Google Launches SEO Tool for Webmasters

If you believe your site’s rankings are being harmed by low-quality links that aren’t in your control (like someone is purposely adding you to link farms to fuck you), you can now ask Google not to take them into account when assessing your site.  It’s a new tool Google introduced today called Disavow Links from Google Webmaster Tools.

For awhile now several webmasters have been complaining that douche bag competitors have been adding their sites to link farms on purpose to hurt their SEO rankings.  Yet there wasn’t a damn thing any of us could do about it.  It really was a horrible, sneaky thing but it was a great way to fuck someone who you were trying to rank higher than.  The more penalties you could get them, the lower they would drop in the Google rankings.  Well today that changes.  Now if you find those bad links you can use their disavow tool to disassociate yourself from those “bad neighborhoods” as Google calls them.

Months ago BING introduced their own Diavow Links program in the Bing Webmaster Tools.  What you do is log and select the site of yours that you want to work with from their dashboard.  Now click Configure my site (from the left hand menu) and then Disavow links.    Next choose the page, directory, or domain, then type the URL that you want to block and then click Disavow.



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