SEO is Changing … are you?

I’ve been doing marketing within the adult industry in some form or another since August of 1996 and the longer I’m in the industry, the more I just have to smack my forehead when I talk to people who claim to be so-called experts. For the longest time, I was convinced the insane bullshit people …

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Use common sense when it comes to getting SEO advice

I know I’ve said this before but apparently, sometimes I have to repeat myself to be heard. Just because someone says something, doesn’t make it true. Even if that someone is a self-proclaimed expert in a given field. It’s important that you don’t take things people say at face value, especially in the adult industry. …

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What is Google’s Rank Brain all about?

In 2013 the world first heard about the concept of Rank Brain, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) program that Google was developing to make search engine technology smarter. It was officially put into use in 2015 and since then has been getting smarter with each and every search. That’s the thing about AI, the …

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Do business reviews really matter?

As an author I learned long ago the importance of a good book review on Amazon. But what about business reviews, do they really matter? YES. Let me repeat that so you are sure to hear me — HELL YES THEY MATTER. When you Google your business to the right your business entry comes up and …

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Weeding Out SEO Myths

I once had a client, bless his little heart who was absolutely obsessed with quoting things he heard about SEO from various sources and would spout them as if they were the word of God. “Well I heard”, “So and so said”, “Didn’t you know”. These were things I heard all the time and would …

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Let’s talk about quality traffic

Google now handles trillions of searches per year. Just ten years ago they processing about 73 billion a year. What a difference a decade can make. Searches per second: Atleast 63,000 Searches per minutes: Atleast 3.8 million Searches per hour: Atleast 228 million So why does all of this matter to you? Because today we are going …

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Is PORN.ORG worth the hefty price tag?

I read today over at XBIZ that is up for sale through one of those fancy pants domain brokers which means they expect to fetch a pretty penny for the domain name. Although they say they “welcome all offers”, I suspect their asking at least 7 figures for it.

Yet the question is … is this domain really worth a huge investment or any kind?

It has the age on it, with an original registration of 1995.  It’s only a PR3, with an Alexa rank of 327,271.  At this very moment (this site) has is a PR4 with an Alexa ranking of 291,998 – quite a bit better than But here is where that site has it over this one … the keyword potential. The other site says they have over 8,300 unique visitors a day on average. I don’t suspect that’s actually true. I think if I was the buyer I would want to see some verified server logs before I believed that one.

But that issue aside this site does have the potential to bring in that kind of traffic from search engines alone and that is what makes a domain like valuable. There are very very few valuable .org porn domain names. ie: or – maybe or something like that. But basically you get the idea … one very common short word domain names only.

I think we all get that search engine traffic is extremely valuable. Simply put, the more of it you can get to your site, the more money you are going to make. Because it is so targeted, it converts better. Case in point – I search for Kim Kardashian, I find the top 10 sites about Kim Kardashian from my chosen search engine, click the link that best matches my desires – now that site has someone looking for something they offer.

More people search “porn” each day than they do “Luke Ford” so a domain name like is clearly far more valuable than this domain name based on it’s massive potential alone. It’s simple math – more people a day search for “porn” than they do “Luke Ford”.

BUT all of that being said, does it make that domain worth $1 million +?

No. Because a domain has potential, which will attract buyers … doesn’t mean it is worth that much to the buyer initially. The site still doesn’t have a lot of authority, page rank or traffic. So while the domain does have a great amount of potential in terms of SEO, it’s untapped potential and that means whoever buys this domain name has to do all of the work.

If you Google the word porn, you know what you aren’t going to find? At least not on the first page and not on the second or third page either.It’s not in the top 10 for “porn” at either and it’s because of this, that the actual value of the domain name itself is significantly lowered and nowhere near worth 7 figures that the domain is rumored to be going for.


_________________________________ owners have announced they will sell their adult domain name, including website, via Domain Guardians, a domain firm.

Current owner, Vivo Productions said, “The adult industry has and always will have a strong user base online. The buyer of this domain will position themselves as a leading authority and benefit from the existing traffic stream the domain already receives.”

According to the owners, the site was registered in 1995 and is a category-defining generic top-level domain generating approximately 3 million unique visitors annually with 11,000 inbound affiliate links.

“The owner is a motivated seller and in my professional opinion has priced the domain in line with current market conditions. We urge all interested parties to contact us for more information and welcome all offers. The seller is ready to pass on the baton and willing to negotiate,” said Mike Robertson of Domain Guardians.

For more information, visit or

Google Launches SEO Tool for Webmasters

If you believe your site’s rankings are being harmed by low-quality links that aren’t in your control (like someone is purposely adding you to link farms to fuck you), you can now ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site.  It’s a new tool Google introduced today called Disavow Links from Google Webmaster Tools.

For awhile now several webmasters have been complaining that douche bag competitors have been adding their sites to link farms on purpose to hurt their SEO rankings.  Yet there wasn’t a damn thing any of us could do about it.  It really was a horrible, sneaky thing but it was a great way to fuck someone who you were trying to rank higher than.  The more penalties you could get them, the lower they would drop in the Google rankings.  Well today that changes.  Now if you find those bad links you can use their disavow tool to disassociate yourself from those “bad neighborhoods” as Google calls them.

Months ago BING introduced their own Diavow Links program in the Bing Webmaster Tools.  What you do is log and select the site of yours that you want to work with from their dashboard.  Now click Configure my site (from the left hand menu) and then Disavow links.    Next choose the page, directory, or domain, then type the URL that you want to block and then click Disavow.



Some comment posting SEO secrets

Everyone loves free traffic to their website. I mean who wouldn’t, right? And everyone knows that the best free traffic you can get is from search engines. So then the question is, how exactly do you get your site to the top of the search engine to get all that free traffic?

Our friends over at Google tell us that “Webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages”.

Getting one site to link to your site is called an inbound link or in the SEO world, a backlink. In general terms, the more links from other sites to yours, the better. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of these links to your website.

So what do you do? Does that mean you should go out there and start trading text links with every website you can find? Of course not. In fact, Google tells us that not all links are equal. To Google quality is more important than quantity. Getting a few links from relevant, authoritative sites can greatly improve your site’s rankings, while dozens or even hundreds of links from other less authoritative sites can do almost nothing for you.

Google tells us that an authoritative site is one with “fresh, revolving content”. This means that the site is always adding new original material and revolving content is simply material that continually gets added and moved around on your site. Now keep in mind that’s the official answer from Google. In reality what the SEO experts have found is that a site with similar content and a high page rank is what you want.

So if you trade links with an adult site that has page rank of 1/10, that one link may not be as valuable as trading links with an adult themed site whose page rank is say 3 out of 10. Page ranks go from 1 to 10.

This site for example has a page rank of 4. The LukeisBack website has a page rank of 5. The website Adult DVD has a page rank of 4. Google’s home page is a PR8. Facebook is a PR10 site. If you aren’t sure you can easily get plugins for your web browser like the SEO toolbar for Firefox to help you find out.

Page rank is updated about twice a year. The more quality, relevant sites that link to you, the higher your page rank goes.

So you would think, oh page rank is what matters for search engine rankings then, no? No. Although it’s easy to make that mistake in thinking that, in reality the same data that determines your page rank (backlinks) helps you get better search engine rankings but one doesn’t have anything to do with the other. That is why a site with a PR1 or heck, even a PR0 site can get decent search engine rankings.

It can get confusing, I know but just keep this in mind. If I want to rank #1 in a search engine for my desired keyword, I need to get people who have a good listing already in that keyword and a good page rank to link from their site to mine.

So with all of that being said, how can you go about building some backlinks to your website?  Well one easy way is to find a blog or two or three that you like and start posting comments or replies to their posts.  Don’t be a spammy ass, just post a relevant reply making sure you link your site name and your page URL when making a reply so you get a backlink when making a comment post.

However I should mention not all blogs are created equal.  If a blog has a “no follow” tag – as most blogs do – comes default in wordpress even, then posting a comment is pointless.  the attribute (rel=”nofollow”) on hyperlinks, those links won’t get any credit when we rank websites in our search results.  To know if a blog is using the nofollow tag simply go to the page on their website with a comment already posted, view the page source, and click edit, find “nofollow” and if it is there, move on.  If it is not there, great – you just found a great resource for your website!

If you run a wordpress blog and want to take away the “no follow” tag for your comments then you should look for a plugin like – Wp-Dofollow. It can easily be found in the wordpress plugins directory.