All Bluebird Films Sites are Down due to lack of payment

For awhile now Bluebird Films has not been paying their bills.

“As many as four of my cheques are already in the “Pending” status. The employees of Bluebird Films whom I contacted earlier have stopped replying to my emails. Does anyone know how to reach them? When were the last pay-outs made? It would be a shame to put away all the traffic as the sites still sell well. I hope it’s just some kind of sad misunderstanding.”

“Bluebird not paying you? Get in line…the line starts about a mile back.  I don’t care who manages their sites….Bluebird has a well earned reputation for stiffing people on their money. Proceed with caution.”




“Bluebird has owned me thousands for over a year now. They keep making up bullshit excuses and even swore up and down that the check was in the mail three times now. Of course no check ever arrived. Lying pieces of shit.”

But now it seems they’ve not paid the wrong people and all of their websites have been taken offline.   It seems that when you don’t pay your CMS bill for more than 6 months your whole site goes poof.  Think that that big shots over at Bluebird Films would have figured that out.

blueblird films no payment

So just in case you didn’t get the message let me make it clear for you.

Bluebird Films does not pay their bills. Anyone who does any sort of business with them, does so at their own risk of not getting paid.


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