Is your site ready for the future of the internet?

How ready is your website for the new face of the internet?

As of May of 2012, 10% of all the web traffic in the world was from a mobile device.  That’s not bad, rather impressive.  But experts are saying that by the end of 2014 more people will be accessing the internet on mobile devices than on their PCs or laptops.

That’s an insane amount of growth in mobile browsing.   So are you ready to take advantage of it?  Having a mobile version of your site isn’t going to be an option that you may or may not bother with.

Already one half of all local searches are performed on mobile devices.  And there are currently 4 billion mobile phones worldwide in use.  1.08 billion of those are smartphones.  That’s 1.08 billion smartphone users who right this very moment could be surfing the web, looking for some hot naked chicks on their phone.  Are you even in a position to offer them what they are looking for?

What are you going to do to take advantage of this fast growing market?  Will your website even work with the various mobile devices out there?

Be honest.  Have you ever looked at your website on a mobile device like an iphone?

I decided to do some surfing for porn tonight.  I started looking at tube sites with my iphone.  I checked out one site called lube tube porn  that seemed to be perfectly fit for such a device.  Surfers looking for mobile porn will find the lubetube mobile version of the site fast loading and extremely easy to navigate.  That’s exactly what your website needs to be like if you are looking to tap into the fast growing market.  I must say this site did it right when it comes to mobile porn.

I can’t say the same for a lot of the other sites I visited, even some of my own.

What I found was that there are a lot of misconceptions regarding mobile website usage that can lead to bad design decisions.  One of the most common ones are how mobile users are always rushed and on the go.  In reality a large number of people surfing the web on their phones aren’t in a rush at all.  Some of them are sitting there watching TV bored out of their minds and just looking for a little bit of entertainment.

Another mistake people seem to make about mobile users is that they are only interested in mobile phones and therefore only show ads about mobile phones.  That’s just silly.  A mobile surfer has the same interests as a normal surfer, only difference is that he is the device they are viewing your website.  If people like watching a hot blonde with big tits on your normal website, then they’ll equally be attracted to a hot blonde with big tits on the mobile version of your website.

So keep your core content the same from your main site to your mobile site.  That really is the key to a successful mobile porn site.

This tube porn site I visited today really is no different than the lubetube iphone version of the site, in terms of content.   The only real difference from site A to site B is the delivery platform.

Make it simple to navigate.  Surfing a site on a mobile device is never as easy as if they were visiting the same site on their PC, so make sure your pages load fast on the various mobile devices.

Avoid heavy graphics.  And make sure your page loads in less than 5 seconds.  Experts say that 58% of mobile users expect websites to load as quickly on their phone as it would on their desktop computer.  You can help speed up the page load times by avoiding big graphics and only using a tiny bit of javascript, only where you have to.  Also try and take advantage of mobile friendly technologies like HTML 5.

My last but surely not least important mobile tip is the automatically redirect your mobile visitors from your normal website to a mobile optimized version.  If you don’t want to (or can’t get ahold of) a domain name like then go for a subdomain like or

Look into htaccess redirection scripts that will detect if a person is visiting your website on a mobile device and it will automatically push them to the mobile friendly version.

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