupe Fuentes site and now I guess that only leaves them with Vivid’s site.

And I don’t want to shock you or anything but these guys actually pay on time unlike so many other affiliate programs out there right now.

I know, insane, right?

A few things to note, mostly the old links will work but the free hosted galleries will eventually need to be replaced if they are hosted by Cold Hard Cash.

We are very excited to announce the relaunch of one of the top names in porn (Sunny Leone) under the OpenLife Network. This site launch comes only 1 month after we completely redesigned and relaunched all existing Blazing Bucks sites! There are however a few very important changes to existing Cold Hard Cash Affiliates.

1. Any promotional tools for Sunny Leone that are currently hosted by CHC should be removed within the next week as they will slowly stop working.

2. If you have any special/discount pricing setup for your traffic, you need to contact me to get this setup again or the default pricing will appear on your join page.

3. Your old linking codes will map to your new account that will automatically be created in BlazingBucks. I do however suggest updating your links to the new ones to avoid any potential issues.

4. Your existing Cold Hard Cash account will still work and be processing your rebills. Your new BlazingBucks account will account for sales and rebills earned only on the new site.

5. Your username/password for will be sent to you by email in the coming days along with some other relevant information.

If you do not receive an email from me by June 27th, contact me directly. You can also contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

The perspective launch date is June 27th, 2013

Twitter is now censoring links

For awhile now Twitter has been hinting they were going to start censoring outgoing links on their popular social networking platform and the first step they took in that was the use of converting (or shortening as they said) all links to a variation then redirecting it to the intended location. They even says, as plain as day, “Twitter uses the domain as part of a service to protect users from harmful activity, to provide value for the developer ecosystem, and as a quality signal for surfacing relevant, interesting Tweets.

Only now they really are doing it, it’s not longer just a claim of something that might or might not happen sometime in the future and it’s not just to spam sites either.

While they say it’s for the sole purpose of protecting their users from harmful sites. We have to wonder just how true that is.

“Having a link shortener protects users from malicious sites that engage in spreading malware, phishing attacks, and other harmful activity. A link converted by Twitter’s link service is checked against a list of potentially dangerous sites. Users are warned with the error message below when clicking on potentially harmful URLs. “

twitter is now censoring links

They can cut off direct linking to any site they want – including competitor sites or sites they don’t feel plays ball with their policies, say for instance they don’t like and therefore the thousands of people who use that URL shortening service, suddenly find their links don’t work on twitter anymore so they cease using the service and now they go out of business.

Of course that also means they can block access to adult sites if they so desire and considering some of the owners of Twitter, that isn’t out of the question.

So for now you just need to keep an eye on anything you tweet out and see if it gets blocked. If it does you’ll have to file a report at and ask for reconsideration.

Is your site ready for the future of the internet?

How ready is your website for the new face of the internet?

As of May of 2012, 10% of all the web traffic in the world was from a mobile device.  That’s not bad, rather impressive.  But experts are saying that by the end of 2014 more people will be accessing the internet on mobile devices than on their PCs or laptops.

That’s an insane amount of growth in mobile browsing.   So are you ready to take advantage of it?  Having a mobile version of your site isn’t going to be an option that you may or may not bother with.

Already one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices.  And there are currently 4 billion mobile phones worldwide in use.  1.08 billion of those are smartphones.  That’s 1.08 billion smartphone users who right this very moment could be surfing the web, looking for some hot naked chicks on their phone.  Are you even in a position to offer them what they are looking for?

What are you going to do to take advantage of this fast growing market?  Will your website even work with the various mobile devices out there?

Be honest.  Have you ever looked at your website on a mobile device like an iphone?

I decided to do some surfing for porn tonight.  I started looking at tube sites with my iphone.  I checked out one site called lube tube porn  that seemed to be perfectly fit for such a device.  Surfers looking for mobile porn will find the lubetube mobile version of the site fast loading and extremely easy to navigate.  That’s exactly what your website needs to be like if you are looking to tap into the fast growing market.  I must say this site did it right when it comes to mobile porn.

I can’t say the same for a lot of the other sites I visited, even some of my own.

What I found was that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding mobile website usage that can lead to bad design decisions.  One of the most common ones are how mobile users are always rushed and on the go.  In reality a large number of people surfing the web on their phones aren’t in a rush at all.  Some of them are sitting there watching TV bored out of their minds and just looking for a little bit of entertainment.

Another mistake people seem to make about mobile users is that they are only interested in mobile phones and therefore only show ads about mobile phones.  That’s just silly.  A mobile surfer has the same interests as a normal surfer, only difference is that he is the device they are viewing your website.  If people like watching a hot blonde with big tits on your normal website, then they’ll equally be attracted to a hot blonde with big tits on the mobile version of your website.

So keep your core content the same from your main site to your mobile site.  That really is the key to a successful mobile porn site.

This tube porn site I visited today really is no different than the lubetube iphone version of the site, in terms of content.   The only real difference from site A to site B is the delivery platform.

Make it simple to navigate.  Surfing a site on a mobile device is never as easy as if they were visiting the same site on their PC, so make sure your pages load fast on the various mobile devices.

Avoid heavy graphics.  And make sure your page loads in less than 5 seconds.  Experts say that 58% of mobile users expect websites to load as quickly on their phone as it would on their desktop computer.  You can help speed up the page load times by avoiding big graphics and only using a tiny bit of javascript, only where you have to.  Also try and take advantage of mobile friendly technologies like HTML 5.

My last but surely not least important mobile tip is the automatically redirect your mobile visitors from your normal website to a mobile optimized version.  If you don’t want to (or can’t get ahold of) a domain name like then go for a subdomain like or

Look into htaccess redirection scripts that will detect if a person is visiting your website on a mobile device and it will automatically push them to the mobile friendly version.

Atlas Multimedia Runs of With Affiliate Money

Atlas Multimedia aka Pornstar Dollars has been fucking people as far back as the Racquel Darrian days.

A few weeks ago Mike South reported that they have gone belly up.

This wasn’t a shock to me. Since last year their payments have been shotty and all the signs were there for them to bolt.

None of this shit is new. Another fucker is gone from the biz. But the best part of this story is what his brother, Mark Osterholt has to say about it all.

[source] I had nothing to do with Don Osterholt (Atlas Multimedia) going out of business or stealing your revenue-share earnings. Calling me, emails, IM’s, or contacting the Parish Sheriff “definitely” won’t help you. I’ve mentioned on industry forums for over a decade that Don was a narcissistic sociopath, liar, and a thief only to get backlash from it. Finally feels good to have my “I told you so” moment.

I walked out of Atlas Multimedia in 1997 because I watched Don shave client earnings (pre-NATS) and use stolen images to build adult pay-sites to be sold with stolen image galleries. Don was desperate to pay off SEC fines or face prison if the terms of his restitution and probation were not met from his previous failed occupation. Eventually, Atlas Multimedia did get sued twice and paid out damages for stealing adult content.

Anyway, I brought Don into the adult Internet business because of his past occupational failures and the life long family ostracization do to being institutionalized as young adult. I simply felt sorry for him. In turn, Don ended up changing business contracts, domain names, and then finally changing the company ownership agreement without my knowledge. I was completely caught off-guard by this action because well, he’s family. Then when confronted, Don got violent.

In short, I watched my ideas, two years of hard-work, and my clients investment money stolen by my own brother. After I left Atlas, Don called various agencies like the IRS, Department of Corporations, etc because of competitive jealousies or to try and push me completely out of the business. He failed, again.

The main reason I’ve mentioned all this is if Don Osterholt is willing to do all this to his only brother and true family, you will NEVER get your money back. Atlas Multimedia still owes me several thousand dollars as I’ve yet to see that or Don Osterholt in almost 17 years.

Finally, all historical information on the Don Osterholt blog is true to my knowledge.  Good luck,  Mark


Webmaster Central offers its technology


TAMPA BAY, Fla. (February 5, 2013) — If you’re using Webmaster Central’s leased content services, you’re getting yet another new benefit this month that will help you manage your website more effectively.  Webmaster Central is the first leased content service in adult entertainment to bring responsive front-end framework technology into the picture.
Described as “freakishly advanced,” Zurb’s Foundation 3 technology allows webmasters the ability to lay out their pages through a flexible, nestable system that’s perfect for rapid prototyping.  Webmasters can also use framework technology to easily achieve display compatibility with multiple devices, ranging from traditional desktop screens to cutting edge tablets or smartphones.
“There is no other leased content provider that comes close to offering what Webmaster Central provides its clients,” explains Andy Alvarez, CEO of  “If you haven’t worked with front-end framework technology before, you’ll truly be amazed at what it can do for your site development projects.”
The addition of Foundation 3 to WebmasterCentral’s toolbox continues the company’s trend of providing cutting edge new technologies to its clients.
“We are always looking for new ways to provide extra value to our clients, without running up their costs,” adds Alvarez.  “We were the first leased content company to provide true HD content, the first to optimize for mobile and tablets, the first to offer customization through our XML gateway, and now we’re the first to provide responsive technology.”
Free demos of all Webmaster Central content and services are available by contacting the sales team.  To learn more about the advantages of leased content, or the new front-end framework tools, please, or contact for a free demo. 

Porn Site Reviews That Don’t Suck

The other day I was looking for something that I needed to update one of my sites.  During that process I came upon a site called Reviewed Porn.

Now while I normally just ignore these kind of sites, this one caught my attention.  It wasn’t a cluttered mess of madness that looked like a spam factory.  In fact, the site loaded fast and was well organized and the navigation was well designed, making it easy to work your way through the website.

So since I was there I thought I would take a look around.  I wanted to see just how accurate the reviews really were or if the site was like most other review sites, another more than a fake review in an attempt to sell you something.

I must say I was rather impressed with their reviews.

Since I had previously been inside the Jenna Haze website, I looked up their review for the site.  It was easy enough to find, I just clicked on their category for pornstars and then went down the list until I found Jenna Haze.  Doesn’t really get easier than that.  Of course I guess I could have just used their search bar and typed in “Jenna Haze” but ya, anyway …. back to what I was saying. 🙂

First it gives a summary of their review and their review rating.  This is pretty typical of review sites.

But then it gets into the details of the site.   You can tell there is a lot of effort that went into making this review up.  it doesn’t just tell you how much it cost to join this site, it actually goes into the exact amount of content and how it’s formatted.  Like in the case of Jenna Haze’s site get get 73 picture sets with 50 photos per site.  They are high res photos and they also offer screen captures and zip files.   The site also offers its members 89 movies that are around 31 minutes each.  That kind of detail shows they actually put some work into this review.
I liked that.

It went on to provide you other relevant data like the available movie formats, that the site offers both streaming and downloadable versions and so on.

But then after all of that information they to even further.  For those who want to really read about the site they give a 5 paragraph account of their thoughts on the site.  Under that they break it down into the pros and cons of the site and then a conclusion.

Jenna Haze’s site is nice but it’s not exactly a 10 out of 10 and their review reflected that giving it 88.9 points out of 100.  Accurate and honest. I can’t believe my eyes.

Now I don’t normally pick a site at random and post about it, but today I found a site that was worth it.

If I had to review a review site, which I guess I sort of just did … I would say this one gets 5 out of 5 stars for it’s ease of navigation, fast loading page, very detailed and accurate reviews.

So if you are looking for something to do, go check these guys out.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

Google apparently doesn’t like boobs

Google Just Made It Harder to Find Boobs

Google has tweaked the SafeSearch filter so that porn doesn’t leak into image search results.  [source]

ZDNet reports that web surfers are “reacting angrily” because Google has modified its “SafeSearch” feature, making it more difficult to find explicit content in image search results.

For parents and those who’d rather not be frightened by results stemming from search queries like “cucumber” and “hotdog”, SafeSearch is a handy tool for toning down or completely blocking offending sexual and other questionable content. Typically it was easy to set: simply adjust the lever to “on”, “moderate” or “off”.

But now Google has revamped this system so that it’s much harder for bare breasts and other fleshy acts to jump into image search results. But even more, it’s harder for end-users to customize the filter itself. As it stands now, there’s only a single option to “filter explicit content” – whatever Google deems explicit will be removed from search results no matter the content.

Google has also added a SafeSearch lock so that parents and businesses can prevent children and employees from accidentally or purposely finding explicit images. However this lock only applies to the Google user who is logged in to their account, and not for others browsing Google images using their own login credentials.

“SafeSearch filters provide you with the ability to change your browser setting to prevent adult content from appearing in your search results,” Google states. “No filter is 100 percent accurate, but SafeSearch should help you avoid most of this type of material.”

Google users point out that the change came without warning: there was no official announcement, no update to the Google blogs. Web surfers looking for naughty content – those even with the SafeSearch option turned off – were taken by surprise, and took to Reddit to vent their frustrations. Meanwhile, ZDNet reports that the new filter in place resembles the Moderate setting of old rather than “a total overhaul to the system”.

“We are not censoring any adult content, and want to show users exactly what they are looking for — but we aim not to show sexually-explicit results unless a user is specifically searching for them,” a Google rep told CNET. “We use algorithms to select the most relevant results for a given query. If you’re looking for adult content, you can find it without having to change the default setting — you just may need to be more explicit in your query if your search terms are potentially ambiguous. The image search settings now work the same way as in Web search.”

With that in mind, Google users can still search for anything they want with SafeSearch turned off, only now the search term needs to be appended with the word “porn” to pull up any raunchy results – or something similar.