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Adult superstar and Reign Productions owner/producer Tasha Reign talks guys, sex, and more in her weekly video blog for CraveOnline.com, “Porn Star Travel: Tasha Reign’s European Vacation.” Garnering over one million unique visitors per month, CraveOnline.com is one of the Internet’s most popular entertainment, pop culture, and lifestyle sites.
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The Penthouse Pet, who recently graduated from UCLA graduate with a degree in Gender Studies, is traveling through Europe with classmates. To watch the first installment of Reign’s Vlog from her travels in the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands, click here. To watch the second episode in Italy, click here.
“I love to travel, and I knew visiting Europe would be a big thrill, so I decided to share my adventure with my fans and the great people at CraveOnline,” says Reign.
Already, fans have been treated to Reign’s stories about her visit to the Tower of London, as well as Amsterdam’s notorious Red Light District.
“My friend Rachel and I have been having a great time sightseeing, eating, drinking, and trying to meet cute guys, but you’ll have to go to CraveOnline and watch to find out what happens next,” teases Reign.
Tasha Reign’s enrollment and graduation from UCLA were well documented during her time as a Bruin. Media outlets from coast to coast covered the story, including New York Daily News and LA Weekly.
“Tasha Reign has graduated UCLA, and now she’s set to take on the world,” writes CraveOnline.com contributor Paul Tamburro. “Be sure to keep it tuned to CraveOnline!”
About Tasha Reign:
Tasha Reign is a dynamic and multi-dimensional star in entertainment. Tasha began dancing regularly at gentlemen’s clubs, while pursuing a degree in Women’s Studies from UCLA. The 5’5” SoCal beauty was featured in Playboy 2010’s “Girls of the Pac-10” and named May 2011 Penthouse Pet of the Month. A desire to further explore her sexuality led Tasha to adult films, where she is one of the most sought-after porn stars, appearing in movies for the top studios. Tasha’s acclaimed performances were recognized with a 2014 Female Performer of the Year nomination at the XBIZ Awards. Noting her celebrity status and unique views on music, Rock Confidential magazine made Tasha a weekly reviewer – porn, rock, and Tasha Reign are a platinum combination. Tasha also pens columns for Huffington Post, OC Weekly, and BroBible.com and is a recurring co-host on KX 93.5 FM in Laguna Beach. In addition to performing, dancing, and writing, Tasha is the founder / owner of Reign Productions, a high-end adult studio bringing Tasha’s sexual fantasies to life. Reign Productions’ DVDs are distributed by Girlfriends Films. Tasha’s entrepreneurial enterprises also extend to adult novelty products, like Tasha’s Reignbow Pony Plugs, which are manufactured by Crystal Delights. For more information about Tasha Reign, visit www.TashaReign.com or www.Twitter.com/TashaReign.
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UK Glamour Girl Krystal Webb Gets Engaged Too!

It seems something must be in the water over there in the UK because New Year’s Eve not only saw the engagement of UK porn star Gemma Massey but also fellow former Bluebird Films UK girl Krystal Webb.

Krystal Webb was a nude model and Bluebird TV phone sex girl before going on to do some light sex stuff for the film side including a girl on girl scene in the movie Glamgel.

She officially retired just before Bluebird Films took a big fat nosedive and stopped paying all their bills, when she found out she was pregnant by her now fiance Bluebird Films contract photographer Adam Turner. Adam Turned stayed on with Bluebird Films in the UK, going on now to work full time for Paul Chaplin at Loaded Magazine.

All those issues aside, I would like to wish Krystal Webb and her fiance Adam Turner good luck on their recent engagement and a most wonderful and fabulous new year.


Krystal Webb Engagement RingKrystal Webb UK Glamour GirlKrystal Webb on the cover in September 2013Krystal Webb with fiance Adam Turner


Sex Superbug Hits Hawaii

‘Sex Superbug’ Found In Hawaii, Is Immune To Antibiotics [source]

‘Sex superbug’ may sound like a cheesy teen sex comedy from the late 90s, but it’s no laughing matter. It’s in fact a drug-resistant strain of the STD gonorrhea that has people around the country worried.

It was reported last week that a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea was found in two people in Hawaii. The finding led people to assume that it was the same ‘sex superbug’ that has been found to be immune to all forms of antibiotics. Fortunately, the Hawaiian Health Department says the case of gonorrhea it found is different from the ‘sex superbug’ strain found elsewhere.

Despite it being a different strain, the emerge of a gonorrhea that’s immune to medication should have people concerned. For years, the sexually transmitted disease was on the decline thanks to antibiotics and medication. The number of infections may rise, however, as the disease has evolved immunities to the medication used to treat it.

Peter Whiticir of the State Department of Health’s STD/AIDs Prevention Control branch confirmed that the the Hawaiian ‘sex superbug’ is, in fact, not the dreaded strain that’s completely immune to all drugs, but he does say that the current news helps remind people that these diseases are evolving.

“There is no multi-drug super resistant superbug yet in Hawaii or the United States. We don’t have the superbug in Hawaii that I repeat again, but I think it does raise people’s consciousness that gonorrhea is out there, there are new strains that are developing and evolving and we need to be aware of that and protect ourselves.”

Even if its not the dreaded ‘sex superbug,’ gonorrhea can still evolve to a point where it becomes one. As such, health officials fear that such a form of gonorrhea could be worse than AIDs. The Center for Disease Control has even asked Congress for $50 million in funding to research new treatment for gonorrhea infections just in case things go South.

Even if you have no intention of catching gonorrhea, it’s always advisable to use safe sex. You should also never be afraid to discuss STDs with any potential partner.


Is there a new sex superbug?

Is there a new sex superbug?  No, there isn’t.  It’s been going around in the UK for awhile now and it’s making its way to the US in force.  The rumor is that it has even started to taint our own industry in large part because of companies like LA Direct Models who bring over girls from the UK illegally (without proper work permits) and Bluebird Films who just a few years ago brought over several girls for their production of BATFXXX: Dark Night Parody, from the UK and they performed with US based talent and those UK girls were not tested … one of those girls it turned out had gonorrhea.  The ensuring exposure was then covered up and almost nobody outside of a group of industry insiders heard of it.

It is this kind of risky and irresponsible behavior that is making this problem worse.

A year ago when this problem started out, I mean the sex superbug, everyone blew it off.  They called it a problem in Europe, why would we care about them?  Because people … DUH!  They do come to the US to work and now our girls are at risk!


Sex Superbug Could Be ‘Worse Than AIDS’ [source]

An antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea—now considered a superbug—has some analysts saying that the bacteria’s effects could match those of AIDS.

“This might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly,” said Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine.

Even though nearly 30 million people have died from AIDS related causes worldwide, Chrisitanson believes the immediate effect of the gonorrhea strain is more direct.

“Getting gonorrhea from this strain might put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days,” Christianson said. “This is very dangerous.

It’s an emergency situation,” said William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. “As time moves on, it’s getting more hazardous.

This gonorrhea strain, HO41, was discovered in Japan two years ago in a 31-year-old female sex worker who had been screened in 2009. The bacteria has since been found in Hawaii, California and Norway.

Because it resists current antibiotic treatment, the strain has been placed in the superbug category with other resistant bacteria, such as MRSA and CRE. These superbugs kill about half the people they attack, and nearly one in 20 hospital patients become infected with one, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Though no deaths from HO41 have been reported, efforts to combat it must continue, Smith said.

“We have to keep beating the drum on this,” he said. “The potential for disaster is great.”

According to the CDC, about 20 million a year contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and result in about $16 billion in medical costs. More than 800,000 of STD cases reported are gonorrhea infections, with most occurring in people between the ages of 15 and 24.

Gonorrhea is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. Untreated, the disease can cause a number of health complications in women, including infertility. In men, the disease can be very painful and lead to sterility. It can also trigger other life-threatening illnesses, including heart infections.

Gonorrhea can be hard to detect. It often shows no symptoms in about half of women and in about 5 percent of men. Gonorrhea infection rates were at historic lows until two years ago, according to the CDC.

“That’s what’s kind of scary about this,” Smith said. “We are at lows in terms of infections, but this strain is a very tricky bug and we don’t have anything medically to fight it right now.”

Since 1998, the Food and Drug Administration has approved only four new antibiotics of any kind, according to the Infectious Disease Society of America. The last approval was in 2010. Only seven antibiotics are in an advanced stage of development—still years away from approval and use.

Recognizing the problem, Congress passed a law last year referred to as the Gain Act (Generating Antibiotics Incentives Now) to help speed antibiotic development.

But Smith said more needs to be done. In a briefing on Capitol Hill last week, he urged Congress to target nearly $54 million in immediate funding to help find an antibiotic for HO41 and to conduct an education and public awareness campaign.

“I’m hopeful we’ll get the additional funds, but I can’t say for sure,” Smith said. “What I do know is we don’t have the resources to fight this as it stands now.”

Avoiding the disease completely is the best course, experts said.

People need to practice safe sex, like always,” Christianson said. “Anyone beginning a new relationship should get tested along with their partner. The way gonorrhea works, not everyone knows they have it. And with this new strain it’s even more important than ever to find out.

All superbugs must be dealt with before it’s too late, he said.


“This is a disaster just waiting to happen,” Christianson said. “It’s time to do something about it before it explodes. “These superbugs, including the gonorrhea strain, are a health threat. We need to move now before it gets out of hand.”

Gemma Massey is a RockZStar

What does a sexy former fashion model, Playboy Cyber Girl who turned Porn Star for Bluebird Films do now that she’s no longer under contract?  She becomes a business mogul of course.

Gemma Massey announced today to her legion of die hard fans via Twitter @LadyGemmaMassey and her facebook page that she had so many requests to bling up shoes for her friends that she was going to make a business of it and it was on that day that RockZstars.com was born.

In short she offers custom Swarovski Converse.  While the men probably won’t be interested other than they make a great gift idea for the holiday season, girls are fawning all over these custom made shoes.  You can either send her your own shoes you want her to bling up or you an specify which Converse shoes you want and she can order them for you, customize them and send them on their way to you brand, spanking new.  Keep in mind these are custom creations so if you have specific questions or want something  unique just talk to Gemma about it.  I’m sure she can make it a reality.

If her business venture is successful she made opt to expand into other lines of shoes and who knows, maybe due custom porn star pumps with Swarovski crystals.  How hotness would that be?

Gemma Massey tells us that she’s created a custom facebook page for her new venture and a twitter account.  The facebook page is www.facebook.com/rockzstarsbygemmamassey and the twitter is @RockZStarsGM

So if you are looking for some great shoes or the perfect gift idea go check out Gemma Massey’s RockZStars.


Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Spreading Big in the UK

Many news sources are giving warning of a new super strain on Gonorrhea that is Drug-Resistant.  While right now it is mostly isolated to Europe including the UK, you want to be careful because a lot of UK girls come to the US for work, especially through LA Direct Models.

So be careful before working with any performers from England or anyone who has recently visited any part of Europe or Australia

Not trying to call out anyone but I would also most especially avoid those group of girls from the UK who worked with a now retired former studio head / tax dodging “expert” / studio owner / notorious dodger of bills ….  because if the rumors are true, they all sleep around with him a lot and none of them use condoms.  While that may be fine for most, some of those girls he sleeps with escort and don’t use condoms.  So that is some very risky behavior.  Rumor is when they came over to the US as a group a year or two ago to shoot a big budget movie, not all of them got tested and 10 performers got exposed because in fact one of them had gonorrhea.  Just something to keep in mind before you agree to do any scenes with that company. 

Drug-Resistant Gonorrhea Spreading Worldwide, WHO Warns [source]

Officials at the World Health Organization (WHO) are urging governments and doctors to increase surveillance of potentially untreatable strains of drug-resistant gonorrhea and are calling for more vigilance on the proper treatment of the disease with antibiotics.

The widely spreading “superbug” strains of the sexually transmitted infection are resistant to cephalosporin antibiotics, normally the last line of defense against gonorrhea. Last year scientists reported finding a strain of gonorrhea in Japan in 2008 that was resistant to all recommended antibiotics; at the time, the researchers warned that it could turn the disease into a serious global health issue.

Now, WHO reports that drug-resistant strains are popping up in many more countries, including Australia, France, Norway, Sweden and the U.K. Unless doctors catch and treat cases earlier, millions of people may run out of treatment options.

“This organism has basically been developing resistance against every medication we’ve thrown at it,” Dr. Manjula Lusti-Narasimhan, a scientist in the WHO’s department of sexually transmitted diseases, told the Associated Press. ”In a couple of years it will have become resistant to every treatment option we have available now.”

After chlamydia, gonorrhea is the most commonly sexually transmitted disease in the world, infecting more than 106 million people each year. In the U.S. alone, more than 700,000 people are estimated to become infected with gonorrhea each year, and less than half of these cases are reported, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2010, 309,341 cases of gonorrhea were reported to the CDC.

In an official WHO statement, Lusti-Narasimhan warned that without adequate surveillance, the true extent of the spread of drug-resistant gonorrhea remains unknown, and without new research into new antimicrobial agents, there could soon be no effective treatment left for those infected.

Untreated, the bacterial infection can cause:

  • infection of the urethra, cervix and rectum
  • infertility in both men and women
  • a significantly increased risk of HIV infection and transmission
  • ectopic pregnancy, spontaneous abortion, stillbirth and premature birth
  • severe eye infections that can lead to blindness, which occur in 30% to 50% of babies born to women with untreated gonorrhoea

Gonorrhea has already developed resistance to most common antibiotic treatments such as penicillin, tetracyclines and quinolones, driven by the improper or overuse of these medications. Over-the-counter availability of low-potency antibiotics in some Asian countries may also help explain why resistance is increasing.

Gonorrhea bacteria are also remarkably adaptable, quickly mutating and spreading its ability to resist antibiotics. Gonorrhea also tends to retain genetic resistance to previous antibiotics even after they are discontinued, the WHO says.

To prevent spread, better sex education is needed, along with increased monitoring and research into new treatments. Using condoms during sex is one of the most effective ways ti prevent infection. ”We’re not going to be able to get rid of it completely,” Lusti-Narasimhan told the AP. “But we can limit the spread.”

More changes at Bluebird Films

To further support the rumors that Gene Ross at adultfyi has been posting about Bluebird Films, today one of their UK contract girls made a blog post letting her fans know that she was let go by Bluebird Films and she isn’t the only one.    You can follow jamie Brooks on twitter @jamiebrooksxxx.

jamie brooks blogs – In other news; I had an amazing day shooting at Bluebird last Friday with the fucking ridiculously sexy Tiffany Kingston, my god has that girl got a rack! So much fun to work with too as she is very naughty. Am planning on kidnapping her and spending the next month with my face stuck between her boobies 😀

When I returned home from the studio I found out that unfortunately Bluebird Films is cutting their production and redeveloping the company so are only keeping a few of the contract girls, which FYI doesn’t include me. This made me very sad as I love molesting all the poor unsuspecting glamour girls they hire, but it does mean I can spend more time on my webcam chatting with all the dirty pervs out there. RESULT!  Me before I lost my job. What a smug fucker.

Possible HIV Outbreak with UK Porn Star

This message was originally posted by a well known troll on GFY (the adult industry message board) so I didn’t give the information much merit however since that time others have gotten similar messages warning them of using UK talent.  The message, which is shown below basically provides no information whatsoever other than to say some adult performer in the UK has tested positive for HIV.  It does not say if the talent is male or female.

I have been contacted today by an adult performer who has had a positive test for HIV.  This is a preliminary result and hopefully will prove to be a false alarm.
However until then the only sensible thing to do is NOT SHOOT anything that could present a risk to any parties.  The NHS clinic concerned will be contacting those who may be at risk on account of having worked with the person involved.   For clarification, I will NOT be naming the individual concerned, but it is not me.

If you email me seeking more information, your emails will probably be ignored. I do not know who the clinic will be contacting, I do not know who is at risk, and I do not have permission to say any more than I have done.  If you are worried as to your status, contact your local clinic for tests.

What’s important to note here is that although we can’t verify this information, it is always better to be safe than sorry so just in case this information is true, now is the time to take serious precaution.

It’s better to be safe than sorry


You don’t know how big the circle of risk is so think carefully before performing with any performers from the UK for now, at-least until it gets sorted out.  UK performers should at the very least get a new test, and ask not to perform with anyone with tests less than 10 days old.  And of course the best way to protect yourself is to wear a condom but if that isn’t possible, just please be extra careful right now.

While it is true this information could lead to nothing and everything could be fine, your life is far to important to play WHAT IFs!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do not take the risk.


Alexis Texas heads to the UK to shake that ass

LA Direct Models’ Alexis Texas Travels to the UK for an Exclusive Appearance on Elite TV UK

Los Angeles, CA/May 1, 2011 – LA Direct Models’ Alexis Texas will appear on Elite TV in the United Kingdom on May 1st and May 2nd, 1:00am to 5:30am in the UK.  Elite TV is enjoying the working relationship with LA Direct Models, (www.ladirectmodels.com), the largest and most prolific agency in adult entertainment, to bring some of the US’s biggest adult film stars over for special guest appearances on television shows and Elite TV’s website.

Born at a military base in Panama, Alexis Texas was raised in a small town near San Antonio, Texas and has come a long way since then. Texas is of Puerto Rican, German, Norwegian descent which contributes to her original and beautiful look. The Southern belle moved to LA in 2007 where she began in the adult industry, beginning with Shane’s World’s College Amateur Tour In Texas. Since then she has been featured in many popular standout performances in movies such as Alexis Texas is ButtwomanBlonde Ambition, and Tease Before The Please 2.

Alexis has a curvy 34c-27-40 figure with a nice pair of c-cup tits but she is mostly known for her best asset, her fantastic big ass. The porn world is full of blondes with nice big asses, but Alexis is something special – fans and critics alike have noticed her talents and her charms. Nominated as Best New Starlet by AVN and XRCO, she won Favorite Ass Awards from F.A.M.E. and Night Moves in 2008 and Performer of the Year from 2009 CAVR Award.

Alexis  Texas comments about her trip to England. “I am having such a great time here in the UK, enjoying all sites here in London and am thrilled to be here for the Royal Wedding. I can’t wait to speak to all my UK fans live on Elite TV. Hope this is the first of many trips to come!”


Elite TV is a UK-based men’s lifestyle brand which encompasses TV, web and mobile. Elite TV broadcasts live, free-to-air 24 hours a day on the Sky Satellite platform in the UK and around the world viawww.elitetvonline.com.  Elite TV provides its viewers the opportunity to interact with their favorite Glamour Girls and Adult Film Stars via premium rate telephone lines.  Elite has been in business since April 2009. In this time, Elite TV has established itself as a market leader in terms of production values and quality of its contracted models. The Elite member’s site, www.elitetvonline.com, offers picture and video content of the channels models as well as uninterrupted access to its live web streams.

“Teaming up with LA Direct Models is a perfect fit for us here at Elite TV,” comments the network. “Not only do they have some of the most amazingly gorgeous and successful adult film stars around but also undoubtedly the most professional.  After the huge success of Tori Black ‘s appearance on Elite we are looking forward to giving all our viewers here in the UK the opportunity to speak to the Buttwoman herself, Miss Alexis Texas.”