FRAUD ALERT – The We Do Signings ( Scam

I first read about this story on Courtney Cummz (@CourtneyCummz) getting scammed on Lukeisback.  I didn’t pay it much attention at the time, just another sad story of some jack ass ripping off our girls.  The next day someone else would mention the story to me and within another 24 hours, the subject would come up a total of 4 times.   Clearly something was trying to nudge me in the direction of looking into this more.

Warning Girls — Owner May Scam YOU!

A man by the name of Jason Marshall Blaustien runs a company called We Do Signings.   Basically what he does it gets famous people, not just porn stars but reality tv stars, wrestlers, etc. to work with him.  Through his company, he arranges for stars to do appearances at different venues.  He pays the stars to show up and sign 8x10s for their fans.

Jason Blaustien however doesn’t always pay his talent and now two different girls have told me a story about him and the scary part is, neither girl knows the other one has spoken to me and their stories were very similar.  So clearly it’s a repeated pattern.

First there is the story of a famous former Playboy centerfold.  He ended up screwing her out of $5,000 and she ended up having to spend $1,000 on hiring a lawyer to get her money from him.  They finally made a settlement which doesn’t allow her to go public with her story but she’s my friend and told me about it.  So while I can’t tell you her name, her story is worth hearing.

She told me that one contacted her via twitter and asked her if she would be willing to do a signing for him at an upcoming convention in the New Jersey area.  She agreed to do a 2 hour signing.  He was to pay for her airfare, transportation to and from the event and hotel room for one night.  He was also going to provide the 8×10 head-shots she was to sign.

50% was due immediately of which he paid via credit card with no problems.  When it was time for the event the starlet in question checked into the hotel that he had arranged for her.  He was supposed to pay for it but the hotel would later notify her that the card was declined and as such she would be responsible for the hotel bill.   He didn’t provide transportation for her to the event.  He said sine the hotel was only 4 blocks away he assumed she would just walk.   In 6 inch heels and full hair and makeup.  Really?

When she arrived she found that the photos he had made up for her to sign were from her Playboy Centerfold shoot from years ago.  He had also used the Playboy logo on the bottom as if the thing was approved by Playboy.  These images were not.  He basically just took a scan of one of her pics from the magazine and had these things printed up.

The former Playmate questioned him about the legality of her signing these since it would be a violation of Playboy’s trademark and he said it was all arranged through them for her not to worry.

After signing for 2 hours straight without a break, she got up to leave and he freaked out. He said the event wasn’t over and she couldn’t leave.  She tried to reason with him, reminding him that their agreement was for a 2 hour signing.  That it wasn’t fair that he paid her to make a 2 hour appearance and then demanded she said for 5 hours.

She went ahead and agreed to stay, and did her best to get through the rest of the day.  He brought over a large box of 8x10s, asking her to sign them as well.   While she wasn’t sure, she estimated there was about 250 in the box that he wanted her to sign.  When she asked why he pointed to the fine print of her agreement with him.  A part that read she may be asked to sign additional promotional material.   Turns out what he was doing was having her sign these extras so that he could later sell them.

She signed about 20 or 30 of them then placed the ones she had signed on the top of the box.  Since her contracted “time” ended hours ago, she had enough of this and didn’t sign any more of the extras.  She did meet and greet the fans, signed what they brought in and took pictures with them for a total of 5 hours.

After the event she went to get paid the remaining $5,000 he owed her and the man claimed he had the cash but someone had just stolen it from him right off of his table.  She asked why he had the cashing laying out in the open like that but he was just a dick about it.  He agreed to pay her via credit card instead so she used her iphone to swipe his card and have him sign.  She had one of the other girls at the event take her to the hotel, he wouldn’t.  It was the next day when she tried to check out of her hotel to go back home she would find that she was responsible for the hotel bill.  After getting home she found he contacted his bank claimed fraud and some it was some porn chick banging his card.

When the former Playmate tried to contact him he made some racist remarks about her friend that accompanied her, who attends all events with her being black.  She asked what the color of her bodyguards skin had to do with anything and his reponse was that he called her a “nigger lover”.

He then said she isn’t getting paid because she didn’t sign all of the extra headshots and that is how he makes his money.  She reminded him that her contracted appearance was over 2 hours in.  He didn’t bring them to her until well after that time and as such as wasn’t legally bound to do anything – that she only stayed the extra 3 hours out of the kindness of her own heart.  That he didn’t pay her for that time, despite the fact that their agreement allowed for $1,000 an hour overage fee.  In the end she hired a lawyer and he went over Jason Blaustien and his company and they settled.

Next we have the case of porn star Courtney Cummz.   Courtney didn’t know when we spoke that I knew anything of her story, more than what myself and others had read previously at  She told me her story and it was amazingly similar to that of the Playboy Playmate.

The guy hired her, after finding her on Twitter.  Paid half up front on his credit card but come event day he couldn’t pay her the remaining money he owed he because the cash had just been stolen.  He then paid her on his credit card and then immediately contacted his bank and did a chargeback, claiming it was from and that some porn chick.

He then proceeded to berate Courtney Cummz for “fucking black guys” and calling her a “piece of shit whore” for it.

All of the bitter bullshit aside, what happened is, Courtney Cummz was hired to do a job – and she did that job. didn’t pay per and she isn’t the only girl who can say this.

He has a pattern of fraudulent behavior and it’s only a matter of time before others fall victim.

Don’t let yourself be a victim.  Avoid working with and Jason Marshall Blaustien.




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