The Red Scare is Among Us Thanks to PornWikiLeaks

Yesterday Mike South said he had intel of more names of people involved in the porn wikileaks site.  This time he named Jack Vegas, Donny Long, Keith O’Conner, and Joe LiBrandi.  While he didn’t provide any proof, nor hint at who his sources were or even if they had any proof, he named names anyway.

This is like the good ole days of the RED SCARE.  Name your enemies before they name you.  Proof of validity of your statements be damned!

I have it from an impeccable source that Jack Vegas is one of the guys leaking info to Donny Long. I have heard other names as well but this one is checking out. Might at the very least wanna have him explain before you hire him again. I’m also getting good intel that Keith O’Conner, former owner of is involved in PWL along with Joseph LiBrandi and Donald Carlos Seoane

The same day Keith O’Connor responded to Mike South with an interesting twist, he basically said that now that he is aware of the site he doesn’t like it and he would be willing to put his money where his mouth is and pay the person who reveals the real people behind the site a $5,000 bounty.

So here is your chance to cash in with $5,000 bucks.  Just reveal who is really behind PWL and you get the money.

Earlier today Jack Vegas responded, this time speaking with Gene Ross over at Adult FYI.

Porn Valley – I talked to Jack Vegas Thursday night.  In the Mike South pick-a-Wiki sweepstakes, Vegas is now being fingered by some “impeccable source” as the latest culprit behind Porn WikiLeaks.  But, just to make sure he’s got his bases covered, South’s also tagging Keith O’Connor as another co-brains behind Donny Long’s operation.  South’s also been of the opinion that Joe Brandi’s another mastermind behind Porn WikiLeaks. The fact that Brandi has categorically denied such accusations doesn’t prevent South from using the blind man with a Remington 870 Pump Shotgun approach. I.E., you’re bound to hit a target if you keep coming up with names.

Fact remains, South’s yet to offer proof of any of the allegations.

Vegas says he’s had issues with a certain male talent who’s apparently South’s “impeccable source”.  “He thinks I fucked him over a couple of days ago. It’s been real petty bullshit. This guy is planning on leaving Los Angeles, and he’s been putting out all kinds of crazy rhetoric,” says Vegas.

Vegas gives me the probable source’s name, and I’ll keep it out of this article for the time being.  “He’s [the source] real bitter and he’s been putting the story out there,” says Vegas noting that his girlfriend has been the subject of Wiki-scrutiny as well as good friends Dick Chibbles and Tommy Gunn.

“All of a sudden this story about Wiki leaks shows up,” says Vegas.  “Now there’s people on Twitter looking for my head on a stick as a result of the Mike South story.”

Vegas says he’s contacted the guy he suspects as being South’s informant.  “He won’t answer the phone.” Vegas makes a very good point. In the six years that he’s been involved in the business he’s never had a negative thing written about him. Which re-emphasizes my point. The person or persons involved in WikiLeaks harbors a grudge against the business.  Vegas has always struck me as a stand-up guy and has always worked at getting along.

I also go back many years with Keith O’Connor. True, O’Connor’s very capable of masterminding an operation like PornWikiLeaks and he’s taken his lumps in some of the porn forums like on other issues.  O’Connor’s a true computer savant and knows how to make a ton of money creating websites and using that knowledge. O’Connor was my webmaster when I had, but I know him from way before that.

Keith’s very knowledgeable about the industry and ran Defiance Films and was also a key man over at Metro for a time. Keith married Taylor Rain and had a kid with her. I assume they’re still together though I haven’t talked to him in awhile.  But Keith’s always been very supportive of my efforts and was a long time advertiser on AdultFYI.  Yes, Keith also loves to gossip it up about the business and stir the pot, but not in a harmful way as to damage people.

Regarding Vegas, none of South’s conjecture makes sense. And Vegas is telling me because of South’s article he’s already lost employment.  “One of the directors goes, ‘what the hell is this story with Jack Vegas leaking on WikiLeaks? Don’t book him no more.’”  Vegas says the story has damaged his reputation with a few other people as well and he’s contacted a lawyer.

I was going to leave the story there but then something interesting happened to me this morning.  I was on the phone with my grandmother, and we were joking around about something and she said “thou does protest to much” and it hit me.  Why didn’t we see this before?

There is a person out there who despite claiming to have found God and retired from porn, still actively visits and posts on any porn related website that she can find.  This same person invokes the name of God and then says in his name people should go to hell.  Who does that?

But what is most interesting is this person knowingly and admittedly participated in the porn wiki leaks website.  This same person also has publicly released the real life name, address, phone number, driver’s license number and other related information about someone in our industry.  Actually most recently she has been giving out more than few names and personal information on people in our industry.

During the past who weeks, anyone who has actually attempted to help in regards to the PWL website, she has attacked and verbally abused and in one case even making real life threats to them.

And that’s when it hit me — she proclaims so much, so loudly that she isn’t associated with the PWL website, but it’s like she does it to much.  So much that it seems as if she actually is the one with something to hide.

Could it be that Monica Foster really is the mastermind behind the porn wiki leaks website?  Or if not the master mind then perhaps a willing and active partner in crime?

I think there is more than enough evidence to support the possibility.

I’ll however let you draw your own conclusions.  There is enough people right now in the RED SCARE, I don’t want to add to it.



One thought on “The Red Scare is Among Us Thanks to PornWikiLeaks

  1. Monica Foster is now claiming a bunch of different people fucked her. She says Vince Voyeur raped her prior to doing a scene.

    She says Kelly from Type 9 models, your husband is cheating on you. Kevin I guess is his name. lol She then threatens to attack him if she sees him. She is going to run over him with her car. That’s fucked up man.

    She attacks LA Direct Models, Girls Inc.

    She is claiming she wrote a script for Naughty America but then she couldn’t remember what the scene was about. She was saying I think it was about a teacher and a school girl, I don’t know. Ya I wrote that script. Really bitch? You don’t know what the scene is about but you claim to write it? Seriously?

    She claims some guy named Chase or Rob or something then claims he will coke you up and rape you in the bathroom.

    Interestingly enough she then went after pornlaw. Who the fuck goes after a lawyer? How dumb is this bitch?

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