Atlas Multimedia Runs of With Affiliate Money

Atlas Multimedia aka Pornstar Dollars has been fucking people as far back as the Racquel Darrian days.

A few weeks ago Mike South reported that they have gone belly up.

This wasn’t a shock to me. Since last year their payments have been shotty and all the signs were there for them to bolt.

None of this shit is new. Another fucker is gone from the biz. But the best part of this story is what his brother, Mark Osterholt has to say about it all.

[source] I had nothing to do with Don Osterholt (Atlas Multimedia) going out of business or stealing your revenue-share earnings. Calling me, emails, IM’s, or contacting the Parish Sheriff “definitely” won’t help you. I’ve mentioned on industry forums for over a decade that Don was a narcissistic sociopath, liar, and a thief only to get backlash from it. Finally feels good to have my “I told you so” moment.

I walked out of Atlas Multimedia in 1997 because I watched Don shave client earnings (pre-NATS) and use stolen images to build adult pay-sites to be sold with stolen image galleries. Don was desperate to pay off SEC fines or face prison if the terms of his restitution and probation were not met from his previous failed occupation. Eventually, Atlas Multimedia did get sued twice and paid out damages for stealing adult content.

Anyway, I brought Don into the adult Internet business because of his past occupational failures and the life long family ostracization do to being institutionalized as young adult. I simply felt sorry for him. In turn, Don ended up changing business contracts, domain names, and then finally changing the company ownership agreement without my knowledge. I was completely caught off-guard by this action because well, he’s family. Then when confronted, Don got violent.

In short, I watched my ideas, two years of hard-work, and my clients investment money stolen by my own brother. After I left Atlas, Don called various agencies like the IRS, Department of Corporations, etc because of competitive jealousies or to try and push me completely out of the business. He failed, again.

The main reason I’ve mentioned all this is if Don Osterholt is willing to do all this to his only brother and true family, you will NEVER get your money back. Atlas Multimedia still owes me several thousand dollars as I’ve yet to see that or Don Osterholt in almost 17 years.

Finally, all historical information on the Don Osterholt blog is true to my knowledge.  Good luck,  Mark


Shay Jordan is now Jasmine Jinn?

Okay so let me get this straight … Shay Jordan is now Jasmine Jinn, well at least that is what I read over at PS Babylon.  How the fuck did this happen?  This is some crazy sounding shit that I had to look into.  I mean why in the world would an established porn star change her name.  That’s marketing suicide.  Surely there has to be a damn good reason behind this.

We know that Shay Jordan started her career as a porn star in last 2005 or early 2006 and signed with Digital Playground in August of 2006 and like most starlets who sign contracts, she seemed to have signed away the rights to her name.  This isn’t however uncommon.  We’ve known this to be common practice dating back for many years now, even as far back as Racquel Darrian with Vivid and that was in the mid 1990s.  Now a decade later this practice is still taking place.   The few times you hear about this kind of thing, it usually ends with the studio releasing the rights to the girls name back to the performer with a few exceptions such as the time Kira Kener sued Vivid after the dissolution of her contract to gain control of the rights to her name.

Teagan Presley was once under contract with Digital Playground and some would have you believe there was some legal issues with her name because the second she left Digital Playground, she started just going by the name of Teagan however Teagan herself went on record as saying that isn’t remotely the case.  While it is true about the trademark, they (as in Digital Playground) has been nothing but supportive of her career and personal circumstances despite the fact that she is no longer under contract with them.  In fact, Teagan Presley will be signing autographs at the Digital Playground booth this year in Las Vegas at the 2009 AEE show.


So we know that Digital Playground is in the practice, similar to Vivid in gaining control of their contract performers name.  We however also know that like Vivid they tend to have no problems returning the rights to the name once the contract is over, as evident with Teagan Presley. So why this Shay Jordan name change?

Shay Jordan’s MySpace page is clearly run by Digital Playground and they seem to continue to support it and keep it updated despite the fact that she is no longer under contract with them.  That seems odd.

Shay Jordan was in the Pirates II movie but wasn’t as the premier party.

Shay Jordan is now a blonde and being repped by Goldstar Modeling.  Yes the same folks that rep Sunny Leone, Devon, The Love Twins, Gina Lynn.  These guys are showing up a lot lately.

Jasmine Jinn

So I made a few phone calls and here is what I was told.  Yes it is true that Shay Jordan is no longer under contract with Digital Playground.  Yes Shay Jordan is now booking all of her work through Goldstar Modeling.  Yes Shay Jordan changed her name to Jasmine Jinn.  And she did so for practical reasons and that is because Digital Playground owns the rights to the name Shay Jordan and it would be a big legal hassle to try and get it back that could hold up her ability to work under that name.  So there you have it.  That is the reason Shay Jordan is now Jasmine Jinn.

Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian

A Racquel Darrian fan site was probably one of the first porno sites I ever seen on the Internet and that was more than a decade ago.  Still can’t believe that fucking site is still around.   I can’t tell you what a huge hard on I’ve had for her every since I’ve seen those first photos of her.  So it is on this day, her birthday (July 21, 1968) that we honor the lovely Racquel Darrian for all that she is, all that she was and all that she will ever be.  She is Racquel Darrian and the girl of many of our dreams.  Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian.

Racquel Darrian
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Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian