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I’ve been doing marketing within the adult industry in some form or another since August of 1996 and the longer I’m in the industry, the more I just have to smack my forehead when I talk to people who claim to be so-called experts. For the longest time, I was convinced the insane bullshit people …

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Affilites Should Think Twice About Giving Out Personal Information …. right @AEBN?

I don’t want to shock you here but there are some people in our business who are a little on the shady side. /sarcasm

When a webmaster joins an affiliate program they are often asked for a plethora of information. They say they need to verify your a real person, not just some scam site and for tax purposes.

That all sounds well and good and so unsuspecting webmasters give away all their personal details. They tell their real names, their addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers. All of this information could be really bad if it fell into the wrong hands. But surely reputable companies that you chose to do business with wouldn’t let that happen, right?


Sometimes even the best of companies fall victim to bad employees. Sometimes companies don’t know what is going on behind their backs and in the case of some companies, they don’t have any security protocols in place at all.

In about 1999 the Vivid webmaster database was compromised. While I can’t say for sure how much information was stolen, for sure they got to our names, addresses and emails. Since most likely all of that information was stored together the people who got their hands on the Vivid webmaster database at that time probably also got our  phone numbers and social security numbers too. All of our information was quickly sold off and spread through the spammer list world like wildfire and suddenly we were all getting insane amounts of junk mail and our email addresses were being sold off again and again and again.

We were told it was because the server was hacked but the only thing they took was the webmaster database. That totally seems believable right? I mean who wouldn’t want to access the server and get all that free porn, or customer data and credit card numbers. Right? Apparently webmaster’s personal information was ummm more important?

It is more likely however that their webmaster who at the time was a notorious drug addict who soon after landed in rehab, probably hijacked the list behind Vivid’s back and sold it off for drug money. But in the end, I guess we’ll never really know the truth. All we webmasters can say for sure if that our personal and private information was taken and sold off again and again and again. Years later, more than 10 years later in fact, I’m still getting spam from that email address.

But this story isn’t an isolated incident. Vivid Video isn’t the only company who has ever had a bad employee.

Bluebird Films is another great story of data being compromised. When I went to work for them they had ZERO security protocols in place. Your personal and private information was available to every single person who worked there – wide open for anyone to see and quite a few people did. And it got worse … their servers were hacked no less than five times the previous year and that includes the entire customer and webmaster database, WITH credit card numbers, home addresses, email address, phone numbers and whatnot.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you need to think very carefully about who you give out your personal information to.

Let’s look at a current situation – a company like AEBN

They are totally reputable, right?

Well perhaps. But that doesn’t mean they don’t hire employees who are problematic. In fact they currently employ someone who it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if we were to find out he hijacked the entire webmaster database and sold it to the highest bidder.

And then all of your personal and private information is out there because of some dickhead employee and there is nothing you can do about it. Your name, your home address, your phone number and even worse, your social security number is being traded or sold to person after person by this guy.

Some might argue, but it wasn’t really AEBN’s fault, it was the jackass who was shady. True. But AEBN hired him in the first place and continued to keep him on their payroll after being witness to his abusive online behavior. Anyone who is an online bully is clearly not someone you would want on your payroll because if they work for you, they represent you, and that means if they are harassing others online or just openly being a dick time and again to people then that makes you look bad.

I get it, it’s fun to be a jackass to people online. That’s why sites like GFY thrive because you can be abusive to others and get away with it. We call those kind of people keyboard warriors. They can get away with bullying other people because they can hide behind the anonymity of their computer. Only some of these people aren’t anonymous. Some of these guys work for companies … well known companies like AEBN.

Their behavior is a direct reflection of your company.

I would personally never do business with AEBN. Not because I have anything against their website or product, but because they hire certain types of people. And I wouldn’t want to risk my money, or my personal information in the hands of those kind of people. I have no problem telling them that either and last night I in fact did tell them just that and their response “He’s just a remote employee”. Ummm okay. Perhaps they don’t realize that the people they hire directly reflect on their companies reputation.  If a company hires an employee who is abusive to others online, what does that say about the company itself?

So the whole point of my story here is this …. you need to think carefully before signing up with an affiliate program because once you do they will want a lot of personal information from you. You might also want to consider a series of safeguards for your personal information which includes an alias or company name, a PO box to get your mail instead of your home address and if you are a US webmaster you really want to give them an EIN (employee identification number) instead of your real social security number and always try and use alias emails such as Now when they sell off your email address you will be able to know because they were the only person to have ever had that email address and you can nail them for it. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve caught over the years by doing that one little thing.

None of this may seem important to you right now but trust me when I say, you will give two fucks when you get your identity stolen.

It is your information and therefore your job to protect it. Don’t just give away all of your personal and private details and then hope for the best!


And the male in question is …. Rod Daily

We’ve all been hearing nonstop about Cameron Bay and her HIV positive results, but what about this male in question? Why has nobody heard anything about him? Heck we didn’t even really know his name. Or so I thought. I have to give credit to GFY for this little find.

His name is Rod Daily and turns out he’s been out there all along talking about it on twitter @Rod_Daily. He posted his own test to show that he did in fact test negative in February, March and May of this year. (Those images are at the very very bottom — I blurred out his real name, even though he personally left it on there. I just didn’t feel right having that out there). So now the big question is, what is his most current test? He he HIV positive like his girlfriend?

Below is a transcript of what he’s been tweeting about. But what you’ll see is that the rumors are true. Yes he performs in porn … he’s a very well known gay performer and yes he also apparently escorts. He’s been in almost 100 scenes since 2006 – all of them pretty much gay or bi-sexual movies like If you wanna fuck my wife you’ve gotta fuck me too from Devil’s Film. In the movie he does a threeway with a male and another female.

Actually there was one movie I found where he is in a scene with Raylene. The movie is called “I’ll Fuck Your Wife If You Fuck Mine 1“. The movie was released in 2010, which is around the time Raylene just returned to porn. The scene includes Cheyenne Jewel, Giselle Leon, Raylene, and Zoey Holloway, with Jack Lawrence, Jack Vegas, John Espizedo, and Rod Daily.

rod daily escort

Where is the test result of her bf? The single most important test relating to this event and no word on it. The day she found out her results is the day he should have gone in for testing.

According to his Twitter, Rod Daily is expecting test results tomorrow…

He hasn’t exactly been silent on the issue though (from Rod Daily’s twitter in just the past 24 hours):

  • Thank you to everyone for your support. I appreciate you all.Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 21h
  • If anyone is confused I’m pretty sure my time line is in order.Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 21h
  • How am I? I’m good, actually I’m blessed IM ALIVE!!Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • Now please until further notice Get off my dick!!Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • I’m just looking for a reason to fuck some one up its been awhile. I got your faggot right here in my pants. It’s 2013 you ignorant fucks ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
    And last for all you tough ass pussy muther fuckers that wanna drop F bombs, please come say that shit to my face! I beg you. Please!!! ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • Tuesday is coming and like I said nothing is in my control now. I was in control but I relied on a test and not a condom. That’s my fault@Rod_Daily 22h
  • I love life I love my health and nothing has changed. Just as I’m sure all of you love your life.  Rod_Daily 22h
  • Did I all the sudden just get careless as fuck in life, in these past 3-4 weeks? Did I just say fuck it? Fuck no ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • Wait I do gay porn I forgot, but that’s so fuckin weird because I have tested negative for the past 8 years. ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • Are we saying that me not using a condom with my partner is any different then you not using one on set. We are both tested! ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • Like I said at the end of the day it comes down to 2 consenting adults having sex. From there any other adult has the choice to wrap it up. ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • I don’t own your pussy I don’t own your dick I don’t own your ass you do. Take some responsibility for your own shit.@Rod_Daily 22h
  • Seriously get the fuck out of here you are all grown ass adults. Own your shit if you and you choose not to use condoms, then that is on you ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • I did not falsify shit I did not lie I did not put you at risk. You want to point the finger at me cause you guys choose not to use comdoms? ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • It’s cool to falsify your Hepatitis test and infect all these people and syphilis test and infect all these people? But I’m the bad guy huh  ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
  • You cats think about everyone else when your puttin that shit up your nose with dollar bills that could have Hepatitis? You know who you are @Rod_Daily 22h
  • This test that we hold so high cause it saves us all. Fuck that!! Joe fucked Jill last night after he got tested and Johnny shot up. @Rod_Daily 22h

This test that we count on so much when a simple condom would have saved the day.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
But I did my part I tried my best to protect myself except with my partner, bad judgment yes. But wait we are both tested.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
God does not put anything in front of you that you can’t handle. What will be will be. I can’t do shit until Tuesday.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
Fucking dummy’s who do you think your fooling? There is a reason I have stayed negative this long.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
The gay side does not just use condoms because everyone has HIV. They do it to prevent things like HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 22h
Nobody held a gun to your head and said fuck this person bare you did that shit cause it sells and they don’t want you using comdoms.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
You wanna blame me cause I do gay porn or Cameron because she tested positive. Put a fuckin condom on take your own fuckin advice.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
No matter what it comes down to, 2 consenting adults had sex together at some point some at some time, period.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
Nobody ever wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Welcome to America point the finger at everyone else.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
Oh wait a video just came out and the girl that was sexting anthony weiner was in it, cha ching lets make a buck. FUCK THAT!!’

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
this shit is insane. People get infected every day and don’t make world news.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
I’m thankful that everyone that is involved has come back negative. And I can only hope and pray that the same result comes with me.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
But real talk these people act like some big family! Y’all ain’t got nobody’s back but your own and that’s what’s fucking disgusting.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
I’m in the same boat as a lot of people scared, confused.This has been the longest week of my life.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
What happened to Cameron and getting put on blast like that is fucking bullshit. That Dr. And you know who you are way to hold to your oath

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
What the fuck happened to Dr/Patient confidentially? This is america right? Or am I fucking confused about some shit

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
The only people that needed to be informed were the party’s involved. Period. And no names should have ever been leaked.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
Why did I not go to CET again or Talent Testing. Fuck getting my personal shit blasted on the Internet world wide.

Rod Daily ‏@Rod_Daily 23h
That last one was July 10th. 8 years I have been safe and taken care of myself. And waiting on my latest results Tuesday

Programmer THEFT Alert!

Just came across an important alert about a programmer gone bad. So head’s up on dealing with this fucker. It could cost you dearly. [source]

***ALERT*** Outing a programmer that steals your sites when he gets FTP

I created a couple other threads that were vague and mostly trying to collect info on a guy who completely ripped my databases and files from server back in 2010.

His username on gfy is **** scriptguy ****** profile

He reserved 6 domain names that exactly replicate my site (which are mainstream) and is processing through 2checkout (soon to be closed).

His email addy’s are:

ICQ: 260892954

I just wanted to put this info. in a thread that was straight and to the point.

His paypal, paxum, 2checkout, godaddy etc. will all be frozen. He last logged in yesterday so somebody from this forum alerted him. I checked his profile prior and he had not logged in since January of this year.

I’m glad he knows he will be fucked.

I recommend anyone that has given him FTP access to perform programming tasks check your sites. Mainly, google your sites and make sure he didn’t do the same to you as he did me.

His main site is

Add to the ban list please

Possible HIV Outbreak with UK Porn Star

This message was originally posted by a well known troll on GFY (the adult industry message board) so I didn’t give the information much merit however since that time others have gotten similar messages warning them of using UK talent.  The message, which is shown below basically provides no information whatsoever other than to say some adult performer in the UK has tested positive for HIV.  It does not say if the talent is male or female.

I have been contacted today by an adult performer who has had a positive test for HIV.  This is a preliminary result and hopefully will prove to be a false alarm.
However until then the only sensible thing to do is NOT SHOOT anything that could present a risk to any parties.  The NHS clinic concerned will be contacting those who may be at risk on account of having worked with the person involved.   For clarification, I will NOT be naming the individual concerned, but it is not me.

If you email me seeking more information, your emails will probably be ignored. I do not know who the clinic will be contacting, I do not know who is at risk, and I do not have permission to say any more than I have done.  If you are worried as to your status, contact your local clinic for tests.

What’s important to note here is that although we can’t verify this information, it is always better to be safe than sorry so just in case this information is true, now is the time to take serious precaution.

It’s better to be safe than sorry


You don’t know how big the circle of risk is so think carefully before performing with any performers from the UK for now, at-least until it gets sorted out.  UK performers should at the very least get a new test, and ask not to perform with anyone with tests less than 10 days old.  And of course the best way to protect yourself is to wear a condom but if that isn’t possible, just please be extra careful right now.

While it is true this information could lead to nothing and everything could be fine, your life is far to important to play WHAT IFs!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do not take the risk.


Manwin Goes on the Defensive

This just in …….. GET OUT YOUR BOOTS BOYS AND GIRLS, the shit is getting thick in here … said with my finest, folksy Texan accent.  Love it?  Hee!  You know you do! 😛

For awhile now Manwin has owned and operated several of the largest ILLEGAL tube sites in the world, displaying videos they don’t own or have the rights to on these websites.  Companies request the videos get removed, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t and even if they do the videos go right back up there.  They then feed these videos through to the members area of Brazzers as well. Nice way to side skirt that law about theft, right?  They just blame it on their users.  Sure they benefit from it but hey, what’s a little law skirting between friends, right?

Manwin will give you some big bullshit song and dance how technically what they do isn’t against the law but all know the truth and hey, so do the guys from Mega Upload.  Just ask KimDotCom how that’s going for him.

So back to Manwin, today they are claiming they have no relation with Filesonic or ANY file sharing site.  REALLY?  REALLY???  Apparently they don’t realize that just because they call it something else, it’s still an illegal file sharing website.  A tube site in fact that shares  stolen movie clips, which is what they are nailing those guys for.  So basically they got all mad because someone on GFY was like omg Manwin is in with Filesonic and they demanded the little guy on GFY who posted the story prove it or get banned.   The guy wasn’t smart enough to prove it through proving that their 8 or so illegal tube sites are in fact FILE SHARING WEBSITES, so he got banned.


Manwin Denies Relations with Filesonic or Any File Sharing Site

The company, which also owns Brazzers, has issued a rare public statement denying a claim made by a GFY poster, and is seeking ‘proof or ban’ over the poster’s claims

Adult industry powerhouse Manwin has reacted quickly to deny comments made in a thread posted to Wednesday morning in which the original poster makes several claims, including this one: “Turns out that FileSonic is owned and operated by the same people who own Brazzers, how about that?” In reaction, Manwin has taken the rare step of issuing a public statement demanding that GFY administrators commence an immediate “proof or ban” action against the poster.

The Manwin statement—which is directed at GFY admins but which also promises a “swift response” in reaction to anyone who clains that Manwin has “relations” with Filesonic, a file sharing site that just disabled its file sharing function in the wake of the Megaupload closure by the Feds—is posted here in its entirety:

“In response to false allegations linking Manwin to FileSonic, made today on the industry message board GFY, Manwin issues the following statement:

“Manwin, which owns Brazzers, has no relations—business or otherwise—to FileSonic, nor to any other file sharing sites. Any statement otherwise is a fabrication, and will be met with a swift response.

“GFY rule #9 guards against false accusations:

“False accusations against a person or company. We all want to know what companies and individuals have done you wrong. Just make sure you back any claims you make up with solid proof. If you plan on calling someone a scammer, liar, cheat, or anything else, have your proof in order and post it with your claim. False accusations will be grounds for immediate banning.

“In light of the above, Manwin requests GFY look into the thread started by “bbm” and request the user prove their claim, or face immediate banning—as per the message board’s policy.”

Manwin’s response has been posted to the GFY thread, and GFY’s Eric Matis has confirmed that the poster was banned for making accusations without providing proof.

The guy who was banned “BBM” was a member of GFY since 2005. Here is his post, which will no doubt be deleted and magically disappear soon enough.  I’ll bold the part that got him nailed.

In the last few days there was a lot of fuss about all these file sharing sites shutting down which got me interested so I did a little digging and found out a few surprising details. Turns out that FileSonic is owned and operated by the same people who own Brazzers, how about that? This information seems to be kept a secret pretty good, but here and there stuff leaks. I’ve talked to a friend of mine who had some copyright issues with FileSonic and he managed to get the records unsealed during some legal proceedings and he was pretty shocked to find out who the real owners were. I guess that is why they’ve split for cover and effectively shut the whole thing down, cos let’s face it, being in Canada and USA and all is not very good for you freedom options these days if you own a site like that. There are also a few more interesting facts. It seems like FileSonic were redirecting traffic, spreading it across a ton of domains to keep traffic rankings significantly lower than they really are, check out, and the rest! Combined traffic of FileSonic alone is probably bigger than that of Megaupload. (owned by Choopa) shut down was motivated by exactly same reason in my opinion, being way too large and being in USA. Getting one of the biggest file sharing host is a pretty smart move for Choopa. All this makes me think that Megaupload was probably not the biggest or the baddest out there. These two combined probably were and are still pretty monstrous, not to mention the fact that each of them operated several quite large satellite services like WUpload for FileSonic and UploadStation and FileJungle for FileServe.

I also think that may be we are getting too worried and making a big mistake here getting all nasty towards older, managable hosts. If Brazzers owned one, it sure as hell was good for them and they do not delete their stuff from anywhere, even from other hosts. I also spoke with a few guys from several affiliate programs and they say they don’t bother too much about their content being hosted there cos it’s a free ad space. Lots of people come and buy memberships (provided of course the site is good enough to justify that).

Also I think that if a person doesn’t want to buy or can’t buy a membership they won’t do it no matter if the content is there or not. Those guys also told me that getting stuff removed is pretty simple as these hosts are easy to talk to most of the time. So instead of fighting them may be we should consider working with them on some sort of beneficial partnership? You guys willing to entertain ideas on that?

All these folks who got kicked out of all the major dead or dying hosts are going to look elsewhere and new players will start popping up which in fact is a lot worse than dealing with those familiar hosts we have online now. New guys will have to be aggressive to grow fast. So attention should be paid.

Anyway there is a lot of food for thought here. May be they are not as bad as we think? Look at Brazzers and a few other big sponsors they do not care much about their content being shared and I think they either know smth we don’t or have a vision.

What we should worry about are those damned tubes, like

It’s Alexa is 50 and you can find anything there from every sponsor, free, and that seems really dangerous to me.

So what do you think about all of that?

The down and dirty truth about the dot xxx scam

Take all the PR hype out of the mix and just read this one story and you’ll see exactly why so many people hate those .xxx people and how they are willing to MAYBE auction of YOUR trademarked name at a future date for a premium price.  We’ve said all along it’s a scam and now here is just one more bit of proof.  [source]
Before I start my rant feel free to tell me I should never have bothered with .xxx – I know now that is just what I should have done…Having been completely taken in by the registry’s sales pitch and in the hope of securing ‘my’ domains, I went ahead and followed their procedures… FOOL!

I am aware how the majority of you feel about this process and so won’t expect any sympathy, I just want to document this in case anyone else is even considering buying (or trying to buy) theirs.

I ‘pre-reserved’ – now this is being called ‘expressed an interest in’- ‘my’.xxx domain. I joined the ‘sponsored adult community’ – yes I know… MUG!

I have owned and operated since 2000. I also own a large suite of top level domains (.coms and .co.uks as we are UK based) most of which contain janeyweb or janey in them.

My company trades as Janey Web Productions Ltd. My stage name is Janey Web.

Our registrar secured one .xxx domain with no problem – – this in fact is a name we did not oringinally ‘express an interest’ in, we just decided to get it as we use the .com as a pay site.

We were then told by the registrar that AND the second domain we were ‘interested in’ were blocked so they couldn’t buy them for us.

ICM confirmed that these domains were on their “Premium List”.

This means that they are not available in Sunrise A even though I own the top level domains. They MAY be up for auction in November (but they MAY NOT), or we can wait for Landrush in December if someone else didn’t already get them or if the registry actually decide to release them at all!

I asked the registrar to refund the domain we have secured as I do not want to do business with ICM any longer – in fact they have stopped corresponding with me despite never once answering all of my questions, including whether someone else had ‘expressed an interest’ in the domains – this I understood would be the only reason I wouldn’t get them straight away under sunrise A.

The registrar says they cannot refund the registration fee according to their T&Cs, but as we are a long term customer they’ll part refund it as a goodwill gesture…

So I am out of pocket, left with a domain we don’t want and without the ones that I did want – sorry ‘expressed an interest in’ – YEP, SUCKER!

Anybody else been screwed…?

Thanks all.

How to know if your sponsor is about to go out of business

Lamis at GFY made an interesting observation.  Hate to say it but damn I think he may be on to something.

This is a very simple method that worked 9 out of 10 times in the last 2 years with dozens of sponsors.

Check their Copyright year in FOOTER, right now, I would say that if they didn’t update the copyright footer, and it says 2007 or sooner, they are probably in danger. It shows that they didn’t even care to update that simple footer, and that they don’t have at least 1 free minute in a full year to take care about the program.

Yeah, you can laugh and insult and quote me and makes jokes, just make sure you keep laughing when they close the sponsor and don’t pay your money, and run away.

  • Alerts are: © 2007, © 2006 or sooner.
  • Fine is: © 2010 © 2011
  • Medium: © 2008 © 2009

You will see most webcam sponsors that are doing U$ 1 millon or more per month, have 2010 or 2011, which is obvious, because their webmaster checks their GOLDEN Chicken every few mins…

While all obsolete dead sponsors have 2005 or less…

The Smallest Dick in Porn

Jayrock outed his good buddy over the weekend on GFY revealing that his friend has without a dout the smallest dick in porn.  Now I’m not just saying he is kinda small, a little below average maybe, I mean this guy really is fucking tiny.  Why the hell would you ever drop your pants on camera if your dick is that small?

I’ve heard a lot of bad shit about Pornodan over the last few years but damn boy this just takes the take?  What the fuck were you thinking sharing your little package with the world?




Video Secrets Caught Being Shady Again

While not a shock to most people who know Video Secrets, as for years now they have been found time and again scamming and cheating but for those of you dumb asses still stupid enough to do business with them or associate yourself with them in any way HINT FUCKING HINT XBIZ here is a nifty little story I found for you fuckers today from GFY.


Video Secrets Cookies = 0 days?

From a post on the pond, it was brought up that VS TOS shows a 0 day cookie. The affiliate then allegedly emailed VS and was told there is a 30 day cookie. However, when I just checked VS TOS, that section still appears: 


(iii) A person shall not be deemed a “referral” entitling You to any commission or referral fee of any kind if that person leaves the Company site after having been directed there through the hyperlink banner ad or other promotional link (which has been supplied to You by Company) on Your website, without becoming an Company subscriber or purchaser of services of a type that entitles You to a commission or referral fee, even if at some later time that same person returns to the Company website(s), not through the banner ad or other promotional link (which has been supplied to You by Company) on Your website, and at that later time becomes a subscriber to the Company site or a purchaser of services from the Company.

If it was truly a 30 day cookie, why would the TOS not be changed in order to reflect that 30 day cookie?

In short, it says if a person clicks your banner and is taken to their site, and then leaves their site without making a purchase, even if that same user returns to the website later, it’s not a referral and we get no commission. 

So, a user has to make a purchase while they are on the site the very first time or we get dicked.