Worlds Aids Day is Today

On this national aids day it’s a good time to remind you that if your agent doesn’t tell you when you go out on a job that the director, owner, or whoever is HIV positive, it’s probably time to find a new agent.

You should always be notified in advance if anyone you are working with in any way is HIV positive. You always have the right to make an informed decision about YOUR working environment.

If your agent ever neglects to tell you something this important, you really really really need a new agent.



John Stagliano is HIV Positive

Just so there is no confusion John Stagliano from Evil Angel is HIV positive. For those of us who have been in the industry for awhile now, we have known that for some time. That is no new news to us. But apparently to some new people in the industry, it is. They weren’t aware in the slightest that he in fact has HIV, the virus which causes aids. Why their agents didn’t make them aware of this fact prior to sending them to an Evil Angel set confuses me. I think the agent should disclose this very important bit of information up front when a girl agrees to take said booking.

Most recently it was revealed that despite the fact that John Stagliano is HIV positive, he still has sexual relations with other performers on the set of his movies. He might just stick his fingers in a girls ass or pussy, or he may give her oral sex or in at least one documented case, he took his dick out of his pants and rubbed it repeatedly UNPROTECTED against her opening – and yes that means an exchange of bodily fluids took place.

When this was revealed he went on record as saying he hasn’t tested positive for years – implying that maybe he never had HIV in the first place. But I want to be clear here, so there is no confusion ……………..

At this time, there is no cure for HIV for adults. So once you are positive, you are positive. Period. No exceptions. Not even Magic Johnson can claim to have been cured of HIV.

I personally had heard Magic Johnson was in fact the one guy who was cured of it, through a series of expensive blood washings, etc. Turns out I was wrong. Magic Johnson, who tested positive for HIV in 1991 is not cured of HIV. A doctor went on record as saying “He’s not cured. He’s on medication. His disease is, as I tell my patients, in remission.”

A person who is in fact HIV positive can be on their meds and that medicine can suppress his virus to undetectable levels – but that does not make you cured. It just means that while you are taking your meds, your illness is being suppressed – that means the meds are doing what they are supposed to do, keeping your ass alive. However that being said, if that HIV positive person were to go off of those drugs, the virus in the blood would return “within a very short period of time — a week, two weeks. “If you re-check the blood for the virus, it comes right back.”

It’s not unusual for a person with HIV to appear healthy or even athletic, but that the virus never goes away. Once you have HIV, you have HIV.  There is no cure for HIV.

A person once they test positive has that same blood sample retested by two or three times, to ensure accuracy of the initial test. Then the person has another test done with new blood and it is tested and then re-tested so ensure the first batch of tests weren’t false positives. So we are all on the same page here, John Stagliano is HIV Positive. He tested positive for HIV and the test was confirmed. This wasn’t a mistake and no, he hasn’t been cured – as remember, there is no cure for HIV. He said himself that he has been on his medicine for years and that is the reason (if what he is saying is true) that his current tests haven’t shown detectable levels of the HIV virus, but he is not cured.

Having any sort of sexual relations with a person who is HIV positive will vastly increase your chance of getting it yourself. If you don’t want to get HIV then don’t have any sort of sexual relations with a person who is HIV positive. John Stagliano is HIV Positive.

This means, so again there is no confusion here – don’t let him stick his finger, tongue or dick in your pussy or ass hole.



Is there a new sex superbug?

Is there a new sex superbug?  No, there isn’t.  It’s been going around in the UK for awhile now and it’s making its way to the US in force.  The rumor is that it has even started to taint our own industry in large part because of companies like LA Direct Models who bring over girls from the UK illegally (without proper work permits) and Bluebird Films who just a few years ago brought over several girls for their production of BATFXXX: Dark Night Parody, from the UK and they performed with US based talent and those UK girls were not tested … one of those girls it turned out had gonorrhea.  The ensuring exposure was then covered up and almost nobody outside of a group of industry insiders heard of it.

It is this kind of risky and irresponsible behavior that is making this problem worse.

A year ago when this problem started out, I mean the sex superbug, everyone blew it off.  They called it a problem in Europe, why would we care about them?  Because people … DUH!  They do come to the US to work and now our girls are at risk!


Sex Superbug Could Be ‘Worse Than AIDS’ [source]

An antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea—now considered a superbug—has some analysts saying that the bacteria’s effects could match those of AIDS.

“This might be a lot worse than AIDS in the short run because the bacteria is more aggressive and will affect more people quickly,” said Alan Christianson, a doctor of naturopathic medicine.

Even though nearly 30 million people have died from AIDS related causes worldwide, Chrisitanson believes the immediate effect of the gonorrhea strain is more direct.

“Getting gonorrhea from this strain might put someone into septic shock and death in a matter of days,” Christianson said. “This is very dangerous.

It’s an emergency situation,” said William Smith, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. “As time moves on, it’s getting more hazardous.

This gonorrhea strain, HO41, was discovered in Japan two years ago in a 31-year-old female sex worker who had been screened in 2009. The bacteria has since been found in Hawaii, California and Norway.

Because it resists current antibiotic treatment, the strain has been placed in the superbug category with other resistant bacteria, such as MRSA and CRE. These superbugs kill about half the people they attack, and nearly one in 20 hospital patients become infected with one, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Though no deaths from HO41 have been reported, efforts to combat it must continue, Smith said.

“We have to keep beating the drum on this,” he said. “The potential for disaster is great.”

According to the CDC, about 20 million a year contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) and result in about $16 billion in medical costs. More than 800,000 of STD cases reported are gonorrhea infections, with most occurring in people between the ages of 15 and 24.

Gonorrhea is transmitted through unprotected sexual contact. Untreated, the disease can cause a number of health complications in women, including infertility. In men, the disease can be very painful and lead to sterility. It can also trigger other life-threatening illnesses, including heart infections.

Gonorrhea can be hard to detect. It often shows no symptoms in about half of women and in about 5 percent of men. Gonorrhea infection rates were at historic lows until two years ago, according to the CDC.

“That’s what’s kind of scary about this,” Smith said. “We are at lows in terms of infections, but this strain is a very tricky bug and we don’t have anything medically to fight it right now.”

Since 1998, the Food and Drug Administration has approved only four new antibiotics of any kind, according to the Infectious Disease Society of America. The last approval was in 2010. Only seven antibiotics are in an advanced stage of development—still years away from approval and use.

Recognizing the problem, Congress passed a law last year referred to as the Gain Act (Generating Antibiotics Incentives Now) to help speed antibiotic development.

But Smith said more needs to be done. In a briefing on Capitol Hill last week, he urged Congress to target nearly $54 million in immediate funding to help find an antibiotic for HO41 and to conduct an education and public awareness campaign.

“I’m hopeful we’ll get the additional funds, but I can’t say for sure,” Smith said. “What I do know is we don’t have the resources to fight this as it stands now.”

Avoiding the disease completely is the best course, experts said.

People need to practice safe sex, like always,” Christianson said. “Anyone beginning a new relationship should get tested along with their partner. The way gonorrhea works, not everyone knows they have it. And with this new strain it’s even more important than ever to find out.

All superbugs must be dealt with before it’s too late, he said.


“This is a disaster just waiting to happen,” Christianson said. “It’s time to do something about it before it explodes. “These superbugs, including the gonorrhea strain, are a health threat. We need to move now before it gets out of hand.”

Spain Develops Aids Vaccine with 90% Effectiveness!

Ever heard of MVA-B?  Well no doubt you will be hearing about it all the time, very soon because researchers in Spain have developed one of the most powerful AIDs vaccines with a reported 90% accuracy.  NINETY PERCENT!  [source]

Spain develops one of the “most powerful” prototypes for an AIDS vaccine

The Spanish vaccine “MVA-B” against the AIDS virus, patented by the Higher Council for scientific research (CSIC), has achieved an immune response of 90% in a phase I clinical trial, one of the best responses of the immune system of the registered to date.

Those responsible for the project said Wednesday in Madrid, 90% of the volunteers undergoing the compound has developed an immune response to the virus, and 85% of them had it for at least one year. Its safety and efficacy are described in separate articles in the magazines “Vaccine” and “Journal of Virology”.

In 2008, the “MVA-B” showed a high efficiency in mice and macaques, and protection against the Simian immunodeficiency virus. This finding led to the implementation of the clinical trial in 30 healthy volunteers, led by the Hospital Clínic of Barcelona and the Gregorio Marañón in Madrid.

The success of the treatment is based on the immune system can be trained to respond to the virus particles and cells infected on a lasting basis.

The researcher at the national centre of biotechnology of the CSIC Mariano Esteban, responsible for the development of the compound, ensures that the “‘MVA-B’ has proved to be as powerful or better than vaccines currently in Studio”.

Said the head of the team of Hospital Gregorio Marañón, doctor Juan Carlos Lopez Bernaldo of Quirós, side effects have been produced are “which is expected in any kind of vaccination”, mainly of local type in the area of injection. “The safety of the vaccine is optimal, there has not been any adverse effect that has compromised the health of the volunteers,” reiterated this expert.

However, the doctor responsible for the research team of the Clínic, Felipe García, advised to “take caution” outcomes, that the treatment has been tested only in 30 volunteers, and “Although it stimulates a response powerful in most cases, is soon to predict whether induced defenses prevent infection”.

Researchers have provided treatment with “MVA-B” 24 volunteers, while six others received a placebo. The vaccine was administered in three doses intramuscular at weeks 0, 4-16, since the beginning, and their effects were assessed in peripheral blood until week 48, when it concluded the trial.


Thanks to its high immunological response in humans, the team will begin in October with the network of AIDS research another clinical phase I trial with 30 volunteers infected with HIV, to check its effectiveness as a therapeutic vaccine.

“We want to test whether the vaccine also induces defenses in infected people.” AIDS drugs are taken in by life, and this is something intolerable in Africa. “We must find alternatives to antiretroviral therapy,” added Garcia.

To be able to be marketed, this “genetic cocktail” must overcome even all future clinical trials in phase II and III tests. In this regard, the team says “be very close” to close an agreement with the Hivacat project and Esteve laboratories for the launch of the phase II study.


The only trial in phase III carried out so far is being held in Thailand, with 16,000 volunteers. This research has achieved an efficiency of 31%. “We have now is much more powerful than the Thailand.” “We are in the first Division,” added Stephen.

The research team of Esteban began working in development and preclinical “MVA-B”, which gets its name from its composition from the modified Vaccinia Ankara (MVA) virus in 1999. According to the CSIC, is an attenuated virus used to eradicate smallpox, and serves as a model in the research of multiple vaccines. The “B” is derived from the subtype of HIV which fights, the most prevalent in Europe.

The development of the “MVA-B” is based on the introduction of four genes of HIV in the genetic sequence of vaccinia. A healthy immune system reacts against the MVA, and HIV genes inserted into their DNA are not able to infect humans, which guarantees the safety of the trial.