UK Glamour Girl Krystal Webb Gets Engaged Too!

It seems something must be in the water over there in the UK because New Year’s Eve not only saw the engagement of UK porn star Gemma Massey but also fellow former Bluebird Films UK girl Krystal Webb.

Krystal Webb was a nude model and Bluebird TV phone sex girl before going on to do some light sex stuff for the film side including a girl on girl scene in the movie Glamgel.

She officially retired just before Bluebird Films took a big fat nosedive and stopped paying all their bills, when she found out she was pregnant by her now fiance Bluebird Films contract photographer Adam Turner. Adam Turned stayed on with Bluebird Films in the UK, going on now to work full time for Paul Chaplin at Loaded Magazine.

All those issues aside, I would like to wish Krystal Webb and her fiance Adam Turner good luck on their recent engagement and a most wonderful and fabulous new year.


Krystal Webb Engagement RingKrystal Webb UK Glamour GirlKrystal Webb on the cover in September 2013Krystal Webb with fiance Adam Turner


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