Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian

A Racquel Darrian fan site was probably one of the first porno sites I ever seen on the Internet and that was more than a decade ago.  Still can’t believe that fucking site is still around.   I can’t tell you what a huge hard on I’ve had for her every since I’ve seen those first photos of her.  So it is on this day, her birthday (July 21, 1968) that we honor the lovely Racquel Darrian for all that she is, all that she was and all that she will ever be.  She is Racquel Darrian and the girl of many of our dreams.  Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian.

Racquel Darrian
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Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian

One thought on “Happy Birthday Racquel Darrian

  1. My favorite Racquel scenes are any NOT involving her former husband Derrick Lane! She always looked WAY more fired up when she was sucking some other guy’s dick. I think Randy West banging her in Bonnie & Clyde was the only good fucking she ever got onscreen. The guy was butt-ugly, but he knew how to get girls off. Racquel’s lesbian scenes were much better. She always seemed to be enjoying them.
    I would loved to have watched her go down on a black guy or a she-male.

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