Easy Come Easy Go … another Affiliate program having issues

Anywho who frequents industry message boards knows the latest and greatest affiliate program, the sort of it program of the moment was chaturbate.com and people signed up as fast as they could to lay claim to their $1 per free signup offer.  In other words, this company claimed to pay an affiliate $1 for every person they refer that joins their site for free.  The theory behind such a great sounding offer is that if you get enough people to join your site for free, they will love it and spend money on buying minutes to chat with the young ladies.

But as the many many  many programs before them learned, spending more money than you earned in hopes of future earnings never works out and it is now being reported they are leaking traffic, and not crediting joins and that their API stopped working all together on April 26th and yet affiliates are still sending them as much traffic as they can in hopes they “get it worked out”.  YA HOLD YOUR BREATH ON THAT ONE DUMB ASSES.

I am going to tell you a little secret …. remember this and you’ll be much better off in life.  Trust me on this.



Some GFY related comments on the matter

“Chaturbate is nothing more than a scam”

“It’s been known for quite awhile that they have traffic leaks on their website, most affiliates accepted it when they still had their $1/per free signup program going.”

“Looks like API stop working Apr 26, afther that no free signup from my API WL”

“Fuck traffic leaks.  Fuck Chaturbate!”

“Mentioned these leaks many times before, nobody seemed to care”

“fuck me i have sent 4000+ hits to api since the 26 and not one join”

1. They steal your traffic from the affiliate links.
Try this go to chaturbate get your link codes and go to any of the link’s and
You will see on the top side and bottom banners for other website. Also click a few
Times and you will see a pop under for another site. You get credit for NONE of this.

2. The chaturbate API does not count joins.
Try this go to chaturbate dot com/affiliates/promotools/ and try out the API run this on your website
Or wordpress blog. To test this out join with one of the API’s you have set up and guess what
You get no join in your chaturbate stats.

3. The old ($1.00 Pay Per Registration) links do not transfer over to (Revshare – 20% of Money Spent)
This is another way they steal your joins.


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