What’s a little felony fraud between friends, eh?

Have you ever looked up the word “authority”?  I did recently and it said …

“The word authority can be used to mean power given by the state (in the form of Members of Parliament, Judges, Police Officers, etc.) or by academic knowledge of an area (someone can be an authority on a subject).

In October of last year I pointed out that Wicked Pictures contract performer Jessica Drake have been attempting to pass herself off as a “sexual wellness expert” which in most states is a felony.

But clearly that didn’t drive the point home because just today I seen that Jessica Drake is not only still calling herself a sexual wellness authority but she has taken it a step further and plans to lead 3 sex education seminars in Arizona.

It is a felony for anyone to pretend to be a medical expert when they are not.  You can’t just going around saying you are a doctor when you aren’t or in this particular case without actually saying “doctor” they are instead implying expert or authoritative knowledge in this specific area of study which is usually attributed to those with a degree in psychology or related area of study.  So telling people you are an authority when you aren’t really can be a very big deal … perhaps even fraud and a felony.

I mean committing fraud by calling yourself that is one thing but to actually go forth with sex education seminars is a whole now can of worms.  What the fuck is Wicked Pictures thinking about participating in this fraud and sending out press release to promote it.  This makes them a part of the felony.  And yes I do mean actual felony as most states have laws against this very thing and it falls under felony fraud.

At the time I wrote the first story last October I looked into it before making this post just to make sure I’m not mistaken but as I suspected, it turns out Jessica Drake, who has been promoting herself as a “sexual wellness authority” doesn’t have a degree in that area of study or actually any degree at all from what I can find.

Some may ask, what does it matter if she is trying to pretend like she is something she isn’t?  Who does it really hurt?

Well it hurts those who are actually qualified to be an authority on sexual wellness.  For example Dr. Victoria Zdrok who actually has a PhD in Clinical Psychology who also happens to be a former Playboy Playmate and Penthouse Pet of the Year.  She also did a few adult movies as well.  But again she has a PhD and that makes her an actual AUTHORITY on sexual wellness.

There are porn stars who go on to do things like that with their lives.  But Jessica Drake didn’t.  She just gave herself that label.  She feels she is an authority so she decided to call herself that.

Apparently just having sex with a lot of men makes this porn star and Wicked Pictures and their related PR team feel entitled to call her an “Emerging Sexual Wellness Authority” and that is a huge problem.

We have enough issues in our industry right now … do we really need to add to it by letting the mainstream media or politicians know that a porn star who no degree in this area of study and has spent years in a damaging relationship with a married man, is claiming to be an “authority on sexual wellness”?

She isn’t a doctor.  She has no degree of study in this field.   Sucking a lot of cock doesn’t make you an authority on sexual wellness.  Nor does sleeping with a married man make you an expert of relationships.  It actually kinda makes you just the opposite but that’s another story for another day.


But for those of you who don’t have a degree in clinical psychology or a related field, just being a porn star doesn’t make you an authority on all matters.  You make be able to suck a hell of a cock but that’s a far cry from an authority on sexual wellness.

So to make this clear so there is no confusion … while there are porn stars with advanced degrees, Jessica Drake does not seem to have one, at least not one that I found after reading numerous published biographies and interviews about her.  She most especially does not have a degree in psychology or any related medical field that make make her an expert or authority on sexual wellness.  She’s a porn star.  Making porn is her area of expertise.  Sexual wellness is not and continuing to say you are is fraudulent and quite possibly criminal.

And calling me a bitch doesn’t make this fact any less true.  Fraud is fraud and liking me or not liking me doesn’t really change that.









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