Programmer THEFT Alert!

Just came across an important alert about a programmer gone bad. So head’s up on dealing with this fucker. It could cost you dearly. [source]

***ALERT*** Outing a programmer that steals your sites when he gets FTP

I created a couple other threads that were vague and mostly trying to collect info on a guy who completely ripped my databases and files from server back in 2010.

His username on gfy is **** scriptguy ****** profile

He reserved 6 domain names that exactly replicate my site (which are mainstream) and is processing through 2checkout (soon to be closed).

His email addy’s are:

ICQ: 260892954

I just wanted to put this info. in a thread that was straight and to the point.

His paypal, paxum, 2checkout, godaddy etc. will all be frozen. He last logged in yesterday so somebody from this forum alerted him. I checked his profile prior and he had not logged in since January of this year.

I’m glad he knows he will be fucked.

I recommend anyone that has given him FTP access to perform programming tasks check your sites. Mainly, google your sites and make sure he didn’t do the same to you as he did me.

His main site is

Add to the ban list please

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